Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 12

Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 12
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Danny Brown is playing in CT very soon (23rd at Toad’s Place). The XXX album came out last year as a free download and then later as a CD and then on Record Store Day as an LP+7″. This video is a fun rap romp dealing with some not fun ideas (of being grown up).

We were on a serious soundtrack kick a little while ago and thanks to Death Waltz Recording Company that streak is not ending anytime soon. The latest one we’ve got in stock is the soundtrack to the film who’s trailer is below. Pretty perfect for the season too.

Just over a year ago this won a contest to be the official video for this J Dilla The J Dilla Foundation OFFICIAL J DILLA track. Donuts has had a couple re-releases in the past some years and for good reason. One of (if not the top of the crop) best examples of a strictly hip-hop beat album (I liken it to grindcore – it gets its message across and moves on). So solid. (Rick)

World renowned singer/songwriter & animal rights activist Morrissey (formerly of The Smiths, Slaughter & The Dogs) will be performing October 6th at the Palace Theater in Waterbury. I’m really excited for this show. (Josh)

The new Dinosaur Jr album has been in steady rotation since we got it in a few days back. This video is really fun (done by the Funny Or Die camp). Slacking grunge with an upbeat vibe at its heart.

Barstow at Brass City Records 3 from The Sin in Grey on Vimeo.

The third release put out by Redscroll Records was a split 7″ by Barstow & A Days Refrain. A Days Refrain had releases on Robotic Empire & Alone Records, making them a little more well known. Barstow on the other hand was a CT gem that didn ‘t venture far from home. To make the covers for this record, we snuck into a Manhattan office building after hours, copied, cut & folded everything taking a break only for pizza. It was a blast. If you’re a fan of bands like Small Brown Bike, you’ll probably dig this band a lot. Here they are playing in Brass City Records in Waterbury.

A couple fellows from Grails (among other projects) are behind Lilacs & Champagne = some great funk prog-scape (soundtrack music with vocals). This video fits the mood quite well.

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