26th Of July 2013 Update

26th Of July 2013 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Agrimonia    “Rites Of Separation” (2LP Gatefold)
Ajtim    “Faynot EP”
Alien Rain    “Alien Rain III”
AnD    “002-0202-0222”
Anderson, Marisa    “Mercury”
Andrew Jackson Jihad / Ghost Mice    “Andrew Jackson Jihad / Ghost Mice”
Anno Stamm    “My Peoples Headn EP”
Ash Borer    “Bloodlands”
Belfour, Robert    “Pushin My Luck” (Ltd. Ed. 180 Gram + D/L)
Benjamin Damage    “010X”
Big Boys    “Fun, Fun, Fun…”
Birthday Party, The     “Live 81-82” (2LP)
Body 11    “Youth”
Buck, Peter    “Peter Buck”
Cabral, Marcos    “False Memories” (2LP)
Cairo Gang, The    “Tiny Rebels”
Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds    “The Boatman’s Call” (Fan Club Edition)
Chixdiggit!    “Born On The First Of July” (1998 Reissue + D/L W/ Bonus Tracks)
Cramps, The    “A-Sides 1978-2003” (2LP Fan Club Edition)
Crime In Stereo    “Is Dead” (+ D/L)
Cult, The    “Electric Peace” (2LP Reissue With “Peace”)
Daft Punk    “Get Lucky (Limited Edition)” (2×12″ Remixes)
Dead In The Dirt    “The Blind Hole”
Deamonds, Alex    “East London Club Trax (Play Loud)”
Decimus    “Decimus 10”
Defeater    “Letters Home” (+ D/L)
Detroit Swindle    “Break Up To Make Up EP”
Die Gesunden    “Die Gesunden”
Divine Fits    “Chained To Love / Ain’t That The Way”
Ego Summit    “The Room Isn’t Big Enough”
Egyptian Sports Network (ESN)    “Interstitial Luxor”
Esplendor Geometrico    “EG-1”
Fennesz, Christian    “17.02.12” (2LP)
Final Conflict    “Nineteen Eighty-Five”
Flight Facilities    “I Didn’t Believe” (+ D/L)
Follakzoid    “II RMX”
Food Pyramid    “Ecstasy & Refreshment” (+ D/L)
Framtid    “Consuming Shit And Mind Pollution: The Early Demos 1997-2001” (Gatefold)
Gantz    “U Won’t Mind”
Hard Girls     “Isn’t It Worse”
Hardfloor    “Into The Nature (Plastikman Remix)”
Henning Baer / Milton Bradley    “Henning Baer & Milton Bradley”
Hinodes & Patrice Scott    “The Hustlers”
Hiss: 1292    “Aetherius Society EP”
Holy Ghost!    “Dumb Disco Ideas”
Human Expression    “Love At A Psychedelic Velocity”
Innerspace Halflife    “Village Hidden In The Sound”
Innerspace Halflife    “Village Hidden In The Sound” (White Vinyl)
Innerspace Halflife    “1000 Light”
Ital    “Workshop 18”
Jeweil, Julian    “She’s Hot”
Kennedy, Indigo    “Emitter”
King, Cast    “Cast King Of Old Sand Mountain, Alabama: Saw Mill Man”
Kowon    “Walk The Walk”
Kowton    “Shuffle Good”
La Machine    “Phases & Repetition”
Legowelt & Willie Burns    “Angels Against Dust”
Leon, Craig    “Nommos” (+ D/L)
Leonidas & Hobbes    “Machines, Tapes & Electronic Setups EP”
Lockermatik    “Lock”
Lords Of Midnite    “Drown In Ur Love”
Love Language, The    “Ruby Red” (+ D/L)
Missing Foundation    “1933 Your House Is Mine”
Missing Foundation    “Missing Foundation”
Mitchell, Parris    “Juke Joint Remixes Vol. One”
Mitiades    “EPK.X”
Mountain Goats, The    “All Hail West Texas” (+ D/L)
Mush    “The Descent EP” (Red Vinyl)
Native Cats, The    “Dallas” (+ D/L)
Paula    “Relaxed Fit”
Pelican    “What We All Come To Need”
Phase    “On The Edge”
Pick A Popper    “Remixes” (Phonica White Limited Series)
Pink Floyd    “Wish You Were Here” (Fan Club Edition)
Poison Idea    “Darby Crash Rides Again: The Early Years” (Kings Of Punk Volume 1; 2LP)
Potboiler    “Rolling Boil”
Power Trip    “Manifest Decimation”
Pulp    “Party Clowns: Live In London 1991”
Recondite    “Waldluft (EP)”
Redshape    “Red Pack II” (2×12″)
Ruby Pins    “Ruby Pins”
Sandwell District    “Feed Forward Test Session”
Slow Warm Death    “Slow Warm Death”
Sohn    “Bloodflows EP”
Sophie    “Bipp / Elle”
Tang, Steven    “Disconnect To Connect” (2LP)
Third Man, The    “Pipes At Helios Canyon”
Vakula    “Bandura 002”
Various     “Saoco! Vol 2: Bomba, Plena And The Roots Of Salsa In Puerto Rico 1955-1967” (2LP)
Various     “Villains E.P.”
Various     “Mu EP”
Von Abbe, Albert    “No Comment 008” (Clear)
Wartorn    “Wartorn”
Wassermann    “Dumpee Tone”
Watson, Neville    “Songs To Elevate Pure Hearts Remixes”
Whirr    “Around” (+ D/L)
Wobbly Organ    “Musique Concrete”
Young, Neil & Crazy Horse    “Land Of The Free, Home Of The Brave: Collector’s Heartland Revinylized” (2LP Fan Club Edition)

Buck, Peter    “El Rei De Los Monos Presente!”
Crybaby    “Coming Undone”
Get To The Chopper / Orphan Donor    “Get To The Chopper / Orphan Donor”
Hurley, Michael    “Wildgeeses / South In Virginia”
Kitchen’s Floor    “Regrets”
Kitchen’s Floor    “Deadshits”
Literature    “Cincinnati”
Mendition Of The Quay    “Not Me / We Live In A Haunted House”
Morricone, Ennio    “In Lounge”
Radon    “Radon”
Rations    “Martyrs And Prisoners”
Restorations    “A/B”
Scraper    “Scraper”
Secret Cutter    “Secret Cutter”
Sex Prisoner    “State Property EP”
Snowing    “Pump fake / Scherbatsky”
Superchunk      “Me & You & Jackie Mittoo”
Various    “Yeti #13″ (Book + 7”)
Zeitgeist    “A / New Age”

A Murder Of Angels    “Before Your Eyes”
All Pigs Must Die    “Nothing Violates This Nature”
Angels & Airwaves    “We Don’t Need To Whisper”
Centuries    “Taedium Vitae”
Cult, The    “Electric Peace” (Reissue + Bonus Disc “Peace”)
Dead In The Dirt    “The Blind Hole”
Dilloway, Aaron    “Modern Jester”
Mammoth Grinder    “Underworlds”
McCartney, Paul    “Memory Almost Full”
MK9 / Michael Nine    “Discography And Video 2001 – 2006” (CD+DVD)
MK9 / Michael Nine    “Nothingness Exist”
Various    “Italians Do It Better: After Dark 2”

Carducci, Joe “Life Against Dementia” Book
Livermore, Larry “Spy Rock Memories” Book
Maximum Rock N Roll #363 August 2013 Magazine
Special Interests #8 ‘zine


Fuck Buttons Slow Focus
(ATP Recordings)
I’ve been fascinated with this Bristol, England electronic duo since 2008, when I heard their debut Street Horrrsing and became intrigued by the swashing, fascinatingly textured drone often backed by tireless stretches of tribal beats. The follow-up Tarot Sport continued the hypnotically sky-wide noise the next year, with two songs being featured at last year’s Olympic opening ceremony. The brand-new Fuck Buttons album Slow Focus continues to deliver on their sound: “Brainfreeze” kicks off with a head bobbing rhythm that get layered with – and briefly gives way to – plenty of varied, uplifting celestial synth and an absolutely awesome-sounding electric guitar melody. “Year of the Dog” takes a much darker approach, sounding like a cross between an ominous scene from Koyannisqatsi and a discordant web of phantoms shrieking. I can easily understand the wide appeal of first single “The Red Wing,” with what sounds like a rock guitar, an intricate, memorable rhythm and very hip-hop-inspired beats. Similar beats are used in another of my favorite tracks “Hidden XS,” which closes the album with ten minutes of soaring synth and a gorgeous, crystalline melody.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Night Beds Country Sleep
(Dead Oceans)
On his first full-length album, 23-year-old Winston Yellen intimately showcases his already-weathered life experience through this Nashville-based folk/alt-country project. His music is surprisingly warm and luminous for a life experience that’s involved dropping out of college, travelling around being in and out of jobs and relationships, and taking out loans to help pay for this. It’s easy to feel the emotion in the a cappella opener “Faithful Heights,” where Yellen uses his versatile voice to offer support and empathy for someone who feels lost in life. As he sings about loneliness, dreams and dwelling on the past, the acoustic instrumentation sounds sweetly passionate, such as the strings-and-piano-based “Even If We Try” and the mid-tempo “Borrowed Time,” laden with a steel guitar that easily gives it the strongest “country” flavor.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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