Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 9

Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 9
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Now that the Converge / Torche tour dates have been officially announced, we can talk freely about how awesome it is that they’ll be stopping for a gig in New Britain. Torche is a Florida based stoner metal band that is more on the yellow-smiley-face-have-a-nice-day side of the spectrum then the worship-satan-through-reefer-smoking types. Check out this video for “Across The Shields.” (Josh)

LE RÉVÉLATEUR / DATA DAZE from Sabrina Ratté on Vimeo.

Le Révélateur (Roger Tellier-Craig’s moniker; he left Godspeed You! Black Emperor in 2004) has a release on NNA Tapes that we recently got in. This video is a pretty straightforward visual representation of the sounds. If you are prone to seizures you may want to just hit play and minimize the window (or click on a different tab; y’know, technology). (Rick)

A friend of mine just traded in a stack of cool hardcore 7″s, including the Magrudergrind “Owned” 7″ on blue. Easily one of the top current bands in the genre. For 10 years now, this 3 piece powerviolence band from DC has been grinding all around the world. Check out this video for “Burden” which is comprised of live footage from Europe.(Josh)

We forgot to put a video up Saturday because we were too busy being stoked on Quicksand so I’ll post the following and then another for today. Here’s Saturday’s set.

Weirdos who love hip-hop are generally the kind of folks I ride with. This 7″ came out a little while ago and reminded me just how true that is. Get weird/stay weird. (Rick)

Ipsissimus is the finest black metal outfit to ever slither from Connecticut’s fertile womb. Currently on a hiatus while their drummer is studying ancient scrolls abroad. We are very proud to have been able to release a live tape by them (of which we still have a small handful) entitled, “GoatCultRites” before they went on to Metal Blade.

This holiday weekend Brass City Boss Sounds is bringing a bunch of heavy hitting legends to CT for their 3 day event, 2000 Tons Of TNT FEST. For me personally, Negative Approach is the band I’d want to check out the most. Here they are just a couple years ago, old? sure, but still raging! (Josh)

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