T-USED-DAY Update for June 25th, 2013

T-USED-DAY Update for June 25th, 2013
at Redscroll Records

Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop.Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. As with any used records we can’t promise these will be in stock when you come in down the line so don’t hesitate to call on any of these before coming by. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s
8-Off    “Alize For Dolo”    12″        $2.00
A Tribe Called Quest    “Find A Way”    12″        $2.00
A Tribe Called Quest    “The Low End Theory”    LP        $15.00
AC/DC    “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”    LP        $4.00

AC/DC    “’74 Jailbreak”    LP        $5.00
All Natural    “Elements Of Style”    12″        $2.00
Allison, Mose    “The Word From Mose”    LP        $12.00
Anderson, Al    “Al Anderson”    LP        $10.00
Animal Collective    “Animal Crack Box” (3LP Box /1000)    LP        $95.00
Arcace Fire, The    “Funeral”    LP        $14.00
Arches    “17:48”    LP        $6.00
Balachander, S. / Sivaraman    “The Music Of India” (Nonesuch)    LP        $7.00
Beastie Boys    “Paul’s Boutique”     LP        $23.00
Beatles, The    “Live! At The Star-Club In Hamburg, Germany; 1962.”    LP        $7.00
Beatnuts, The    “Watch Out Now”    12″        $1.00
Big L    “We Got This”    12″        $3.00
Big L    “Ebonics / Size ‘Em Up”    12″        $6.00
Big Noyd / Mobb Deep    “Where Do We Go?”    12″        $1.00
Big Star    “3rd”    LP        $13.00
Black Sabbath    “Never Say Die”    LP        $8.00
Black Sheep    “Flavor Of The Month”    12″        $1.00
Bley, Paul / NH0P    “Paul Bley / NH0P”    LP        $12.00
Blues Magoos    “Never Goin’ Back To Georgia”    LP        $9.00
Blues Magoos    “Gulf Coast Bound”    LP        $7.00
Blues Magoos    “Electric Comic Book”    LP        $3.00
Bomb The Music Industry    “Get Warmer” (Clear / Blue Splatter)    LP        $12.00
Bomb The Music Industry    “To Leave Or Die In Long Island” (1st Press Black/Blue #71/270)    LP        $16.00
Bomb The Music Industry    “Album Minus Band”    LP        $8.00
Booker, James    “New Orleans Piano Wizard: Live!”    LP        $12.00
Bradford, Scott    “Rock Slides”    LP        $16.00
Brigadoon    “Brigadoon: Original Television Sound Track”    LP        $1.00
Broadways, The    “Broken Star”    LP        $10.00
Brown, Ray / Milt Jackson    “Much In Common”    LP        $7.00
Brownsville Station    “School Punks”    LP        $4.00
Brownsville Station    “Yeah!”    LP        $5.00
Bumpy Knuckles    “A Part Of My Life”    12″        $1.50
Busta Rhymes    “When Disaster Strikes…”    LP        $7.00
Byrds, The    “Sweet Heart Of The Rodeo”    LP        $12.00
California Poppy Pickers, The    “Hair-Aquarius”    LP        $7.00
Candle    “Candle”    LP        $10.00
Charly    “Charly: Original Soundtrack Recording” (Ravi Shankar)    LP        $5.00
Cohen, Linda    “Leda”    LP        $12.00
Coltrane, John / Ray Draper Quintet, The    “The John Coltrane Ray Draper Quintet”    LP        $14.00
Common    “One Nine Nine Nine”    12″        $3.00
Concrete Blonde    “Concrete Blonde”    LP        $5.00
D.I.T.C.    “Dignified Soldiers”    12″        $3.00
Dark Shadows    “Dark Shadows: The Original Music”    LP        $2.00
Davis, Miles    “Cookin’ At The Plugged Nickel”    LP        $7.00
Dead Boys    “Young Loud And Snotty” (Red)    LP        $12.00
Delinquent Habits    “Lower Eastside”    12″        $2.00
Dinosaur Jr.     “Bug”    LP        $10.00
DJ Clue?    “The Professional”    LP        $2.00
DMX    “It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot”    LP        $15.00
Double X    “Money Talks / Make Some Noise”    12″        $5.00
Dylan, Bob    “John Wesley Harding” (1986 Reissue)    LP        $6.00
Ellis, Don    “Shock Treatment”    LP        $5.00
Eminem / Pharoahe Monch    “Any Man / WWIII”    12″        $2.00
EPMD    “Out Of Business” (Double Limited Edition; 4LP)    LP        $14.00
Ergs, The    “Jersey’s Best Prancers” (Orange)    LP        $8.00
Eric B. & Rakim    “I Ain’t No Joke”    12″        $2.00
Erickson, Roky And The Aliens    “Don’t Knock The Rok!”    LP        $15.00
Errors    “It’s Not Something But It Is Like Whatever”    LP        $12.00
Evans, Bill    “Re: Person I Knew”    LP        $7.00
Father Yod & The Spirit Of ’76    “Expansion”    LP        $10.00
Father Yod & The Spirit Of ’76    “Kohoutek” (Repress: Higher Key 100)    LP        $20.00
Five Dollar Shoes    “Five Dollar Shoes”    LP        $8.00
Flanders, Tommy    “The Moonstone”    LP        $8.00
Fresh    “Fresh Out Of Borstal”    LP        $5.00
Funkmaster Flex    “60 Minutes Of Funk: The Mix Tape Volume III The Final Chapter”    LP        $4.00
Funkmaster Flex & Wu-Tang Clan    “In The Tunnel At The Bar”    12″        $1.00
Gang Starr    “The Militia”    12″        $4.00
Get Up Kids, The    “Something To Write Home About” (Purple)    LP        $25.00
Ghostface Killah    “Apollo Kids” (Feat. Raekwon”    12″        $3.00
Gillespie, Dizzy    “Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac”    LP        $8.00
God Help The Girl    “God Help The Girl”    LP        $10.00
Gooding, Cynthia And Theodore Bikel    “Young Man And A Maid: Love Songs Of Many Lands”    LP        $5.00
GZA    “Breaker, Breaker”    12″        $1.50
Hamilton Face Band, The    “The Hamilton Face Band”    LP        $8.00
Hardin, Tim    “1”    LP        $8.00
Harper And Rowe    “Harper And Rowe”    LP        $7.00
Hatfield And The North    “The Rotters’ Club”    LP        $35.00
Hell, Richard And The Voidoids    “Blank Generation” (Red)    LP        $9.00
High Treason    “High Treason”    LP        $12.00
Hollies, The    “The Hollies’ Greatest Hits”    LP        $3.00
Holmes, Richard “Groove”    “The best Of Richard ‘Groove’ Holmes / For Beautiful People”    LP        $10.00
Holy Rollers    “As Is”    LP        $3.00
Hooker, John Lee    “Plays & Sings The Blues” (CHESS LP 1454)    LP        $10.00
Houston    “Houston”    LP        $8.00
Illinoise Jacquet    “The Message” (With Kenny Burrell)    LP        $7.00
Imperials, The    “We Are The Imperials (Featuring Little Anthony)” (Sealed)    LP        $10.00
In Too Deep    “In Too Deep: Music From The Dimension Motion Picture”    LP        $3.00
Indian Summer    “Hidden Arithmetic”    LP        $10.00
Inspectah Deck    “Uncontrolled Substance”    LP        $10.00
Inspectah Deck    “R.E.C. Room”    12″        $2.00
Iron Butterfly    “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”    LP        $2.00
Iron Butterfly    “Metamorphosis”    LP        $3.00
Jay-Z    “Reasonable Doubt” (1998 Pressing)    LP        $17.00
Jedi Mind Tricks    “The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, And Electro-Magnetic Manipulation Of Human Consciousness” (Red)    LP        $28.00
Jeremiah, Aliotta Haynes    “Lake Shore Drive”    LP        $6.00
Johnson, Robert    “King Of The Delta Blues Vol. 2”    LP        $9.00
Juarez    “Juarez”    LP        $13.00
Kavinsky    “Outrun”    LP        $22.00
Kenyatta, Kamau    “Strong Men”    LP        $10.00
Khan, Ashish / Alla Rakha    “California Concert”    LP        $8.00
Khromozomes    “Khommon Grooves Vol. IV”    LP        $18.00
Kill Your Idols    “From Companionship To Competition” (Red)    LP        $12.00
Kraftwerk    “Autobahn”    LP        $13.00
KRS-One    “5 Boroughs”    12″        $1.00
Kweskin, Jim    “Jump For Joy” (Mono)    LP        $14.00
Leadbelly    “I’m Never Gone”    LP        $15.00
Led Zeppelin    “Coda”    LP        $10.00
Lewis, Jeffrey & The Junkyard    “‘Em Are I”    LP        $7.00
Light Company    Carry On”    LP        $8.00
LL Cool J    “Phenomenon”    LP        $4.00
Lords Of The Underground    “What I’m After”    12″        $3.00
Love Generation, The    “Montage”    LP        $9.00
Lyres    “Live At Cantones”    LP        $8.00
Mad Skillz    “Lick The Balls”    12″        $1.00
Mahavishnu John McLaughlin    “My Goal’s Beyond”    LP        $6.00
Man    “Man”    LP        $7.00
Mann, Herbie    “Impressions Of The Middle East”    LP        $10.00
Marley, Bob & The WaIlers    “Rastaman Vibration”    LP        $10.00
McCann, Les    “Invitation To Openness”    LP        $8.00
McCann, Les    “Spanish Onions”    LP        $10.00
McGuires, The    “Start Breathing”    LP        $3.00
McVea, Jack & His Orchestra    “Come Blow Your Horn”    LP        $9.00
Melton, Barry    “We Are Like The Ocean”    LP        $5.00
Melton, Barry “The Fish”    “Level With Me”    LP        $10.00
Menuhin, Yehudi / Ravi Shankar    “West Meets East Album 2”    LP        $5.00
Menuhin, Yehudi / Ravi Shankar    “West Meets East”    LP        $8.00
Menuhin, Yehudi / Ravi Shankar / Jean-Pierre Rampal    “Improvisations – West Meets East – Album 3”    LP        $12.00
Merrick, Jerry    “Follow”    LP        $12.00
Method Man    “Judgement Day”    12″        $1.00
Method Man    “Bring The Pain”    12″        $1.00
Method Man    “Tical 2009: Judgement Day”    LP        $5.00
Millius, Mike    “Desperado”     LP        $15.00
Mobb Deep    “Quiet Storm”    12″        $4.00
Mobb Deep    “Survival Of The Fittest”    12″        $5.00
Mom’s Apple Pie    “Mom’s Apple Pie” (Banned Cover)    LP        $10.00
Monk, Thelonous    “Criss-Cross”    LP        $15.00
Mynd Muzic    “Imagine This”    LP        $12.00
Nas    “Hate Me Now”    12″        $2.00
Nas    “Nas Is Like”    12″        $3.00
Nelson, Willie    “Red Headed Stranger” (Sealed)    LP        $6.00
Neutral Milk Hotel    “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea”    LP        $14.00
New Don Ellis Band, The    “The New Don Ellis Band Goes Underground (Featuring: Patti Allen)”    LP        $7.00
Newcomers, The    “Fantasy And Reality”    LP        $14.00
Nilsson, Harry    “Aeriel Ballet”    LP        $8.00
No I.D.    “Sky’s The Limit / Jump On It”    12″        $2.00
Nostradamus    “Nostradamus” (Greek Psych)    LP        $35.00
Onyx    “Slam”    12″        $1.00
Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid    “Pat Garret & Billy The Kid: Soundtrack” (Bob Dylan)    LP        $5.00
Pharoahe Monch    “Simon Says”    12″        $5.00
Pink Floyd    “Dark Side Of The Moon”    LP        $13.00
Raekwon    “Ice Cream / Incarcerated Scarfaces”    12″        $5.00
Raekwon    “Immobilarity”    LP        $4.00
Raga    “Raga: Original Soun Track Album” (Ravi Shankar)    LP        $3.00
Rain Parade, The    “Emergency Third Rail Power Trip”    LP        $22.00
Raspberries    “Raspberries’ Best”    LP        $4.00
Redman    “I’ll Bee Dat”    12″        $2.00
Redman    “Da Goodness”    12″        $1.00
Richards, Emil    “New Time Element”    LP        $10.00
Rising Sons, The    “The Rising Sons”    LP        $14.00
Rock, Pete    “Trumaster”    12″        $3.00
Rock, Pete    “Take Your Time”    12″        $3.00
Rollins, Sonny    “The Bridge”    LP        $10.00
Roots, The    “Adrenaline / Don’t See Us”    12″        $1.00
Roy, Badal    “Passing Dreams”    LP        $12.00
Run DMC    “Faces / Back From Hell (Remix)”    12″        $1.00
RZA    “The RZA Hits”    LP        $24.00
RZA    “RZA As Bobby Digital: In Stereo”    LP        $18.00
RZA    “B.O.B.B.Y. / Holocaust”    12″        $1.50
Saukrates    “The Underground Tapes Volume Two” (Ltd. Ed. Vinyl)    LP        $7.00
Shankar, Ravi    “Chappaqua”    LP        $5.00
Shankar, Ravi / Ali Akbar Khan    “Raga Mishra Piloo: Duet For Sitar & Sarod”    LP        $10.00
Shearwater    “Palo Santo”    LP        $10.00
Shearwater    “Rook” (180 Gram)    LP        $14.00
Shepp, Archie    “Live In San Francisco”    LP        $15.00
Slick, Grace & The Great Society    “Vol. II”    LP        $7.00
Smokey And His Sister    “Smokey And His Sister”    LP        $40.00
Social Circkle    “City Shock”    LP        $8.00
Solti, Georg    “Beethoven 9th” (Original Master Recording; Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab)    LP        $25.00
Spring Break    “Spring Break: Original Soundtrack”    LP        $2.00
Stoecklein, Val    “Grey Life”    LP        $8.00
Striker    “Striker”    LP        $2.00
Sunnyland Slim    “Sunnyland Slim: Classic Early 1950s Chicago Blues”    LP        $25.00
Sunset Rubdown    “Random Spirit Lover”    LP        $6.00
Ten Wheel Drive    “Peculiar Friends” (W/ Genya Ravan)    LP        $5.00
Tribe 8    “Snarkism”    LP        $6.00
Various    “Mirage Avant-Garde And Third-Stream Jazz”    LP        $7.00
Various    “California Concert: Hollywood Palladium”    LP        $10.00
Various    “Frosted Brakes Disc #2″    12”        $1.00
Various    “Lyricist Lounge All-Stars: C.I.A. / Talkin’ To You”    12″        $2.00
Various    “Decide On Change” (Diallo, Totalitar, Scholastic Deth…)    LP        $4.00
Various    “Shaolin Sounds Vol. 1” (Breaks)    LP        $5.00
Various    “The Red Bird Story Vol. 2”    LP        $10.00
Various    “The Red Bird Story”    LP        $15.00
Various    “The Young Sound ’68”    LP        $5.00
Wailers, The    “Burnin'”    LP        $8.00
Waters, Muddy    “Hard Again”    LP        $7.00
Webster, Ben    “Soulville”    LP        $6.00
Wilco    “Sky Blue Sky” (2LP; No CD)    LP        $15.00
Winning     “Winning: Original Soundtrack Album” (Dave Grusin)    LP        $5.00
Witch Hunt    “Blood Red States”    LP        $7.00
Wu-Tang Killa Bees    “The Swarm Vol. 1”    LP        $10.00
Wyclef Jean    “Cheated (To All The Girls)”    12″        $1.00
Young, Neil    “American Stars ‘N Bars”    LP        $6.00
Zodiac, The    “Cosmic Sounds”    LP        $8.00
Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band”     “At Klook’s Kleek”    LP        $6.00

God Help The Girl    “Stills”    10″        $24.00
Rage Against The Machine    “People Of The Sun EP”    10″        $7.00

Ahiro    “One People One Mind Fight Fight Fight”    7″        $3.00
Archers Of Loaf    “Vocal Shrapnel”    7″        $3.00
Artimus Pyle    “Artimus Pyle”    7″        $4.00
Artimus Pyle    “Cold Cold Earth”    7″        $2.00
Bad Bob And The New World Crusade    “Psalms Of The Revolution”    7″        $2.00
Bamboo Kids    “Cokehound Loves Me”    7″        $3.00
Bamboo Kids    “Suck The Life Out Of Me”    7″        $3.00
Better Never    “Ever”    7″        $2.00
Blitzen Trapper    “War Is Placebo / Booksmart Baby” (Pink/White)    7″        $3.50
Cancer Kids, The / Melee    “The Cancer Kids / Melee”    7″        $3.00
Cannon Ball / This Means War    “Cannon Ball / This Means War”    7″        $1.00
Catch 22    “Washed Up!” (Red)    7″        $6.00
Cole, Lloyd And The Commotions    “Rattlesnakes”    7″        $2.00
Coma Regalia / Vowel    “Coma Regalia / Vowel” (Pink)    7″        $4.00
Costello, Elvis    “New Amsterdam”    7″        $1.00
Cynics, The    “Turn Me Loose”    7″        $3.00
Deathcycle    “Deathcycle”    7″        $3.00
DemonSystem 13 (DS13)    “For The Kids, Not The Business”    7″        $3.00
Dropdead / Look Back And Laugh    “Dropdead / Look Back And Laugh”    7″        $3.00
Early Birds    “Demo: 3-7-08″    7”        $3.00
Fosters, The    “Hahn’s Lanes”    7″        $2.00
Get Rad    “Bastards United”    7″        $3.00
Get Rad / Protestant    “Get Rad / Protestant”    7″        $2.00
Gnarly Love    “Mountain Ghetto”    7″        $3.00
God Help The Girl    “Funny Little Frog”    7″        $4.00
God Help The Girl    “Come Monday Night”    7″        $8.00
Hostage Calm    “Demo” (Blue)    7″        $4.00
Hunger Farm”    “Hunger Farm”    7″        $5.00
Insect Surfers    “Into The Action / Pod Life”    7″        $4.00
Johnny Go!    “Jesus ’79 / Wheelie”    7″        $2.00
Mealticket    “Lisa Marie”    7″        $3.00
Meltdown    “Meltdown”    7″        $2.00
Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The    “Where’d You Go?”    7″        $4.00
One Up    “The More Things Change”    7″        $3.00
One Up    “The Demo”    7″        $3.00
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart    “Come Saturday” (Green)    7″        $4.00
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart    “Young Adult Friction” (Red)    7″        $4.00
Psyched To Die    “Sterile Walls” (Red)    7″        $3.00
Skankin Pickle    “Hi, My Name Is Erik Yee. My Favorite Band is Green Day”    7″        $3.00
Slant 6    “What Kind Of Monster Are You?”    7″        $3.00
Splitting Headache    “Splitting Headache”    7″        $3.00
Swamptones    “The Legendary”     7″        $2.00
Toys That Kill    “Flys”    7″        $3.00
Two Man Advantage / Supreme Commander    “Two Man Advantage / Supreme Commander”    7″        $2.00
Uzi Suicide    “We Steal Everything” (Pink)    7″        $4.00
Uzi Suicide    “Comin At Cha.”    7″        $4.00
Various    “Devil In The Woods EP43″ (Creeper Lagoon, Idlewild…)    7”        $4.00
Yellowman / Roots Radics Band    “I’m Getting Married In The Morning / Divorce”    7″        $4.00

Cassette Tapes
Ekoplekz    “Mildew Riddims”        Cassette        $15.00
Head-Boggle    “Serge In Dualmono”        Cassette        $3.00
Head-Boggle    “Serge In Dualmono Part Two”        Cassette        $8.00
Iceage    “Live 2010: Coalition”        Cassette        $30.00
Smashing Pumpkins    “Tonight, Tonight” (Cassingle)        Cassette        $1.00
Thomson, Andrew    “Honesty Is A Confidence Problem” (Red)    SV04    Cassette        $5.98