New Year’s Eve with Phemale LP/Tape Release (& our Hours)

New Year’s Eve with Phemale LP/Tape Release (& our Hours)
First things first:
We’ll be open 12-6PM on Tuesday (New Year’s Eve) and
12-8PM (regular hours) on Wednesday, New Year’s Day.

Happy New Year 2014

Now, that you know what we’re doing on the business end, let me tell you what we have going on for New Year’s Eve. If you like to get weird and you like that Phemale “City Silk” LP we put out earlier this year (or if you haven’t heard it yet do yourself a favor and check it out here). Elm Recordings also released a tape by Phemale concurrently (with a similar aesthetic, but a more ambient tone) and that information is also in that linked post. One thing we never got around to doing that we wanted to and are making sure to do before year’s end (barely, but yep) is have a release party. Well, some fine folks decided to put together a show and we decided it was the release show! (Pretty much exactly like that.)  Other fine CT weird / noise / drone experimenters are on the bill. I’ll just link you to the Facebook event and you can dig on from there.

And yea, we’ll have the tapes and LPs for sale there in case you didn’t nab one yet. Be there or elsewhere, have a good time and be safe! Happy New Year!