Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 2

Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 2
This track from Die Selektion is on the self-titled CD we have in stock. We also have their “Cladis” 7″. Some cold synth (and trumpet) for you in this hot season.
Erryday is Friday to SGP. Southern Screw influence living on.
We have a few copies of the Fabio Frizzi soundtrack to this classic movie by Lucio Fulci. They look and sound outstanding. (NOTE: THESE ARE NOW SOLD OUT! Wow, fast!)
Since last Friday, the internet has been buzzing about the Cro Mags and the latest crazy incident in their insane history. It’s important to remember that underneath the thick layer of lame drama, the music & energy is PERFECT. PMA.
New ZJ video. Probably helps to where sunglasses while viewing. Bright pop. (Note: Souterrain Transmissions is the European publisher; released domestically via Sacred Bones)
Last month Revelation Records re-released Youth Of Today’s “Break Down The Walls” and “We’re Not In This Alone” on colored vinyl. So, this is a great time to (re)watch their classic video for “No More”. Go Vegetarian (I would say, vegan but this video is so cheesy! OHH!)
Intense. If given the chance to see Neurosis, do it. This one is off the album of the same name. At this point the band had become as intense as could be even if less aggressive as they had been in their youth (“Pain of Mind” being a pretty straight forward dirty hardcore punk record).