Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 5

Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 5
BLAMMO! Check these videos out!

Canadian experimental/electronic/pop duo, Crystal Castles have been around since 2004. For the last couple of years I’ve had both self-titled LPs in heavy rotation. Alice Glass has the vocal styling of a deranged cat…but I love it. Check out the video for “Baptism.”

Manic Productions announced this morning that they would be bringing Japanese post-rock giants Mono back to CT(10/26 at The Space)! I was first blown away by Mono in 2003 when I caught their set by chance in a church basement in North Haven where they were opening for The Gloria Record.

Got a bunch of the Blur reissues in this past week. It was always weird that their biggest US hit (“Song 2” y’ know, the WOOHOO! song) wasn’t representative of the band at all (sort of like if you only know Radiohead as that band that did “Creep”).

We recently got in a couple copies of Mercyful Fate – Denying Christ In Holland LP box set. It’s recordings of two really early shows from from around Holland, and include a lot of great banter from King Diamond between songs. There have been some rumors circulating recently about some King Diamond shows happening in the US, which will hopefully come to light soon.

Psychedelic noise rockers, A Place To Bury Strangers are playing at The Space tonight (this was on Monday) thanks to our friends Manic Productions. Check out this video for “You Are The One” off their latest full length, “Worship.”

Quicksand recently played in California at one of the 25th Anniversary shows for Revelation Records. They’re also playing towards the end of August in NYC (heads up – check the internet search machines for exactly where and when). “Slip” is being reissued on LP and we’ll have some of those in a couple months when they’re out as well. (Those tickets sold out fast and we didn’t get a one. Crossing fingers that another show in perhaps a bigger venue gets added.)

If you like Birthday Party like Slug Guts like Birthday Party then get infected by this whole album starting with this track like I have. Scrawling rock goodness.