T-USED-Day Update

T-USED-Day Update 
(Get it?! Sincerest apologies to all who have sensitivities to bad jokes.)
at Redscroll Records
Here’s something we don’t normally do. There’s no telling when we’ll next do it either. We just happen to get a collection of what we call “good stuff” in so we thought it might be good to share with all who follow us on the interwebz. Prices listed here are the in-store prices. The online listed prices (most of these are up on Discogs – You can browse the latest few additions to our sales to see this all there) have added cushion for associated fees (besides the fact that we like to reward those that make the trip to actually shop in the store). If you are coming by and are worried about someone sniping something you really want then by all means send us an email or call us up (this stuff is actually already moving pretty fast and this list would be much longer if it included all that already went out the door). Happy browsing/shopping/living/listening!

LPs & 12″s
1.6 Band    “1.6 Band”    $7.00
Acrid    “Sea Of Shit” (Red)    $5.00
Amen Dunes    “DIA”    $12.00
Amen Dunes    “Murder Dull Mind EP”    $8.00
Antony & The Johnsons    “I Am A Bird Now”    $10.00
Antony & The Johnsons    “Crying Light”    $12.00
Arcade Fire    “The Suburbs”    $16.00
Astral Social Club    “Model Town In Field Of Mud”    $6.00
Bad Brains    “Pay To Cum 1979-1981”    $12.00
Bei Bei & Shawn Lee    “Into The Wind”    $9.00
Belong    “Common Era”    $10.00
Bird Show Band    “Bird Show Band”    $10.00
Black Merda    “Force Of Nature”    $12.00
Bone Awl    “Meaningless Leaning Mess”    $8.00
Bottin    “No Static”    $10.00
Build An Ark    “Dawn”    $10.00
Burning Star Core    “Papercuts Theater”    $10.00
Cables (Andy Ortmann, Joe Raglani)    “Variations On Electronic Forms”    $9.00
Cassic Cornuta     “Mag Ik Eens Even In Uw Broek Pissen?”    $10.00
Chromatics    “Shining Violence”    $4.00
Cleared    “Cleared”    $5.00
Clutchy Hopkins    “Walking Sdrawkcab”    $10.00
Clutchy Hopkins / Lord Kenjamin    “Music Is The Medicine”    $11.00
Collections Of Colonies Of Bees    “Birds I-IV: Flocks”    $20.00
Crocodiles    “Summer Of Hate”    $8.00
Crucified    “Coldest Winter: Darkest Reaches Of The Mind”    $7.00
Crystal Castles    “Crystal Castles (II)”    $14.00
Double Negative    “Daydreamnation”    $8.00
Dry-Rot    “Philistine”    $7.00
Durgan, Mark    “Ploughing Furrows Into Rotten Burrows”    $18.00
Edan     “Echo Party”    $7.00
Evil Moisture    “If You Want To Fuck The Sky Teach Your Cock To Fly”    $7.00
Farah    “Law Of Life”    $5.00
Ferraro, James    “Last American Hero”    $10.00
Forced Collapse    “Consider The Weather A Failure”    $5.00
Fun Years, The    “God Was Like, No”    $12.00
Ghost Note    “Holy Jungle”    $15.00
Glass Candy    “Beat Box”    $18.00
Glass Candy    “Miss Broadway”    $4.00
Glass Candy    “Geto Boys”    $11.00
Godflesh     “Streetcleaner” (Orange/Black)    $12.00
Gonjasufi    “A Sufi & A Killer”    $35.00
Graf Orlock    “Destination Time: Today” (White)    $10.00
Hecker, Tim    Ravedeath, 1972″    $14.00
Horrific Child    “L’Etrange Mr. Whinster”    $14.00
House Boat    “The Delaware Octopus”    $8.00
Interpol    “Turn On The Bright Lights”    $13.00
Invisible Conga People    “Cable Dazed / Weird Pains”    $3.00
Jaar, Nicolas    “Space Is Only Noise” (First Press With Extra Track Deleted From Subsequent Pressings)    $35.00
Jellies, The    “Jive Baby On A Saturday Night”    $20.00
Kona Triangle    “Sing A New Sapling Into Existence”    $10.00
Last Lights    “No Past No Present No Future” (Black / Green)    $15.00
Lee, Shawn      “Soul In The Hole”    $8.00
Lee, Shawn / Clutchy Hopkins    “Clutch Of The Tiger”    $10.00
Less Life    “Today Will Be Ours”    $7.00
Let Down    “We’re In This Alone”    $6.00
Like Wolves    “Like Wolves”    $8.00
Loscil    “Endless Falls”    $13.00
Masshysteri    “Var Del Av Stan”    $12.00
Messenger Girls Trio    “Excelsior Salon Trio”    $15.00
Misled Children    “Peoples Market”    $8.00
Morgan Egg / Mark Lord    “Last Chance In Heaven / Discontinue Stardust”    $10.00
Mouthus / Bulbs    “Where The Bridge Was Found / Emerald Isle”    $7.50
Moving Mountains    “Waves” (Orange)    $10.00
Mullen, Geoff    “Bongo Closet”    $9.00
Murder    “Fuck Punk”    $5.00
Murray, Brendan / Perispirit    “Brendan Murray / Perispirit”    $6.00
Nace, Bill    “Too Dead For Dreaming”    $20.00
Nagisa Nite    “Yosuga”    $10.00
Noise Nomads    “Noise Nomads” (/300)    $15.00
Noisear    “Subvert The Dominant Paradigm” (Blue)    $9.00
Orcutt, Bill    “Way Down South” (Clear)    $17.00
Pale Blue Sky    “Shades Of Grey”    $8.00
Portion Control    “Psycho-Bod Saves The World”    $8.00
Portion Control    “..Step Forward”    $20.00
Portion Control    “Hit The Pulse”    $6.00
Premier Rang    “Les Corps Humides”    $4.00
Rubies Featuring Feist    “I Feel Electric”    $5.00
Scott, Simon    “Traba”    $10.00
Simonetti, Mike    “I Love It When A Plan Comes Together”    $5.00
Skin Like Iron    “Arrival”    $10.00
Slang    “The Immortal Sin”    $14.00
Small Brown Bike    “Fell & Found”    $10.00
Solange    “Robots Are Un-American”    $5.00
Some Girls    “All My Friends Are Going Death” (Green & White Marble)    $6.00
Starkweather     “This Sheltering Night” (White)    $8.00
Stereolab    “Chemical Chords”    $12.00
Stereolab    “Margerine Eclipse”    $15.00
Street Eaters    “We See Monsters”    $9.00
Swanson, Pete    “Where I Was”    $12.00
T&K    Mucho Swash”    $10.00
This Is Hell    “Weight Of The World”    $8.00
Threadbare    “Feeling Older Faster”     $10.00
Thursday / Envy    “Thursday/Envy”    $18.00
Timebombs, The    “I Belong In Hell”    $6.00
Twin Stumps    “Seedbed”    $12.00
Twisted Wires    “One Night At The Raw Deal”    $5.00
Various Artists    “Reportage: Spela Sjalv”    $11.00
Vertical Slit    “Slit And Pre-Slit”    $12.00
Yellow Swans    “Psychic Secession”    $10.00

Hip-Hop 12″s & LPs
Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force    “Planet Rock – The Album”    $12.00
Badu, Erykah    “New Amerykah Part One (4th World War)”    $13.00
Boogie Down Productions    “Criminal Minded”    $7.00
Common    “Resurrection”    $7.00
Company Flow    “Funcrusher Plus”    $20.00
Eagle Nebula    “Cosmic Headphones”    $5.00
Ghostface Killah    “More Fish”    $7.00
Ghostface Killah    “Fishscale”    $8.00
Ghostface Killah    “Ironman”    $13.00
Guilty Simpson    “Ode To The Ghetto”    $10.00
Jay-Z    “Reasonable Doubt”    $13.00
Jeru The Damaja    “Wrath Of The Math”    $10.00
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo    “Wanted: Dead Or Alive”    $5.00
Kweli, Talib    “Eardrum” (Red/Blue)    $30.00
Large Professor    “Beatz Volume 1” (TEST PRESS)    $38.00
Leaders Of The New School    “A Future Without A Past”    $8.00
Lost Boyz    “Legal Drug Money”    $10.00
Madlib The Beat Konducta    “WLIB AM: King Of The Wigflip”    $17.00
MF Doom    “MM.. Food?”    $12.00
Misled Children, The / Odean Pope    “The Misled Children Meet Odean Pope”    $11.00
Muldrow, Georgia Anne      “Olesi: Fragments Of An Earth”    $8.00
Muldrow, Georgia Anne / Declaime (Georgia | Dudley)    “Heaven Or Hell EP”    $6.00
Nas    “Illmatic”    $9.00
Odd Nosdam    “T.I.M.E. Soundtrack”    $8.00
Outkast    “Aquemini”    $13.00
Outkast    “ATLiens”    $15.00
Peanut Butter Wolf    “Straight To Tape 1990-1992”    $12.00
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth    “They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)”    $6.00
Raekwon    “Only Built For Cuban Linx PT II” (Purple)    $12.00
Raekwon    “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx”    $10.00
Roots Manuva Meets Wrongtom    “Duppy Writer”    $10.00
Roots, The    “Rising Down”    $9.00
RZA    “Afro Samurai Resurrection: The Soundtrack”    $12.00
Tyler The Creator    “Goblin”    $12.00
Ultramagnetic MC’s    “Critical Beatdown”    $10.00
Various Artists    “Anticon Presents: Hip-Hop Music For The Advanced Listener EP”    $18.00
Various Artists    “Droppin Science From The Blue Note Lab: Greatest Samples”    $12.00
Various Artists    “An England Story: From Dancehall To Grime: 25 Years OF The MC In The UK 1983-2008 Volume One”    $15.00
Various Artists    “An England Story: From Dancehall To Grime: 25 Years OF The MC In The UK 1983-2008 Volume Two”    $10.00
Viktor Vaughn (MF Doom)    “Vaudeville Villain” (Gold Edition /1500)    $24.00

Electronic 12″s & LPs
Ancient Methods    “Fourth Method”    $20.00
Basic Channel    “Lyot RMX”    $5.00
Ben Klock    “Remixes”    $5.00
Black Devil Disco Club    “Eight On The Eight”    $7.00
Black Devil Disco Club    “28 After”    $8.00
Black Devil Disco Club    “The Strange New World”    $5.00
Bo Marley / Disrupt    “Bauhelm / Fleisch”    $4.00
Boards Of Canada    “Geogaddi” (Single Sided)    $15.00
British Murder Boys    “Father Loves Us / Be Like I Am”    $5.00
British Murder Boys    “Learn Your Lesson”    $4.00
Bug, The    “Skeng”    $19.00
Burial & Four Tet    “Moth / Wolf Cub”    $30.00
Cicciolina Holocaust / Sermonizer    “Albeit Albeit / Sibelius Spiders”    $10.00
Claro Intelecto    “New Live”    $6.00
Cooly G    “Narst / Love Dub”    $7.00
D. Quin    “At The End Of The World”    $2.00
Darkstar    “North”    $8.00
Deepchord / Echospace    “Spatialdimension”    $10.00
Delano Smith    “Midnite EP”    $3.00
Devine, Richard    “Lipswitch” (2LP)    $16.00
Digital Mystikz    “Return II Space” (Picture Disc Version)    $40.00
Disrupt    “Foundation Bit”    $25.00
DJ Hell    “My Definition Of House Music”    $3.00
DJ Nate    “Da Trak Genius”    $12.00
Echospace    “OBMX”    $12.00
Elias Rahbani & His Orchestra / Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show    “Liza / Penny”    $5.00
FBK     “The Expert Escapist”    $25.00
Flying Lotus    “Los Angeles”    $15.00
Function    “Remixed”    $10.00
Hudson Mohawke    “Butter”    $10.00
Ikonika    “Direct / Millie”    $3.00
Intrusion    “A Night To Remember”    $9.00
Intrusion    “Intrusion / Reflection”    $20.00
Intrusion    “Tswana Dub”    $7.00
Intrusion    “The Seduction Of Silence”    $7.00
Intrusion / CV313    “Intrusion Dub / Subtraktive”    $18.00
Joy Orbison    “Hyph Mngo / Wet Look”    $5.00
Joy Orbison    “Doldrums”    $55.00
King Midas Sound    “Dub Heavy – Hearts & Ghosts”    $5.00
L.V.    “Globetrotting / Takeover (Dub)”    $5.00
Leron Carson    “Red Lightbulb Theory ’87-’88”    $10.00
Lone    “Cluster Dreams”    $7.00
Lone    “Joyreel / Sunset Teens”    $4.00
Lorn    “Nothing Else”    $25.00
Lukid    “Chord”    $25.00
Lukid    “The Now EP”    $4.00
Lukid    “BBQ / Genie”    $13.00
Martyn / Roman Lindau    “Berghain 04 | Part 1”    $4.00
Matthew Dear    “Black City”    $10.00
Millie & Andrea    “Temper Tantrum”    $5.00
Millie & Andrea    “Spectral Source”    $3.00
MLZ    “NewAnalogueCentury”    $5.00
Morphosis    “Dark Myths Of Phoenicia Part 2 Of 2”    $12.00
Morphosis    “Dark Myths Of Phoenicia Part 1 Of 2”    $5.00
Murphy, Hakim    “Black Robots Having Sex EP”    $7.00
Onra    “108”    $20.00
Paperclip People    “Basic Reshape”    $6.00
Pilooski    “Rung Of The NRDS Vol. 10”    $14.00
Pink Stallone    “The Six”    $5.00
Quadrant    “Infinition / Hyperprism”    $4.00
Quarta 330 / Kode 9    “Sunset Dub / 9 Samurai (Remix)”    $10.00
Redshape    “Blood Into Dust”    $3.00
Sandwell District    “Feed Forward Test Session”    $5.00
Sandwell District    “Negative Fascinations”    $12.00
Soplerfo    “Soplerfo” (/100 Screened Cover)    $13.50
Soplerfo    “EP For Dogs”    $2.00
Stott, Andy    “The Nervous EP”    $3.00
Teebs    “Ardour”    $15.00
Teebs / Jack High    “The Tropics”    $10.00
Traversable Wormhole    “Volume 4”    $5.00
Traversable Wormhole    “Volume 1”    $5.00
Traversable Wormhole    “Volume 5”    $5.00
Try To Find Me    “Vol. 1”    $15.00
Unknown Artist    “Seldom Felt 1”    $3.00
Unknown Artist    “Seldom Felt 3”    $8.00
Unknown Artist    “Seldom Felt 2”    $3.00
Various Artists    “Sandwell Distric (Sampler Single 2)”    $11.00
Various Artists    “Sandwell District (Sampler Single 1)”    $5.00
Various Artists    “Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 1”    $20.00
Various Artists    “Hyperdub 5.1 EP”    $5.00
Various Artists    “Hyperdub 5.3 EP”    $5.00
Various Artists    “Hyperdub 5.4 EP”    $5.00
Various Artists    “Hyperdub 5.5 EP”    $8.00

Ashraf, M.     “Uf Yeh Beevlah (Original Soundtrack)”    $18.00
Diskonto    “Destroy! Rebuild!”     $8.00
La Aferra    “Ziemia Ginie – Obudz Sie!”    $4.25
Lone    “Pineapple Crush”    $6.00
Mordant Music    “Symptoms (Version) / I’m Not Your Mate, Mate”    $3.00
Radiohead    “Kid A”    $15.00
Resist And Exist    “Kwangju”    $10.00
Seefeel    “Faults”    $5.00
Shackleton / Mordant Music    “El Din (Part One) / Olde Wobbly”    $3.00
Stereolab    “Fab Four Suture”    $12.00
Stracony    Uwazajcie – Bomby…    $8.00
World Burns To Death    “The Sucking Of The Missile Cock”    $8.00