30th Of August 2013 Update (LABOR DAY HOURS)

LABOR DAY HOURS (Monday, September 2nd, 2013): 12PM-4PM

30th Of August 2013 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

Sean Digging
LPs & 12″s
Attanasio, Raffaele    “Blac Bloc Remixes EP”
Beck    “Defriended”
Belle And Sebastian    “The Third Eye Centre” (2LP + D/L)
Blu    “No York”  (The Official Release Of His Black Album Mixtape Four LP Vinyl Edition)
BNJMN    “Hummingbird”
Boston Strangler    “Primitive”
Cactus Channel, The    “Wooden Boy” (+ D/L)
Califone    “Stitches” (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl)
Case, Neko    “The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You” (+ CD; 2LP Gatefold)
Case, Neko    “The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You” (+ CD)
Church Of Misery    “Thy Kingdom Scum” (Gatefold)
Clockcleaner    “Auf-Wiedersenen”
Coleman, Ornette    “Free Jazz: A Collective Improvisation By The Ornette Coleman Double Quartet” (Gatefold)
Crocodiles    “Crimes Of Passion” (+ D/L)
Cro-Mags    “Alpha Omega” (Black Vinyl)
Curmudgeon    “Amygdala”
Cut Hands    “Madwoman”
Damu The Fudgemunk    “Spur Momento Trailer: For Extended Play” (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl Version) 10″
Dead Air    “Dead Air”
Dee, Manni    “Between Desire & Deeds”
Diana    “Perpetual Surrender” (+ D/L)
Donoso, Ricardo    “Progress Chance”
Esmerine    “Dalmak” (180 Gram + Art Print + D/L)
Facit    “Mat At Duvorna”
Faust    “Faust IV” (180 Gram)
Fka 19.454.    “Spades Dance”
Franz Ferdinand    “Right Thoughts Right Words Right Action” (+ D/L)
Freedom Family    “Ayentsoo”
Gaslamp Killer / The Heliocentrics    “Helio GLK”
Greene, Jacques    “On Your Side (Ft. How To Dress Well)”
Grooms    “Infinity Caller” (+ D/L)
Happa    “Two And Two Make Five” (Numbered Ltd. Ed.)
Henry & Hazel Slaughter    “Endless Power Cycle” (Wolf Eyes’ John Olson’s Basement Noise Techno)
His Electro Blue Voice    “Ruthless Sperm” (+ D/L)
Hollow Leg    “Abysmal”
Holograms    “Forever” (+ D/L)
Humanbeast    “Venus Ejaculates Into The Banquet”
J Dilla    “Diamonds & Ice” (Clear Vinyl 12″)
Juju & Jordash / Morphosis    “African Flower (Cosmic Dub) / Impulse”
King Krule    “6 Feet Beneath The Moon” (2LP + D/L)
Ksoul & Muteoscillator    “Soul Hell”
Lectric, D.Z. / Anthon Shield    “Lickin'”
Long Knife    “Wilderness”
MF Doom    “My Favorite Ladies / All Outta Ale” (Orange Vinyl)
Moodymann    “Dem Young Sconies / The Third Track”
Motorhead    “No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith” (180 Gram)
Native    “Orthodox”
Night Birds    “Born To Die In Suburbia”
Obey City    “Champagne Sounds”
Okkervil River    “The Silver Gymnasium” (Pre-Release “Bootleg” Edition /800)
Onslaught    “Power From Hell”
Ovo    “Crocevia”
Pegasus Heat    “XXX Elote Y Paleta Porn EP”
Pond    “Hobo Rocket”
Population One    “The Rewriting Of An Expression Into A Simpler Form”
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement    “Water Rose Above The Head”
Rashad & Confidence     “The Element Of Surprise: Instrumentals”
Raw Nerves     “Futile Efforts”
Regis    “Necklace Of Bites” (2LP)
Seirom    “1973” (2LP Gatefold Ltd. Ed. /300; M.C. De Jong Of Gnaw Their Tongues & Aderlating)
Skid Row    “Skid Row” (Audiophile Repress)
Skudge / MRSK    “Skum One”
Stepkids, The    “Troubadour” (+ D/L)
Sun Ra And His Solar Arkestra    “Art Forms Of Dimensions Tomorrow” (180 Gram)
Sun Ra And His Solar-Myth Arkestra    “The Solar-Myth Approach (Vol 1)” (180 Gram; Actuel 40)
Thrillhouse    “Thrillhouse” (/300)
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats    “Blood Lust” (Picture Disc)
Various    “Eccentric Soul: The Forte Label”
Volcano Choir    “Repave” (Ltd. Ed. Clear Vinyl + D/L)
Von Oswald Trio, Moritz    “Blue”
Watain    “The Wild Hunt” (2LP Gatefold)
Weezer    “Pinkerton” (Original Master Recording; Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab)
White Stripes, The    “Elephant” (2LP Gatefold 2013 Reissue)
Whore Paint    “Swallow My Bones”
Yo La Tengo    “Ohm” (3LP)
Yves De Mey    “Transfer EP”

Birthmark    “Suit Of Armor”
Daughter    “Youth”
Fleshtemple    Inititiation
Meat Market    “Too Tired” (+ D/L /500)
Mister T.    “The Party / Afro Fillings”
Vice    “Flawed”

Belle And Sebastian    “The Third Eye Centre”
Califone    “Stitches”
Eraserhead    “Eraserhead: Original Soundtrack Plus”
King Krule    “6 Feet Beneath The Moon”
Scuba    “Triangulation: Interpretations” (2CD)
Ulver    “The Norwegian National Opera” (CD + DVD)
Volcano Choir    “Repave”


Yo La Tengo Fade
Yo-La-Tengo-Fade 300
It goes without saying that, since forming in Hoboken, New Jersey almost three decades ago, this band has become one of the biggest names in indie rock. On their 13th album, their songs sound continuously pleasant and multi-layered, with the very alive-sounding, mid-tempo “Ohm” setting up good vibes from the start. “Is That Enough” follows with a sweet 1970s-pop-style violin chorus, as one of several songs throughout to incorporate string orchestration. Another highlight is the use of brass alongside acoustic guitar in the folky “Cornelia And Jane” to create a wide-open wilderness atmosphere. All of the instruments come together in the immense closer “Before We Run,” complementing the dramatic lyrics about getting away from it all to be together with someone.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Gauntlet Hair Stills
(Dead Oceans)
It’s unfortunate that this Denver noise-pop duo broke up recently, because their 1980s-influenced dance-rock sound. Their hard-hitting, echoed electronic music is as infectious as it is dark-sounding, with the spirited opener “Human Nature” sounding like what A Place To Bury Strangers might be like in a more upbeat and danceable mood. I was quickly sucked into the very classic-sounding island funk energy of “Simple” and head-bobbing groove. The intense, shouted “Heave” is another easy high point for me with its generous dose of ghost-wail synth and slamming drums.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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