15th Of February 2013 Update

15th Of February 2013 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

Double Extra Huge Update this week as we were snowed out of it last week. Look at this crop!

LPs & 12″s
9th Wonder & Buckshot    “The Solution” (2LP)
Ambarchi, Oren    “Sagittarian Domain”
Anthroprophh    “Anthroprophh”
Ashrae Fax    “Static Crash”
AU    “Both Lights” (+ D/L)
Bad Religion    “True North” (+ CD)
Banque Allemande    “Willst Du Chinese Sein Musst Du Die Ekligen Sachen Essen”
Baptists    “Bushcraft” (Recorded By Kurt Ballou)
Beau Navire    “Lumens”
Beneficence    “Concrete Soul” (2LP)
Bikini Kill    “Bikini Kill” (+ D/L)
Bjork    “Bastards” (2LP)
Black Twig Pickers    “Rough Carpenters”
Blu    “Her Favorite Colo(u)r”
Broadway Calls    “Comfort/Distraction” (+ D/L)
Bronx, The    “Bronx (IV)” (+  D/L)
Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds    “Push The Sky Away” (+ 7″ + D/L)
D.Y.S.    “Brotherhood” (Colored Vinyl)
Darkstar    “News From Nowhere” (2LP)
De La Soul    “De La Soul Is Dead”
Death In June    “Nada Plus!” (Picture Disc)
Diamond Youth    “Orange”
Dirtbombs, The    “Consistency Is The Enemy”
Don Caballero    “Gang Banged With A Headache And Live” (+ D/L)
Dream Theater    “Images And Words” (First Time On Vinyl Ltd. Ed. 2LP 180 Gram Hand Numbered /2000)
Ducktails    “The Flower Lane”
Emperor    “Emperial Live Ceremony” (2LP)
Emptyset    “Medium”
Flat Duo Jets    “Go Go Harlem Baby”
Frank-N-Dank    “48 Hours” (All Songs Produced By J Dilla)
Frank-N-Dank    “48 Hours Instrumentals” (All Songs Produced By J Dilla)
Friel, Dan    “Total Folklore”
Gallery Of Mites    “Bugs On The Bluefish”
Green Day    “!Tre!”
Hair Police    “Mercurial Rites”
Happy Jawbone Family Band    “Tastes The Broom: A Retrospective” (Ltd. Ed. /500 + D/L)
Hatebreed    “The Divinity Of Purpose” (+ D/L, Gatefold)
Hughes, Lena    “Queen Of The Flat Top Guitar”
In Aeternam Vale    “DUB (Dust Under Brightness)” (Full Length)
Innercity    “A Lion Baptism”
Inspector 22    “Passin’ Time…”
Iron Maiden    “Never Mind The Bollocks Heres Iron Maiden: Live At The Beat Club 1981, Live Reading Festival 1980” (Colored Vinyl; Unofficial)
J Dilla (Jay Dee)    “Wild”
King, Peter    “African Dialects” (+ D/L)
Kuti, Fela And Egypt 80 Band    “Big Blind Country: Afro Beat Live !!”
Led Zeppelin    “Celebration Day” (3LP Box Set)
Leven Signs    “Hemp Is Here”
Mazzy Star    “So Tonight That I Might See”
Mueller, Jon    “Death Blues”
MV & EE    “Fuzzweed” (+ CD)
My Bloody Valentine    “Things Left Behind” (Unofficial)
Night Beds    “Country Sleep” (+ D/L)
No Age    “Collage Culture”
No Doubt    “Rock Steady”
Oh No!    “Disrupted Ads” (2LP; D-Side Is Etched; + Flexi-Disc)
Open Sex, Thee    “Thee Open Sex”
Orchestre National De Mauritanie    “Orchestre National De Mauritanie”
Owens, Christopher    “Lysandre”
Perilstein, Michael    “The Deadly Spawn: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Perks Of Being A Wallflower, The    “Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Pissed Jeans    “Honeys” (+ D/L)
Pity Sex    “Dark World” (Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl)
Poison Idea    “The Fatal Erection Years 1983-1986”
Price, Sean    “Mic Tyson” (2LP)
Prurient    “Through The Window” (Listen At Night In The Hills Watching As Headlights Approach)
Robosonic & Laura Weider    “Feldrecord Im Zirkus”
Roedelius    “Selected Pieces 1990 To 2011”
Rolling Stones, The    “More Exile On Main St.” (Fan Club EditioN)
Shai Hulud    “Reach The Beyond The Sun”
Silverstein    “This Is How The Wind Shifts”
Smashing Pumpkins, The    “Chicago Tapes And Unreleased Demos” (Unofficial)
Smoke Or Fire    “The Speakeasy”
Some Girls    “All My Friends Are Going Death”
Spalding, Esperanza    “Junjo”
Spectral Park    “Spectral Park” (Debut Album; Ltd. Ed. /750 + D/L)
Spray Paint    “Spray Paint”
Streetwalker    “Future Fusion”
Sweet Talk    “Pickup Lines” (+ D/L)
Symbol Six    “Symbol Six”
Tazartes, Ghedalia    “Voyage A L’ombre”
Texas Is The Reason    “Do You Know Who You Are? – The Complete Collection” (2LP, Gatefold, + D/L)
Troller    “Troller”
TunaBunny    “Genius Fatigue”
Turman, Robert    “Beyond Painting” (Gatefold 2LP)
Umberto    “Confrontations”
Unicorn Hard-On / Container    “Unicorn Hard-On / Container”
Unknown Mortal Orchestra    “II” (+ D/L)
Valle, Marcos    “Vento Sul”
Valle, Marcos    “Previsao Do Tempo”
Various    “Assiyo Bellema: Golden Years Of Modern Ethiopian Music”
Various    “Saoco! The Bomba And Plena Explosion In Puerto Rico 1954-1966”
Various    “A Short Life Of Trouble: Popular American Ballads 1927-1943”
Various    “United Sacred Harp Convention: The Alan Lomax Recordings, 1959”
Various    “Spiky Dread – Issue One: Punky Reggae & Post Punk Dub 1978-1984”
Various    “Zendooni: Funk, Psychedelia And Pop From The Iranian Pre-Revolution Generation” (2LP Gatefold)
Veronica Falls    “Veronica Falls” (+ D/L)
Violent Bullshit    “Adult Problems”
XX, The    “Coexist (Deluxe)” (2LP, + D/L)
Young Fathers    “Tape One”
Zito Righi E Seu Conjunto    “Alucinolandia”

Electronic / Dance LPs & 12″s
A Guy Called Gerald    “How Long Is Now”
Analogue Cops, The & Ryan Elliott    “Five EP”
Bad Cop Bad Cop    “Wings Of Techno (Remixed)”
Bad Cop Bad Cop    “Wings Of Techno” (+ CD, 2LP)
Beneath    “Duty / Texers”
Benedettini, Danny    “Sweet Lies”
Biome    “Black Widow”
Boom Bip & Charlie White    “Music For Sleeping Children”
Bullion    “You Drive Me To Plastic”
Damage, Benjamin    “Heliosphere” (2LP)
Drvg Cvltvre    “Pinkman 001”
Exaltics, The    “The Exaltics Meet Elec Pt. 1”
Exaltics, The    “Muted World”
G String    “Burial Grounds EP”
Girl Unit / Morri$    “Night Slugs All Stars 2”
Heiroglyphic Being    “The Lost Transmission”
Isolee    “Allowance”
Lidell, Jamie    “Jamie Lidell” (2LP Gatefold)
Machinedrum / Sun Ra    “Views Of Saturn Vol. 3”
Matmos    “The Marriage Of True Minds” (3LP)
Midland    “Through Motion”
Mikkel Metal    “Without EP”
Nuel    “Trance Mutation”
Omar S    “High School Graffiti” (2LP White Label)
Reaganometry & Butcher Bear    “R&B”
Recondite    “RMXing Recondite”
Renaissance Man    “Call2Call”
Simko, Kate    “Lights Out” (2LP)
Squeaky Lobster    “Killing Eleven”
Taiki & Nulight    “Love Is The Feeling / Vigor”
Trade    “SHEWORKS005”
Van Der Vieuten, Maarten    “Internaut”

Circuit Des Yeux    “CDY3”
Eels    “Wonderful, Glorious”
Eternal Elysium / Sardonis    “Ascending Circulation”
Head And The Heart, The    “Josh McBride / Honey Come Home” (Mono)

Absolution    “Absolution”
Beak >     “Mono / Kenn”
Bug, The    “Hardcore Lover (Ft. Warrior Queen) / Goodbye (Ft. Miss Red)” (Yellow)
Confuse    “Spending Loud”
Dicks    “Peace” (+ D/L)
Fugazi    “3 Songs”
Gap Dream    “Ali Baba” (/750 + D/L)
Hank IV    “Depravity’s Rainbow”
Koji    “Distance / Divide” (Tour Edition /300)
L.S.D. (LSD)    “Destroy”
Nothing People    “C’Mon Girl”
Pink Reason    “Ache For You”
Protomartyr    “Dreads 85 84”
Revenge / Hate Your Guts    “Watch The World Burn”
Subculture    “Just Play The Music. E.P.”
Subculture    “Loud & Clear E.P.” (Picture Disc)
T. Rex    “Childlike Men / Hey Let’s Do It” (Regeneration; Red Vinyl)

Anselmo, Philip H. / Warbeast    “War Of The Gargantuas”
Black Boned Angel    “The End: I, II, III” (CD In 7″ Size Packaging)
Black Sun Roof    “4 Black Suns & A Sinister Rainbow” (2CD)
Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds    “Push The Sky Away” (Ltd. Ed. + DVD, Book Packaging)
Frank-N-Dank    “48 Hours” (All Songs Produced By J Dilla; 2CD)
My Bloody Valentine    “EP’s 1988-1991” (2CD, Remastered)
Niblock, Phill    “Touch Food” (2CD)
Throbbing Gristle    “Greatest Hits” (Remastered Edition + Bonus CD)
Throbbing Gristle    “D.O.A. The Third And Final Report Of Throbbing Gristle” (Remastered Edition + Bonus CD)
Umberto    “Confrontations”
Various    “Spiky Dread Issue One: Punky Reggae & Post Punk Dub 1978-1984” (Compiled By Wrongtom & Ed Zed)

Cassette Tapes
Belarisk    “On Amorphous Dawn” (c36)
Decimus    “Glass Tetany”
Innercity    “Naked Earth” (+ D/L)
Stelzer, Howard    “The Lonely Astronaut” (c26)

Einsturzende Neubauten Live At Rockpalast 1990 DVD+CD
I’m Now: The Story Of Mudhoney DVD


The Bronx The Bronx (IV)

On the fourth album to spawn from their ten-year-plus existence, this Los Angeles hardcore punk band achieves a great balance between rocking out furiously and crafting hook-laden riffs. Vocalist Matt Caughthran’s melodic screaming once again drives the buzzing guitar and enlivening drums, with more of an emphasis on being insightful than viciously brazen. For example, roaring opener “The Unholy Hand” tackles the issue of conformity versus popularity; the latter of which carries the possibility of being “the Antichrist or the Holy Ghost.” Compared to the dark nature of their earlier material, the sound here gives off a much brighter vibe, even making a police interrogation into a soaring anthem (“Ribcage.”) The slower moments include having no regrets of living a “Life Less Ordinary” and inevitably passing life’s “Torches” to future generations. It’s always great when maturation doesn’t cost a band their rock-out ability.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Foxygen We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic

On their second album, this California-based experimental indie duo continues the 60s and 70s-influenced psychedelic trip of previous effort Take The Kids Off Broadway, but in a more focused way. For example, the easygoing folk/blues hybrid “No Destruction” sounds like a synthesis of Stealers Wheel, Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones. It’s not a case of “ripping off” anyone; rather, just like those influences, Foxygen does a great job of building on the past to construct a newly effective sound. A good example is the epic Stones/Lou Reed-influenced “On Blue Mountain,” which memorably uses a brooding organ, chiming piano and cymbal-crashing drum to flourish at the chorus. The infectiously driving, enchanted-sounding “San Francisco” is an easy standout as well, with wistfully nostalgic vocals about leaving love in the city, with a female voice responding that “it’s okay” because she was “bored anyway” and “born in L.A.”  The Kinks/Gorillaz/Blur-style “Shuggie” is compelling as well, cruising along broken-heartedly with a swelling chorus kicking in at just the right times.
[Reviewer: Mark]

San Cisco Awkward 

(Fat Possum)
This young indie-pop quartet formed in Fremantle, Western Australia in 2009, originally called “King George” before settling on the current name (unrelated to the city of San Francisco.) Their second EP kicks off with the extra-peppy titular track, with happy male-and-female “da-da-da’s” underscoring lyrics alternating between both genders’ perspectives of an uneasy, technology-driven relationship. Youthful love is the running theme, including unexplainable infatuation in the glimmering “Golden Revolver,” the role of lying in the summery “Girls Do Cry,” and the closing track’s somber, beautiful reflection on the pain caused by being “Reckless.” Their fresh, lively and poppy sound will likely bring them a wide audience.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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