16th Of August 2013 Update

16th Of August 2013 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records
Record Corner 8-16-13
LPs & 12″s
Addison Groove & Sam Binga    “B53 EP”
Alpha & Omega    “No Rest No Peace”
Atkins, Juan & Moritz Von Oswald    “Borderland III/III”
Becker, Rashad    “Traditional Music Of Notional Species Vol. 1”
Boody & Le1f    “Liquid”
Carcass    “Heartwork”
Ceremony    “Still Nothing Moves You”
Chop    “Illuminate” (2LP + D/L)
Clash, The    “Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg” (2LP Unofficial)
Creem    “Creem” (Discography)
Dark Day    “Hands In The Dark”
De Mey, Yves    “Metrics”
Drumm, Kevin    “Sheer Hellish Miasma” (2LP Gatefold)
Eleven Pond    “Assemblage”
Fog, The    “The Fog: Score By John Carpenter, Blakes Gold Edition”
Four Tet    “Kool FM Bliss” (White Label 12″)
Fuck Buttons    “Slow Focus” (2LP, 180 Gram + D/L)
Harms Way    “Reality Approaches” (+ D/L, Color Vinyl)
Harvey, PJ    “Festival Des Inrockuptibles, La Cigale, Paris – 15 November 1992” (Unofficial)
Hatred Surge    “Human Overdose”
Hewitt, Phil Quintet (The Phil Hewitt Quintet)    “Jawbones: Deep Jazz From A Teenage Prodigy” (Archival Reissue)
J:Kenzo    “Eyes Wide Open” (Ft. Rhianna Kenny)
Kelompok Kampungan    “Mencari Tuhan” (Ltd. Ed. Fully Licensed)
Kilawatt & Ipman    “Darkplace / Sur Place”
Long Lost    “Save Yourself. Start Again” (+ D/L)
Mammoth Grinder    “Underworlds”
Masonna    “Spectrum Ripper” (+ CD)
Meridian Brothers    “Devocion (Works 2005-2011)”
Merzbow    “Grand Owl Habitat”
Nagamatzu    “Shatter Days”
New Bomb Turks, The    “Tape Worm Blues – The 1992 Demos” (10″)
Panic    “Strength In Solitude: Complete Discography” (Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl + D/L)
Pickwick    “Can’t Talk Medicine”
Polyphonic Spree, The    “Yes, It’s True” (180 Gram, Color Vinyl + D/L)
Pye Corner Audio    “Conical Space”
Sagat    “Satellite”
Sinfield, David / League Of Nations    “Oblique Strategy / Music For The New Depression” (LP+7″)
Smashing Pumpkins    “One Nine Seven Nine” (Live At JJJ Studios Request Lounge, Sydney Australia 13.13.1996)(Fan Club Press)
Ulver    “The Norwegian National Opera” (2LP)
Various    “Voltaique Panoramique Volume 1: Popular Music In Ouagadougou & Bobo-Dioulasso 1968-1978” (2LP)
Washed Out    “Paracosm” (Color Vinyl + D/L)

A Day To Remember    “Attack Of The Killer B-Sides”
Limbs Bin    “Primitive Response” (Mass. Noise)

Garbageman    “Mad Future Demo” (Members Of Creem & Stop And Think) Cassette Tape
Limbs Bin    “Summertime Blues” Cassette Tape
Jinx Removing ‘Zine (Max G. Morton, Matthew Gallagher)

The Bug Filthy
(Ninja Tune)
The Bug Filthy
The Bug (electronic music producer Kevin Martin) comes forward with some more tunes in the direction of “London Zoo” with 4 bass heavy ragga (dancehall reggae) influenced tracks. The first track features the love him or hate him Mr. Danny Brown (nasal crass Detroit rapper) and where your initial feelings lie on him won’t change with this track; fortunately, for me I’m in love with that high pitched freak.  Flow Dan (of the grime crew Roll Deep) is featured on the next 2 tracks. Continuing in the tradition of “Skeng” (previous track The Bug and Flow Dan collaborated on) these 2 tracks dominate and overshadow the Danny Brown track (it’s still great, mind you). Then track 4… oh man, track 4 absolutely leaves me pining for more and more. Daddy Freddy is the featured vocalist (a ragga originator/kingpin) and absolutely wrecks it. The fact that this is released as a 2×10″ is the perfect nod to the ragga singles, but goddamn if it doesn’t leave me itching for more. Time to revisit “London Zoo.”
[Reviewer: Rick]

Black Dice Beaches & Canyons [Reissue]
Black Dice beaches canyons 300x300
This Brooklyn-based experimental electronic band has become well known for their unpredictable sound, which, during their early days in the late 1990s, consisted of violent, screeching hardcore punk/noise. Originally released in 2002 and recently reissued and re-mastered on DFA, their debut full-length Beaches & Canyons served as a major turning point: its sound combines elements of noise rock, ambient and psychedelia. “Seabird,” for example, combines bird song-like squeaks with shimmering synth and ends on a strange, guttural melody. “Things Will Never Be The Same” is easily another favorite, for its incredibly sensual wave effects making it feel like a meditative cetacean-themed hypnosis. The next tracks continue in their own interesting patterns, with “The Dream Is Going Down” relying primarily on an intoxicating wall of fuzzed-out guitar noise and dizzying chants, and “Endless Happiness” using beautiful horns that become increasingly frenzied until it’s replaced with nothing but a recording of real waves. Longest track “Big Drop” concludes the album on the noisiest note, with endlessly vibrating guitar psychedelia, energetic drums and vocals consisting of simply strange tribal-like sounds and yelling. For its blend of both relaxing and harsh elements, it’s easily one of the most unique albums I’ve heard.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Pinback Information Retrieved
Pinback Information Retrieved 300x300
(Temporary Residence Ltd.)
On their fifth album, this San Diego-based indie rock band sounds like a soulful combination of euphoric and dark, always keeping a dual-vocal balance between core members Rob Crow and Zach Smith. Smith’s intricate bass guitar work remains the most unforgettable aspect, immediately adjusting the mood whenever needed and backed by piano, drums, and just a few other instruments. Their complex lyrics cover all sorts of ground instead of being straightforward and predictable. One of my favorites is “Drawstring” for its combination of strings and piano to convey a moody end-of-the-world-type atmosphere, with lyrics referencing uncertainty, demons and the sun going out. I particularly like the minimal piano-and-drum “Diminished” for its stark, subdued nature to complement the ruminations experienced during bad days, ending with advice to not “feel so worthless in the meanwhile.”
[Reviewer: Mark]

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