Spotlight: NO!

Spotlight: NO!

NO! is the name of a punk rock band from Middletown, Connecticut. If you know your CT punk and aren’t familiar with these guys yet you might be familiar with their faces through some of the past bands they’ve been in (Rat Byte for instance). Carlo is also the dude we call when we have turntables we need repaired. He does a great job, so if you’re having some record player issues hit him up, 860-227-9599.

The music is fast paced melodic rock’n’roll punk. Vocally, and I know someone will take offense to this, but it reminds me of a less quirky Death By Stereo. I’ve heard more than a couple people say they belong on SST in the 80s (I’d add Alternative Tentacles to that statement). Makes sense to me. They have a very fun west coast 80s hardcore type slant (song “Can you dig it?” for instance).

 [moving camera shot of NO! in the secret location]

Trying to search for links for this band using google is a nightmare. Here’s a cheat sheet:
NO! on bandcamp
NO! on facebook

<p><p><a href=””>Can You Dig It? by No</a></p></p>

 [Carlo of NO! with Devin over his shoulder]