T-Used-Day August 28, 2012 Update

T-Used-Day August 28, 2012 Update
at Redscroll Records

Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or any LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in.
These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll
Email or call with any hold requests (at our discretion and must be picked up within a couple days). These are actively being sold so by the time you see this some of these may already be gone. Get get get!

Underground LPs & 12″s
Air Waves    “Dungeon Dots”    $7.50
Angry Samoans    “Yesterday Started Tomorrow”    $15.00
Anika    “Anika”    $11.00
Balmorhea    “Constellations” (180 Gram)    $12.00
Black Kites    “Songs Written While Things Were Changing”    $7.00
Botch    “An Anthology Of Dead Ends” (Black)    $20.00
Chokehold    “Prison Of Hope”    $30.00
Craft Spells    “Idle Labor”    $13.00
Crumbsuckers    “Beast On My Back”    $7.00
D.O.A.    “Don’t Turn Yer Back On Desperate Times.”    $6.00
D.O.A.    “Unleash The Brutality”    $5.00
D.R.I.    “4 Of A Kind” (Canadian Press)    $12.00
D.R.I.    “Dirty Rotten LP”    $16.00
Dead Kennedys    “Too Drunk To Fuck”    $8.00
El Grupo Sexo    “Mom’s Home”    $5.00
Embrace    “Embrace”    $10.00
Frog Eyes    “The Golden River” (White Vinyl)    $9.00
Fucked Up    “Let Likes Be Cured By Likes”    $10.00
G.B.H.    “Oh No It’s G.B.H. Again!”    $9.00
G.B.H. (Charged G.B.H.)    “City Baby Attacked By Rats” (Netherlands Press)    $15.00
Gang Gang Dance    “Eye Contact” (2LP)    $11.00
Government Issue    “Boycott Stabb”    $10.00
Government Issue    “Government Issue” (Foy Press)    $10.00
Grails    “Doomsdayer’s Holiday”    $10.00
H.R. (HR Of Bad Brains)    “Human Rights”    $8.00
Health    “::DISCO2” (Gatefold 2LP + “DISCO2++” CD)    $9.00
Hot Chip    “The Warning” (Gatefold 2LP)    $11.00
Jaar, Nicolas    “Space is Only Noise” (Original Press With Later Removed Track “I Got A Woman”)    $45.00
Jaar, Nicolas    “Space is Only Noise” (White Label Press With Later Removed Track “I Got A Woman”)    $60.00
Lords, The (Of The New Church)    “The Method To Our Madness”    $4.00
McGuire, Mark    “VDSQ – Solo Acoustic Volume Two”    $12.00
Modern Lovers, The    “The Modern Lovers”    $25.00
Modern Vending    “One Bad Peccary”    $4.00
Nirvana    “Wipeout”    $15.00
Panda Bear    “Tomboy” (White Vinyl)    $9.00
Papercuts     “You Can Have What You Want” (Blue)    $15.00
Red Hot Chili Peppers    “Knock Me Down” (Shaped Picture Disc)    $20.00
Red Hot Chili Peppers    “The Abbey Road E.P.”    $18.00
Red Hot Chili Peppers    “The Red Hot Chili Peppers”    $13.00
Slab!    “Sanity Allergy”    $8.00
Sugar    “File Under Easy Listening”    $15.00
Token Entry    “Jaybird”    $30.00
Toro Y Moi    “Underneath The Pine”    $9.00
Undead, The    “Never Say Die!”    $16.00
Unsteady    “Double Or Nothing”    $3.00
Various Artists    “The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume One” (2LP Gatefold Still In Shrink Wrap – Opened On One Side)    $13.00
Ward, M.    “Hold Time”    $15.00
Woebot    “Chunks”    $7.00
Zola Jesus    “Conatus: Special Edition #37/300” (LP is Sealed)    $45.00

Hip-Hop 12″s & LPs
Andy B. Badd    “Home Boyz In Luv”    $7.00
Beastie Boys    “Paul’s Boutique”    $13.00
Cee Lo Green    “F**K YOU!” (Record Store Day Exclusive)    $8.00
Dam-Funk    “Toeachizown” (Electronic Funk/Soul Box Set)    $35.00
Grandmaster & Melle Mel    “White Lines (Don’t Do It)”    $3.00
J. Rocc    “Some Cold Rock Stuff” (3LP)    $25.00
Run D.M.C.    “King Of Rock”    $4.00

Electronic 12″s & LPs
Falty DL    “You Stand Uncertain” (2LP)    $14.00
Falty DL    “All In The Place”    $8.00
Flying Lotus    “Pattern & Grid World”    $7.00
Misdemeanour    “Music For Large Places” (Electronic) 10″  $3.00
Slow Bongo Floyd    “More Than Jesus” (Progressive House)    $2.00
Tellier, Sebastien    “Sexuality” (Pink Vinyl)    $18.00

Metal (& Hard Rock) 12″s & LPs
Acid Reign    “Moshkinstein”    $7.00
Axe    “Offering”    $4.00
Black Sabbath    “We Sold Our Soul For Rock ‘N’ Roll”    $6.00
Black Sabbath    “Greatest Hits”    $6.00
Black Sabbath    “Vol. 4”    $5.00
Black Sabbath    “Attention! Vol. 2” (UK Press)    $3.00
Black Sabbath    “Turn Up The Night” (Picture Disc)    $10.00
Brood, The    “The Brood”    $14.00
Cooper, Alice    “Goes To Hell”    $7.00
Cooper, Alice    “Killer”    $8.00
Corrosion Of Conformity    “Eye For An Eye”    $35.00
Exciter    “Heavy Metal Maniac”    $15.00
Exciter    “Violence & Force”    $8.00
Fate    “Fate”    $4.00
Grave Digger    “Witch Hunter”    $9.00
Great White    “Out Of The Night”    $7.00
Helix    “No Rest For The Wicked”     $2.00
Helloween    “Walls Of Jericho”    $10.00
Helstar    “Burning Star”    $14.00
Judas Priest    “Hero, Hero”    $10.00
Judas Priest    “Stained Class”    $6.00
Juggernaut    “Baptism Under Fire”    $4.00
Kiss    “Rock And Roll”    $3.00
Krokus    “Headhunter”    $3.00
Loudness    “The Law Of Devil’s Land” (Japanese Version With OBI Strip)    $12.00
M.O.D. (Method Of Destruction)    “U.S.A. For M.O.D.”    $7.00
Megadeth    “Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?”    $10.00
Metallica    “Master Of Puppets”    $10.00
Metallica    “Chris Tetley Interviews” (Picture Disc)    $10.00
Michael Schenker Group    “Dancer / Girl From Up Town”    $3.00
Morne     “Asylum” (White Vinyl)    $12.00
Rage    “Rage” (Promo Sticker)    $6.00
Rainbow    “Bent Out Of Shape”    $5.00
Rods, The    “Let Them Eat Metal”    $5.00
Saxon    “Wheels Of Steel” (Promo Stamped)    $4.00
Scorpions    “World Wide Live”    $3.00
Scorpions    “Blackout”     $5.00
Scorpions    “Animal Magnetism”    $5.00
Scorpions    “Take Off – Hot & Heavy” (German Press)    $5.00
Scorpions    “Can’t Live Without You / China White” (German Press)    $5.00
Scorpions    “Best Of Rockers N’ Ballads” (Korean Press)    $5.00
Scorpions    “Big City Nights / Bad Boys Running Wild”     $4.00
Scorpions    “Best Of Scorpions Volume 2” (German Press)    $5.00
Scorpions    “Best Of Scorpions”    $5.00
Scorpions    “Under The Same Sun” (Yellow)    $10.00
Scorpions    “Savage Amusement”     $4.00
Skid Row    “Slave To The Grind” (Rubber Sleeve)    $5.00
Steel, Eric    “Eric Steel”    $8.00
Suicidal Tendencies    “Suicidal Tendencies”    $10.00
Suicidal Tendencies    “Join The Army”    $10.00
Takashi    “Kamikaze Killers”    $7.00
Thrust    “Fist Held High”    $12.00
Tokyo Blade    “Lightning Strikes”    $4.00
Torch    “Torch” (Blue Clenched Teeth Lady On Cover Looking Constipated)    $17.00
Trauma    “Scratch And Scream”    $15.00
Trouble    “Assassin” 12″ Single    $14.00
Twisted Sister    “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll”    $4.00
Twisted Sister    “Ruff Cutts”    $3.00
Twisted Sister    “Under The Blade”    $3.00
Vai, Steve    “In My Dreams With You (PIC)”    $4.00
Vai, Steve    “Passion & Welfare”    $5.00
Vai, Steve    “Flexable”    $3.00
Various Artists    “Bullets” (Megadeth, Agnostic Front, Possessed, Impaler…)    $8.00
Venom    “At War With Satan”    $12.00
Warrant    “First Strike”    $25.00
White Lion    “Pride”    $2.00
White Pigs    “White Pigs” (Combat Boot Camp Generic Sleeve)    $5.00

Automation    “Automation”    $2.00
Blank Stare    “Blank Stare”    $8.00
Charles Bronson    “Charles Bronson”    $5.00
Civil Disobedience    “In A Few Hours Of Madness”    $3.00
Darkest Hour / Groundzero    “Darkest Hour / Groundzero” (Few Copies In Varying Colors)    $5.00
Dead Gaze    “Take Me Home”    $5.00
Deadites / Hellions    “Deadites / Hellions”    $2.00
Definence / Mortification    “Fight For Defear”    $2.00
Divided By Hate    “Sediments Of Shame” (Few Copies – Variety of Colors)    $5.00
Divided By Hate    “Sediments Of Shame” TEST PRESS! #3/3    $25.00
Dropdead / Totalitar    “Dropdead / Totalitar”    $4.00
DS-13    “For The Kids, Not The Business”    $4.00
DS-13 / Code 13    “13 Song Split”    $3.00
Fear Tomorrow    “Born In Blood” (White, No Outer Sleeve)    $3.00
Fear Tomorrow    “Born In Blood” (Green Vinyl)    $5.00
Gehenna / California Love    “Gehenna / California Love”    $4.00
Genders    “Genders”    $3.00
Get To The Chopper    “Get To The Chopper”    $2.00
Hatebreed    “Under The Knife” (Smorgasbord #1)    $5.00
Hatebreed / Neglect    “Hatebreed / Neglect” (Red Vinyl)    $8.00
Herds    “Herds”    $3.00
Hypatia / Robots Attack    “Hypatia / Robots Attack”    $2.00
Integrity / Hatebreed    “Integrity / Hatebreed” (Light Grey)    $10.00
Integrity / Lockweld    “Serenity Of The Once Lost” (White)    $10.00
Learn Nothing    “Learn Nothing”    $3.00
Locust, The    “The Locust”    $2.00
Madball    “Been There, Done That” (Ripped Cover)    $3.00
Magrudergrind     “Owned!!”    $5.00
Mammoth Grinder    “Obsessed With Death”    $4.00
Midian     “From The Vault”    $1.00
Nerve City    “Bars”    $3.00
Oath, The / Total Fury    “The Oath / Total Fury” (CLEAR)    $4.00
One 4 One    “I Won’t Lose” (Grey Vinyl)    $4.00
Page99 / City Of Catarpillar    “A Split Personality”    $7.00
Primitive And Savage Land, A    “A Primitive And Savage Land”    $2.00
Rogue Nations    “American Ruins”    $1.00
Soft Moon, The    “Parallels”    $10.00
Sum Of All Fears    “1995 Sin Of Anger Demo” (Light Grey)    $5.00
Tumult    “The Heroic Bloodshed”     $2.00
Vaccine    “Human Hatred”    $4.00
Various Artists    “Hardcore 1990 – East Meets West” (Sick Of It All, Vision, Killing Time…)    $5.00
Various Artists    “CTHC: The Division Has Begun” TEST PRESS    $25.00
Vetiver    “Hey Doll Baby”    $5.00
Warzone    “Live At CBGB” (Blue Vinyl)    $10.00
Weedsteeler / Nautical Hyperblast    “Weedsteeler / Nautical Hyperblast”    $3.00
Wide Awake    “The End”    $15.00
Woods    “I Was Gone”    $4.00
Xbrainiax / No Comply    “Xbrainiax / No Comply”    $7.00
Yokohama Hooks / Flip Tops    “Yokohama Hooks / Flip Tops”    $2.00
Yuckmouth    “Yuckmouth” (Clear Vinyl)    $4.00