18th Of May 2012 Update

18th Of May 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Aeges    “The Bridge”
Airbird    “Trust”
Amateur Love    “It’s All Aquatic (+ D/L)”
American Cloud Songs    “Aum”
Balance & Composure    “Only Boundaries”
Birra, Ali    “Ammalele”
Birthmark    “Antib0dies (Nate Kinsella Of Make Believe And Joan Of Arc; Ltd. Ed. /1000 180 Gram White Vinyl + D/L)”
Blo    “Step Three”
Brooks, Roy & The Artistic Truth    “Black Survival”
Can    “Soon Over Babaluma (Unofficial)”
Can    “Delay 1968 (Unofficial)”
Can    “Limited Edition (Unofficial)”
Craft Spells    “Gallery (+ D/L)”
Creepoid    “Horse Heaven”
Dark Day     “Exterminating Angel “
Dark Funeral    “The Secrets Of The Black Arts (2LP Gatefold Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl Reissue)”
Dat Politics    “Blitz Gazer”
Dead Ending    “Dead Ending (1st 500 On Gold Vinyl)”
Desert Sessions,The    “Volume V: Poetry For The Masses (SeaShedShitheadByTheSheShore) / Vol. VI: Black Anvil Ego (Unofficial)”
Desert Sessions,The    “Vol. III: Set Co-Ordinates For The White Dwarf!!! / Vol. IV: Hard Walls And Little Trips (Unofficial)”
Desert Sessions,The    “Vol. I. Instrumental Driving Music For Felons / Vol. II. Status: Ships Commander Butchered (Unofficial)”
Doors, The    “Critique (Unofficial)”
Dope Body    “Natural History”
Drake, Nick    “Time Of No Reply: 10 Previously Unreleased Tracks, Including 7 Completely New Songs, Plus The 4 ‘Last Session’ Tracks. (Unofficial)”
E Town Concrete    “The Second Coming”
Elder    “Spires Burn / Release “
Exitmusic    “Passage (+ D/L)”
Exodus    “Shovel Headed Kill Machine (2LP Gatefold Reissue)”
Father Yod And The Source Family (Father Yod & The Source Family)    “The Thought Adjusters (2LP Gatefold)”
Fire & Ice     “Not Of This Earth”
Garbage    “Not Your Kind Of People (2LP 180 Gram + D/L With Bonus Material)”
Gotye    “Making Mirrors (Gatefold 2LP)”
Guantanamo Baywatch    “Chest Crawl”
Harrington Saints    “Pride & Tradition”
Inhalt    “Vehicle EP”
Into Another    “Into Another (Gold)”
Kuti, Fela    “Live In Detroit 1986 (Previously Unreleased Concert From Fox Theater – Fela Kuti & His Egypt 80 Band; Ltd. Ed. 4LP)”
Led Er Est    “Turritopsis Blues (10″)”
Lungfish    “A.C.R. 1999 (+ D/L)”
Maximin, Berangere    “No One Is An Island (Feat. Rhys Chatham, Fennesz, F. D. Oberland, R. Pinhas)”
Moss Icon    “Complete Discography (3LP + D/L + Complete Lyrics And Rare Photos)”
Mournful Congregation    “Weeping / An Epic Dream Of Desire (2LP Gatefold)”
OFF!    “OFF!”
O’Rourke, Jim    “Halfway To A Threeway”
Pelican    “Ataraxia / Taraxis”
Pink Floyd    “The Man And The Journey: Live At The Concert Gebouw, Amsterdam. 17TH September 1969 (Unofficial)”
Pixies    “Doolittle Demo’s (Unofficial)”
Possessed    “The Demos. 1984 1993 (Unofficial)”
Price, Seth    “Army Jacket”
Razor    “Armed And Dangerous (Unofficial)”
Royal Thunder    “CVI (2LP Gatefold)”
Russ, Eddie    “Fresh Out”
Saint Vitus    “Lillie: F-65 (+ D/L)”
Sarcofago    “I.N.R.I. “
Shipwrecked    “The Last Pagans”
Spectrals    “Bad Penny (+ D/L)”
Spiritualized    “Sweet Heart, Sweet Light. (Huh?) (2LP)”
Split Cranium    “Split Cranium”
Spooky Tooth    “The V.I.P.’S (Unofficial)”
Stephens, Shannon    “Pull It Together (+ D/L)”
Terror    “No Regrets No Shame: The Bridge Nine Days”
Toys That Kill    “Fambly 42”
Trans Upper Egypt    “North African Berserk”
Twitching Tongues    “Sleep Therapy”
Upsetters, The    “Return Of Django”
Various Artists    “The Cool-Aid Benefit Album (Deluxe 2LP Gatefold; 1970 Vancouver)”
Various Artists    “Remolino De Oro: Coastal Cumbias From Colombia’s Discos Fuentes 1961-1973”
Various Artists    “Ivory Coast Soul”
Various Artists    “A Orillas Del Magdalena: Coastal Cumbias From Colombia’s Discos Fuentes”
Vocoder    “Cuadro Sinoptico”
Wake, The    “Harmony (Ltd. Ed. 180 Gram)”
Wedding Songs    “Wedding Songs”
White Suns    “Sinews”
White, Simone    “Silver Silver”
Whitehorse    “Progression (Black/Blue Vinyl)”

Hip-Hop & Reggae 12″s & LPs
Action Bronson & Statik Selektah    “Well Done (2LP)”
Atmosphere    “Sad Clown Bad Winter #11”
Atmosphere    “Sad Clown Bad Spring #12”
Busy Signal    “Reggae Dubb’N Again”
Damu the Fudgemunk    “Bright Side Remix. (10″)”
Gangrene (The Alchemist + Oh No)    “Odditorium (Ltd. Ed. 4 Song PIC 45RPM 12″)”
Jonti    “Sine & Moon (+ D/L)”
M.O.P.    “Sparta (Produced By The Snowgoons (2LP)”
Upsetters (Lee Scratch Perry And The Upsetters)    “Blackboard Jungle Dub”

Electronic 12″s & LPs
Aphex Twin    “Selected Ambient Works 85-92 “
Boo Williams    “Moving Rivers”
CFCF    “Exercises (180 Gram + CD)”
Clatterbox    “Semi-Automatic”
Cristalli Liquid (Bottin Presents)    “Volevi Una Hit”
Deadbeat / Daniel Tate    “Lazy Jane”
Djoko, William Kouam    “We Are Your Brothers & Sisters”
Giant Claw    “Haunted Planet”
Girls We Like    “D^BO (10″ Gatefold)”
Ilario Alicante    “Echotechno / Rouge Dub / Untitled Drop”
Innerspace Halflife    “Cosmology EP”
Israel, Alex    “Front Butt EP”
Italo Johnson    “Italo Johnson 5 (10″)”
JS    “The Dark Side Of The Earth EP”
Kuhrye-oo     “Human Rights / Give In (For The Fame) / Untitled / Temple”
Lovelock    “Maybe Tonight”
Moretti, Mario    “Past Present Perfect: Rampant Crime And Outta Space Violence”
NX1    “SR”
October (DJ October)    “Planet Of Minds / Singularity Jump”
Population One    “The Return”
Regis     “Ital / Surface / Lapal / Keep Planning”
Searle    “She Moves”
Secluded    “Hidden EP”
Special Request    “Deflowered”
Spy From Cairo Meets The Police, The    “S.O.S.”
Various Artists    “2012 DKMNTL AS-5.2 (Lone, Makam, Awanto 3)”
Various Artists    “BIAS JAMS – 1 “

Ancient Astronauts    “Orion Nebula Remixes”
Bloody Gears    “Frozen Rain”
Cheap Girls    “Ruby”
End Of A Year / Segwei    “End Of A Year / Segwei”
English Singles    “Backstreet Pages”
Ex Cops    “You Are A Lion, I Am A Lamb”
Fall, The    “Night Of The Humerons”
Graf Orlock    “Los Angeles”
Here We Go Magic    “How Do I Know”
Host    “There’s Nothing Up There But Heavy Clouds”
O’Neil, Tara Jane (TJO)    “Sirena / Rainbow Connection”
Sissy Spacek    “Contretemps”
Spraynard    “Exton Square”
Stone Titan    “Stone Titan”
White Fence    “Green Balloon”

Beastie Boys    “License To Ill”
Fostercare    “Altered Creature”
Ilaiyyaraaja    “Fire Star”
Royal Thunder    “CVI”
Saint Vitus    “Lillie: F-65 (Regular Ed.)”
Saint Vitus    “Lillie: F-65 (Deluxe Ed. With 1 Hour Bonus DVD Digipack)”
Shifted    “Crossed Paths”


Mind Spiders Meltdown

It’s clear to see that vocalist/guitarist/synth player Mark Ryan hasn’t abandoned his catchy sound from when he fronted Denton, Texas’ The Marked Men. On the second full-length from this solo project, Ryan delves into more traditionally poppy, hook-laden and fittingly lo-fi garage-punk. The nostalgic, sunny driving-beat sound of tracks like the infectious opener “You Are Dead” and “On The Radio” wouldn’t sound out-of-place alongside The Ramones. I really enjoyed the organ/synth-driven sound on tracks like the ballad “More Than You” and dark, very retro sci-fi “Skull-Eyed” (the latter theme is appropriate because the band’s name, incidentally, comes from Fritz Leiber’s 1961 book The Mind Spider and Other Stories.) This builds up to the title track at the album’s closing: a dizzying, particularly “fried” sounding mix of the synth and organ going all over the place, backed by the guitars and drum comfortably chugging along.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Sewer Election Vittra Sönder

(Throne Heap)
Active since the early 2000s, this project from Dan Johansson has been one of Sweden’s best-known noise/experimental projects. The record’s title translates as “Disintegrate,” and judging by the uncompromising sound, it’s quite appropriate. “Att Falla” (“The Falling”) starts on a morose note with a drawn-out organ tone that vaguely sounds like a machine’s hum, setting the mood for an unsettling, cold industrial ambience. The tones eventually sound almost melodic amidst some unidentifiable screeches/growls peppered throughout. My favorite part is when it launches into the truly bracing and heavily amplified noise of what sounds like various metal objects crashing about in a storm, before concluding with more bizarre vocal loops that sound like human/animal hybrids. “Bilder Av Dig” (“Pictures Of You”) sounds even rougher, starting off with more musique concrete that incorporates a heavily distorted field recording and more warped voices. It climaxes with another brutal, overwhelming cataclysm of unrestrained crashing, smashing and outright mayhem – after all, the genre isn’t called “noise” for nothing. It’s just the kind of truly uneasy listening that I crave for unexplainable reasons.
[Reviewer: Mark]