4th of May 2012 Update

4th of May 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Actress    “R.I.P. (2LP)”
Allo Darlin’     “Europe (+ D/L”)
Amps For Christ    “Circuits (2LP Gatefold)”
Aosoth    “Aosoth”
Arkhon Infaustus    “Orthodoxyn (French Black Metal)”
Ascension    “With Burning Tongues”
At The Gates    “Gardens Of Grief”
Barrow, Geoff / Salisbury, Ben    “Drokk: Music Inspired By Mega-City One “
Belzebong    “Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves”
Body, The & Braveyoung (The Body & Braveyoung)    “Nothing Passes”
Broadfield Marchers    “When The Lifted Connive”
Carey, S.    “Hoyas (+ D/L)”
Cheap Time    “Wallpaper Music (+ D/L)”
Christ Inversion    “Christ Inversion (Featuring Phil Anselmo Pre-Pantera)”
Countdown To Oblivion    “Discography (Gatefold Colored Vinyl)”
Cross Stitched Eyes    “Decomposition (+ D/L)”
Dark Angel     “Live Scars (Gatefold)”
Davis, Miles    “Round About Midnight (180 Gram)”
Del Rey, Lana    “Born To Die: The Remix EP (12″)”
Dignan Porch    “Deluded”
Dodsengel    “Dodsengel (Gatefold)”
Evans The Death    “Evans The Death (+ D/L)”
Farewood    “Farewood”
Fell Voices    “Fell Voices (Demo 2008 /367)”
Fischoff, Dave    “Winston Park”
Fu Manchu    “Godzilla’s / Eatin’ Dust”
God Equals Genocide    “Rattled Minds”
Gog    “In Our Architecture This Resounds”
Gogol Bordello    “Imagrinadiada”
Hancock, John (Of ANR)    “Antenna Death”
Here We Go Magic    “A Different Ship (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl + D/L)”
Hopkins, Clutchy    “The Storyteller”
Horns Of Happiness, The    “Weathering Alterations”
Horseback    “Half Blood”
Impetuous Ritual    “Relentless Execution Of Ceremonial Excrescence (Members Of Portal)”
Indian Summer    “Indian Summer (Clear 12″)”
Iron Man    “I Have Returned (U.S. Doom Metal)”
John Wilkes Booze    “The Heliocentric Views Of The John Wilkes Booze Pts. 1 & 2 “
Junior High    “Junior High (LP+CD)”
Jurado, Damien    “On My Way To Absence”
KTL    “V (Gatefold 2LP)”
Led Er Est    “The Diver (+ D/L)”
Lewis, Jerry Lee    “Third Man Live (4/17/2011)”
Linfinity    “Live At Marcata: Demos”
Locrian      “The Clearing (+ D/L)”
Locrian & Mammifer    “Bless Them That Curse You (2LP /550)”
Los Miticos Del Ritmo    “Los Miticos Del Ritmo (Cumbia Direct From Quantic’s Colombian Studio)”
Love Below, The    “Every Tongue Shall Caress (+ D/L)”
Marriages    “Kitsune”
Mayfair Set, The    “Young One”
Mean Jeans    “On Mars”
Medicine     “The Buried Life (2LP Gatefold + D/L With Bonus Material)”
Medicine     “Short Forth Self Living (2LP Gatefold + D/L With Bonus Material)”
Mercyful Fate    “Black Funeral, Black Rose: Portland, OR 10/20/1984 (Unofficial)”
Misery    “From Where The Sun Never Shines (2LP Gatefold)”
Moon Duo    “Mazes Remixed (+ D/L; Sonic Boom, Purling Hiss, Gary War, Psychic Ills, Cave…)”
Morbus Chron    “Sleepers in The Rift (Swedish Death Metal)”
Motion Sickness Of Time Travel    “Motion Sickness Of Time Travel (2LP Gatefold)”
Motley Crue    “Girls Girls Girls”
Music Go Music    “Light Of Love “
Naglfar    “Vittra (Swedish Melodic Black Metal)”
Natural Law    “Find The Flock”
Neon Trees    “Picture Show (Gatefold 2LP)”
No Faith    “No Faith”
Nuel    “Trance Mutation”
Okkervil River    “Don’t Fall In Love With Everyone You See.”
Paco Sala    “Ro-Me-Ro”
Papa    “A Good Woman Is Hard To Find”
Pennywise    “All Or Nothing (+ CD)”
Pentimento / Young English    “Pentimento & Young English Split”
Pharcyde, The    “Labcabincalifornia (Special Limited Edition Colored Vinyl 2LP Gatefold)”
Pye Corner Audio    “Black Mill Tapes Volumes 1&2 (2LP)”
Pyrolator    “Inland (180 Gram)”
Pyrolator    “Ausland (180 Gram)”
Radical Sons    “Throwing Knives”
Reveal    “Nocturne Of Eyes And Teeth (Black/Death/Thrash Formerly Known As Waster)”
Rivers, Boyd    “You Can’t Make Me Doubt”
Rosen, Sam Buck    “Dominant Mind”
Rossen, Daniel (Of Grizzly Bear)    “Silent Hour / Golden Mile (5 Song EP)”
Santigold    “Master Of My Make-Believe “
Schnitzler, Conrad    “Endtime: Mix Solos 00/830 (Gatefold 2LP)”
Shop Assistants    “Shop Assistants (180 Gram)”
Silversun Pickups    “Neck Of The Woods (2LP Gatefold)”
Sjoberg, Viktor    “Breakfast In America (Feat. Jens Lekman)”
Smiths, The    “Barbarism Begins At Home: Incomplete B-Sides Volume-One (Unofficial)”
Spacin’     “Deep Thuds (/320)”
Spiderwebs    “Brighton Beach (/255)”
Sun Araw & M. Geddes Gengras Meet The Congos    “Icon Give Thank / Icon Eye (LP + DVD + Poster + D/L)”
Talk Talk    “The Colour Of Spring (+ Extras On Audio DVD)”
Talk Talk    “Spirit Of Eden”
Television    “Television (180 Gram)”
Test House    “Bitemarks EP (+ D/L)”
Turing Machine    “What Is The Meaning Of What”
Van Zandt, Townes    “For the Sake Of The Song (+ D/L)”
Vandervelde, David    “The Moonstation House Band (+ D/L)”
Various Artists    “The Breakfast Club Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Various Artists    “Empire Records: The Soundtrack (Ltd. Ed. Gold Colored LP Individually Numbered)”
Various Artists    “The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 And Beyond (Arcade Fire, Civil Wars, Taylor Swift, Kid Cudi, Decemberists, Low Anthem…)”
Various Artists    “Sticks Over My Shoulder (Selections From The George Mitchell Archive; Blues)”
Various Artists    “Bed Of Pain (Greek Rembetika/Folk/Mortika Music)”
War On Drugs, The    “Wagonwheel Blues (+ D/L)”
White, Jack    “Sixteen Saltines / Love Is Blindness (Playable Etching 12″)”
Wolf People     “Tidings (+ D/L)”
Zebu!    “Chill Wave”

Engvaal    “En Utvilsom Makt (Black/Doom)”
Fair Ohs    “A Tribute To Paul Westerberg (8″)”
Min Kniv    “Av Aske”
Obolus    “Lament “
Scenic    “The Long Sun “

Electronic 12″s & LPs
AD/S    “Transversal (Sigha & Ventress Remixes)”
Aeroplane    “We Can’t Fly: The Remixes”
Afrikan Sciences    “Boss Nova’s Second Pass EP”
Airhead    “Wait / South Congress (10″)”
Akufen    “Battlestar Galacticlown EP”
Aphex Twin    “Selected Ambient Works Volume II (2012 Reissue Gatefold 3LP)”
Baudazzi, Francesco (Obtane / Zooloft)    “The Black Nobility Of Venice And Genoa”
Berkovi, Justin    “Vice”
Boratto, Gui    “This Is Not The End Remix”
Bullion    “Love Me Oh Please Love Me”
Chube.Ka    “Press The Bass”
Claro Intelecto    “Reform Club (2LP)”
Dicicco, Tom    “Exit / Vent / High Ground”
Dieptepunt    “Feeling Deep Remixes”
Donor    “Ends Meet”
Dream 2 Science    “Dream 2 Science (Lost Nugget From The Innocent Days Of NYC House Music)”
Inspirescu, Petre    “Marcel Si Fiii”
Kiki & Chaim    “Love Kills! “
Kirkland, Mike James    “Luv N’ Haight Edit Series Vol. 1 (Feat. Nicolas Jaar; Colored Vinyl + D/L With Original Tracks Included)”
Lakker    “Arc E.P.”
Lone    “Galaxy Garden (2LP + CD)”
L-Vis 1990    “Club Constructions Vol. I”
Madteo    “Recast Feat. Sensational Remixes “
Martyn    “Hello Darkness”
Nyra    “UNO 10 EP (Includes Skudge Remix)”
Octave One    “Revisited Series 5”
October    “String Theory (Legowelt & Polarius Remixes)”
Omar S.    “O.M.A.R-S And L’Renee: S.E.X. The Remixes”
Orphx    “Hunger Knows No Law”
Phon.o    “Black Boulder (Gatefold 2LP)”
Plant42    “Dreams Of The Sentient City”
Rusko    “Songs (+ D/L)”
Sei A    “Speicher 71: Hawk Tone / Play My Mind”
Shifted    “Parallel Series 2”
Shifted    “Crossed Paths (2LP)”
Shingo2 & Chimp Beams    “ASDR (2LP)”
Stay+    “Fever (Durable Rubber 12″ Jacket – Seriously A Brilliant Thing!)”
Stiebler, Ernstalbrecht    “Ernstalbrecht Stiebler”
Synkro    “Broken Promise EP”
Urban Soul    “I Got This Feeling”
Various Artists    “2012 DKMNTL AS-5.5 (Redshape, Flexx…)”
Various Artists    “Palette EP (Imugem Orihasam, Myles Serge, Tomas Rubeck, Mattias Fridell; /250)”
Various Artists    “Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 3 (Mikey Murka , Soom T, Monkey Marc, Disrupt…)”

Adriano, Dan In The Emergency Room    “Dan Adriano In The Emergency Room”
Alert    “Find Your Way”
Beach Fossils    “Shallow / Lessons”
Break Away    “For Life”
Burning Love    “Black Widow”
Confuse    “Spending Loud Night (Ltd. Ed. Unofficial)”
Cookie Duster    “Two Feet Stand Up”
Diplo    “Express Yourself (Feat. Nicky Da B)”
DNF    “Hurt”
Grabbel And The Final Cut    “Get Your Feet Back On The Ground EP”
Hayvanlar Alemi    “Yekermo Sew (45RPM)”
JJ    “No. 4: Beautiful Life”
LSD    “Jast Last (Ltd. Ed. Unofficial)”
Nobunny    “La La La La Love You B/W Drei. Blondinen (/750 + D/L)”
Nugent, Cian    “Grass Above My Head / My War Blues”
Oscillation, The    “Waste The Day / No Place To Go”
Soom T / Monkey Marc    “Voice Of Dissent / Version”
Thou Shalt Suffer    “Open the Mysteries of Your Creation (Hand Numbered)”
United Youth (UY)    “Something 2 Prove”
Violens    “Totally True / Something Falling”
Wax Idols    “Schadenfreude / The Last Drop (+ D/L /500)”
White Stripes    “Lafayette Blues”
White Stripes    “Let’s Shake Hands”

CDs Rock
Belzebong    “Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves”
Cerekloth    “Halo Of Syringes”
Hall, Nate    “A Great River”
Hazlewood, Lee    “The LHI Years: Singles, Nudes & Backsides (1968-71)”
Horseback “Half Blood”
KTL    “KTL V”
Mare    “Spheres Like Death”
Moss Icon    “Complete Discography”
Night Birds    “The Other Side Of Darkness”
Noothgrush    “Noothgrush”
Occultation    “Three & Seven”

OFF! “OFF!” (New One)
Pallbearer    “Sorrow And Extinction”
Pennywise “All Or Nothing”
Spiritualized    “Sweet Heart, Sweet Light. (Huh?)”
Swans    “The Burning World”

CDs Non-Rock
Barrow, Geoff / Salisbury, Ben    “Drokk: Music Inspired By Mega-City One “
Biosphere    “Dropsonde”
Gudnadottir, Hildur    “Leyfou Ljosinu”
Lone    “Galaxy Garden “
Los Miticos Del Ritmo    “Los Miticos Del Ritmo”
Sun Araw & M. Geddes Gengras Meet The Congos    “Icon Give Thank / Icon Eye (CD+DVD + Poster)”
Various Artists    “Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 3 (Mikey Murka , Soom T, Monkey Marc, Disrupt…)”


Maximum Rock N Roll #348


Ferocious Fucking Teeth Ferocious Fucking Teeth LP+CD

[buy from RSR online]
(Safety Meeting Records)
I first saw these guys open for PC Worship and Liturgy at Milford’s Daniel Street (R.I.P.) On their debut LP (recorded and engineered by Steve Albini, no less,) this New London quintet does a great job of providing Connecticut with more heavy “stoner doom”/noise rock (after all, we’re located between New York and Rhode Island: why must those two genres (particularly the latter) be so scarce here?) In addition to the screamed vocals and wailing guitar, they utilize two drum sets (clearly evident in the manically energetic bursts of “Mule” and circuitous patterns of “Don’t Go”) and a baritone guitar for maximum depth. Even though I’m typically drawn to fast tempos (“One Bright Light” is a great choice of an intense and headbang-perfect song to kick the record off with,) my favorite tracks are more drawn-out. They include “River,” “Fuck On A Weeknight” and “Putting The ‘O’ Back In Country,” which use seemingly laid-back riffs to build up from a slow-simmering sunset to pent-up aggression. 
[Reviewer: Mark]

Siskiyou Keep Away The Dead LP/CD

[buy from RSR online]
(Constellation Records)
On the second record from this Vancouver four-piece (formerly a duo,) it’s easy to categorize their rustic, warm-sounding acoustic ballads as “folk,” but they want listeners to think deeper than that. Although the songwriting structures may feel cozy, these aren’t a bunch of airy songs about enjoying nature. Singer-songwriter Colin Huebert truly “gets into” the emotions of his vocal role: he has “love to give… and give… and give” in the invigorating, instrumentally-swelling “Twigs And Stones,” which relies of plenty of interesting metaphors (“I am house built / out of twigs and stones / I am a house, but / I am not a home.”) Most memorably, he sounds legitimately shaken from both frustration and despondence on a fittingly dark cover of Neil Young’s “Revolution Blues” (“you never see us / ’cause we don’t come around / we got twenty five rifles / just to keep the population down.”) It’s a great demonstration of how emotional delivery can really drive the music’s point across.
[Reviewer: Mark]