28th Of February 2014 Update

28th Of February 2014 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Acklin, Barbara    “Seven Days Of Night” (Reissue)
Alien Rain    “Alien Rain IV”
Allen, Tony With Afrobeat 2000    “N.E.P.A. (Never Expect Power Always)” (Reissue Containing “Olokun” For First Time On Vinyl)
Aloa    “Aloa” (180 Gram Green Ltd. Ed.)
Amy, Curtis & Dupree Bolton    “Katanga!” (Pacific Jazz Reissue Series By Heavenly Sweetness)
Archgoat / Surrender Of Divinity    “Angelslaying Christbeheading Black Fucking Metal” (Gatefold)
At The Gates    “Terminal Spirit Disease”
AxH    “Destroy”
Aybee    “22 Meters”
Bat For Lashes    “Fur And Gold”
Bayside    “Cult” (+ D/L)
Beck    “Morning Phase” (180 Gram + D/L)
Bee Mask    “Pear Growers Series 01”
Bloodlet    “Eclectic”
Bombay Bicycle Club    “So Long, See You Tomorrow”
Breeders, The    “POD” (180 Gram)
Cage & Aviary    “In Sanctuary”
Carn, Doug    “Revelation” (Feat. Jean Carn)
Charles, Bobby    “Bobby Charles” (180 Gram Remaster)
Clap! Clap!    “Tambacounda EP”
Clark, Gene    “Two Sides To Every Story” (Remastered From Analog Tapes 180 Gram + D/L)
Coles, Maya Jane    “Don’t Put Me In Your Box (The Remixes)” (Kowton, Bonobo, Dark Sky)
Cryptic Slaughter    “Money Talk$”
Current 93    “I Am The Last Of All The Field That Fell (A Channel)” (2LP Gatefold)
Death Of Samantha    “If Memory Serves Us Well” (2LP)
Death Vessel    “Island Intervals” (+ D/L)
Delia, Joe    “Ms. 45” (Remastered Gatefold)
Detroit Swindle    “Boxed Out” (2LP Gatefold)
Dirty Projectors    “Swing Lo Magellan”
Dowsing    “It’s Still Pretty Terrible”
Drive-By Truckers    “English Oceans” (+ D/L)
Drowners    “Drowners” (+ D/L)
Dude York    “Dehumanize”
Each Other    “Being Elastic” (+ D/L)
Fauna    “Avifauna” (2LP Gatefold)
Frak    “Alice In Acidland”
Fray, The    “Helios” (180 Gram 2LP + D/L)
Gabriel, Peter    “Scratch My Back / And I’ll Scratch Yours” (Peter Gabriel Songs Done By Others Like Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, David Byrne, Brian Eno, Feist…)
Gay Cat Park    “Synthetic Woman” (160 Gram Clear Vinyl)
Gordon, Mike     “Overstep” (Blue Vinyl 2LP Gatefold + D/L)
Grateful Dead    “Birth Of The Dead Volume Two (The Live Sides)”
Homeboy Sandman    “White Sands”
Hutcherson, Bobby    “Stick-Up!” (Blue Note Reissue Series By Heavenly Sweetness)
Immortal Technique    “Revolutionary Vol. 2” (Red Vinyl)
Impiety    “Vengeance Hell Immemorial”
Inquisition    “Obscure Verses For The Multiverse” (2nd Press /500)
Iron Claw    “Iron Claw” (1970s Scottish Hard Rock Unearthed)
Jaeger, Kassel    “Toxic Cosmopolitanism”
Jefferson, Blind Lemon    “Volume 1” (Ltd. Ed.)
Jerry’s Kids    “Is This My World?”
Jezabels, The    “The Brink” (+ CD)
Joy Orbison / Boddika    “More Maim / In Here”
Justin, Susan    “Forbidden World” (Movie New Wave Synth Score)
Lace Curtain    “The 3rd EP” (Ltd. Ed. /1000 + D/L)
Lo-Fang    “Blue Film” (Ltd. Ed. Blue Vinyl)
Lootpack    “Loopdigga EP”
Love    “Black Beauty” (180 Gram + D/L)
Macabre    “Dahmer” (2LP Gatefold)
Marciano, Roc    “The Pimpire Strikes Back” (2LP)
Marley, Bob & The Wailers    “Jamaican Storm”
Merchandise    “Begging For Your Life / In The City Light” (Numbered/1000 – First Come First Serve No Holds, We Only Got A Couple Of These)
Mickey And The Soul Generations    “Iron Leg: The Complete Mickey And The Soul Generation” (3LP Trifold)
Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The    “More Noise And Other Disturbances”
Moebius Neumeier Engler    “Other Places” (180 Gram)
Moebius Neumeier Engler    “Another Other Places” (CD + LP)
Monolith    “Near Crash EP”
Moon Man    “Lucky Star Ship”
Morrissey    “Your Arsenal”
Mould, Bob    “Workbook 25” (25th Anniversary 2LP)
Murphy’s Law    “Back With A Bong!” (Remastered Ltd. Color Vinyl + D/L)
Nothing    “Guilty Of Everything” (+ D/L)
Notwist, The    “Close To The Glass” (+ D/L)
Nunslaughter    “Devils Congeries Vol. 1” (2LP Gatefold Color Vinyl)
Old Man’s Will    “Old Man’s Will” (Green Vinyl)
Pelt    “Effigy” (2LP Gatefold)
Pentagram    “Relentless” (Gatefold)
Phantogram    “Voices” (+ D/L)
Police Des Moeurs    “Police Des Moeurs”
Rainbows Are Free    “Waves Ahead Of The Ocean” (Gatefold)
Rar    “Hool”
Rivers, Sam    “Contours” (Blue Note Reissue Series By Heavenly Sweetness)
Roladex    “Anthems For the Microage” (180 Gram Electric Blue Vinyl)
Sarin Smoke    “Vent” (Tom Carter & Pete Swanson)
Saves The Day    “Saves The Day” (180 Gram)
Schnitzler, Conrad    “Congratulacion” (180 Gram)
Sixth June    “Pleasure” (EP)
Snowgoons    “Black Snow 2”
Solvent    “New Ways” Music From The Documentary ‘I Dream Of Wires'” (2LP + 7″ Gatefold)
Spiritual Front    “Open Wounds”
St. Vincent    “St. Vincent” (Gatefold + D/L)
Stip, Valentin    “Sigh” (2LP Gatefold)
Sun Ra And His Arkestra    “Bad And Beautiful” (180 Gram)
Sun Ra And His Astro-Solar Infinity Arkestra    “My Brother The Wind” (180 Gram)
Super Djata Band De Bamako    “Vol. 2” (Yellow) (Kindred Spirits)
Super Djata De Bamako    “Vol. 2” (Blue) (Kindred Spirits)
Superchunk    “Indoor Living” (Remastered Reissue + D/L With Bonus Material)
Survive    “Mf 064”
These New Puritans    “Field Of Reeds” (2LP Gatefold + D/L)
Trust    “Joyland” (2LP Gatefold + D/L)
Unsemble, The    “The Unsemble” (Members Of Tomahawk, Einsturzende Neubauten, Silver Jews)
Vanay, Laurence    “Evening Colours” (Remastered 180 Gram)
Various    “Heavenyl Ethiopiques – The Best Of The Ethiopiques Series” (Ethiopiques Series Reissue By Heavenly Sweetness)
Various    “Ethiopian Modern Instrumental Hits” (Ethiopiques Reissue Series By Heavenly Sweetness; Mostly Mulatu Astatke)
Various    “Bush Taxi Mali: Field Recordings From Mali”
Various    “It’s House Not House EP” (Bicep, Rick Wade, DJ Sprinkles)
Vertical Scratchers    “Daughter Of Everything” (+ D/L)
Virgo Four    “E-Series Part One”
Walrus Ghost    “Uplifting Themes For The Naysayer” (+ D/L)
We Are Scientists    “TV En Francais” (Gatefold)
XO    “Heart”
Y.O.U.    “Heavy Crown”
Yob    “Catharsis” (Remastered + D/L)
Yong Yong    “Greatest It’s”

Drumtalk    “Time / Magnetic”
Pearl Jam    “X-Posed: The Interview” (Picture Disc)

Cave State    “Cave State”
Cold Cave    “Black Boots / Meaningful Life” (Clear/Black /1700)
Death Injection    “Demo 2013”
Draize    “Draize”
Good For You    “Fucked Up”
Nunslaughter / Dekapitator    “Nunslaughter / Dekapitator” (Picture Disc)
Old Flings / The Fake Boys    “Old Flings / The Fake Boys”
Scout    “Fields Of Ash”

CL1 & First Offense    “This Is Rustbelt Streetpunk”
Empty Flowers    “The Air You Found” (Collaborative Collection Of Reimagined Songs Feat. Members Of Godflesh, Gorguts, Psalms…)[This is also the release we currently have at the plant to be pressed on LP that we’re extremely stoked on.]
Enraged Youth    “Hated By Society”
Gordon, Mike    “Overstep”
Intolitarian    “Berserker Savagery”
Rainbows Are Free    “Waves Ahead Of The Ocean”
Salem    “King Night”
Solvent    “New Ways: Music From The Documentary ‘I Dream Of Wires'”
St. Vincent    “St. Vincent”
Suburban Mutilation    “The Opera Ain’t Over Til The Fat Lady Sings”
Tipper’s Gore    “Tipper’s Gore”
Trust    “Joyland”
Wild Beasts    “Present Tense”

Cassette Tapes
Beat Detectives    “Music 2”
Big Eyes    “Almost Famous”
China White    “Danger Zone” (Numbered /300)
Christian Death    “Only Theatre Of Pain”
Circle Jerks    “Group Sex”
Fast Times    “Bodytalk”
Kenja & RXN    “Cozy”

Maximum Rock N Roll #370 (2013 Year In Review Issue) [magazine]


Indians Somewhere Else
Indians Somewhere Else 300
Danish musician and singer-songwriter Søren Løkke Juul has been active musically for over a decade, and Indians refers to both his moniker and band name for this indie project. It’s been compared a lot to Bon Iver, which I can understand because of the delicate, intimate acoustic and piano arrangements. This album also appealed to me because it reminded me of Youth Lagoon with its warm, distant echoed vocals and tenderly beautiful, electronic ethereality. “Bird” is one of my favorites: a very lovely, delicate piano-and-electronic piece that seems to relate to love flying away. I also really liked the more low-key “Melt,” based on a soft piano and otherworldly voices for a very intimate, soothing experience.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Jimbo Mathus & the Tri-State Coalition White Buffalo
Jimbo Mathus & the Tri-State Coalition White Buffalo 300
(Fat Possum)
Best known as the founder and vocalist-guitarist for swing revival band Squirrel Nut Zippers, Jimbo Mathus uses this current project to cover a wide spectrum of American music including country blues, gospel, folk and rock. The Mississippi native’s Tri-State coalition features members Tennessee, Arkansas and his home state to bring his multi-faceted Americana vision together. The high-energy title track is one of my favorites, using furious Southern blues-rock to tell us that, despite a news report, Tukota – an actual white buffalo that lived in Tupelo, Mississippi – “ain’t dead,” but is “laying mighty low.” The hazy, shadowy atmosphere of the psych-blues “Run Devil Run” makes it another highlight for me.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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