Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 11

Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 11
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In 2009, I was lucky enough to see Heaven & Hell (aka Dio-era Black Sabbath) just down the road from here at the Oakdale Theatre. The live show was awesome and “The Devil You Know” was one of my favorite albums to come out that year. It’s crazy to me that Dio’s voice sounded that good live and they were writing such killer music well into their 60s (50s for Appice)! RIP RONNIE JAMES DIO. (Josh)

A divisive project that paired down to just one member over its beginning years (who only feeds into the divisiveness by being cryptic or straight up not answering direct questions). This is from a few years back in NYC when D.I.J. had established itself as an experimental folk project/neofolk (in the beginning it wasn’t so much). And here’s a recent interview with Douglas P.:

Brit pop infused with some tribal industrial percussion and adventurous instrumentation. A friend turned me onto these guys a couple years back and I immediately devoured (through my ear holes) their entire catalog (not that it’s all that intimidating) multiple times before listening to anything else (at least in my own free time as I’m sure the store had many different things playing). (Rick)

In 2009, Trent Reznor announced that Nine Inch Nails would play a series of shows billed as their farewell to live performance, which included several dates in New York. We had the opportunity to catch one of the shows at Terminal 5, which featured Peter Murphy (of Bauhaus) as a surprise upside-down guest on “Reptile” & came out again to sing “Dead Souls” (orig. by Joy Division) as part of their 6 song encore.

Into Another is playing a couple shows in NYC next month (one at Saint Vitus Bar and one for the Revelation Records 25th Anniversary). They just recently released this video they made some years back. Groove.

HydraHead Records called it a day today (announcement here: ). They’ve put out a lot of great music for the past 20 years and a lot of that was far under-appreciated (at the time and now). Included in that umbrella is Discordance Axis – a seminal grind band that continues to inspire.

Pallbearer is currently on the East Coast doing a few gigs in support of their most recent album “Sorrow And Extinction,” which was just released on LP by 20 Buck Spin. Here’s a video of one of their songs from the show last night in NYC. Slow & Doomy. (Sean)

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