7th Of March 2014 Update

7th Of March 2014 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

New Jamsss 3-7-14

LPs & 12″s
7 Seconds    “The Crew”
Alsarah And The Nubatones    “Silt”
Ava Luna    “Electric Balloon” (+ D/L)
Axxa/Abraxas    “Axxa/Abraxas” (+ Art Book + D/L)
Bozulich, Carla    “Boy” (+ Art Print + D/L)
Bronze    “World Arena”
Cherry, Neneh    “Blank Project” (2LP + CD)
Clark    “Superscope”
Cremator    “Clear Air Turbulence” (+CD)
Damaged Bug    “Hubba Bubba” (Synthesiser Suites From John Dwyer Of Thee Oh Sees)
Death And Vanilla    “Death And Vanilla”
Diplo    “Express Yourself” (2LP 2 Slipmats; Serato Control Tone On Side B)
DJ Day    “Land Of 1000 Chances” (2LP Serato)
Drekka    “Ekki Gera Fikniefnum.” (+ D/L)
Ekoplekz    “Unfidelity” (2LP)
Flash    “Dena” (+ D/L)
Gastr Del Sol    “Mirror Repair”
Glass, Samantha    “Mysteries From The Palomino Skyliner”
Incantation    “Live May 16th 1993 Atco, NJ USA” (Fan Club Edition)
Jones, Stone Jack    “Ancestor” (+ D/L)
King Diamond    “Voodoo In Pittsburgh 1998” (Fan Club Pressing)
King Diamond    “Fatal Portrait” (Fan Club Edition)
Komeda, Krzysztof    “Dance Of The Vampires” (+CD)
Lushes    “What Am I Doing” (+ D/L)
Melt Yourself Down    “Melt Yourself Down” (Ltd. Ed. Vinyl + CD)
Men, The    “Tomorrow’s Hits” (Ltd. Ed. Red Vinyl + D/L)[The First Few People To Buy This Will Also Get A Live Cassette Bonus!]
Mercyful Fate    “Nuns For Slaughter (Rare Demos 1981/1982)” (Unofficial; Picture Disc)
Perera Elsewhere    “Everlast”
Perhacs, Linda    “The Soul Of All Natural Things” (+ D/L; Ltd Ed. White Vinyl)
Public Enemy    “Shut Em Down” (2LP Serato B Sides)
Sadistic Intent    “Impending Doom…” (Unofficial; Picture Disc)
Sarcofago    “Invoking The Black Vomit Hell” (Unofficial; Picture Disc)
Scraps    “Electric Ocean”
Serato    “Official Control Vinyl” (2LP Black)
Serato    “Official Control Vinyl” (2LP Red)
Trin Tran    “Far Reaches EP” (+ D/L)
Various    “Suicide Squeeze Reocrds Presents: Forever Singles” (Green Vinyl /1,000 + D/L)
Various    “Warfaring Strangers: Darkscorch Canticles” (Numero 048 Melds Amateur D&D Art With Stout Chunks Of Stoner Basement Power)
Various    “Stones Throw X Serato II” (2LP 2 Slipmats Clear Control Vinyl B Sides)
Various    “P&P Records Hits Hits Hits” (Mega-Box Set, D/L Of Lots Of Stuff, Book, 2LP With Control Vinyl Serato B Sides)
Various    “Inner City Beat! Detective Themes, Spy Music And Imaginary Thrillers” (Soul Jazz Records, 2LP + Graphic Novel + D/L)
Various    “Istanbul 70: Psych, Disco, Folk Classics”

Bastard Noise    “Uncertainty Principle” (Hiroshi Hasegawa / Government Alpha)
Bloodlet    “Embrace (1993; Previously Unreleased)”
Eyelids    “Seagulls Into Submission / I Can’t Be Told”
Forms     “Dance Macabre & Apocryphon Of Jupiter”
Forms / UR    “Medium Aevum”
Primitive Man / Xaphan    “Primitive Man / Xaphan”
Spectre Folk    “Mothership”
Turner, Chester Novell    “Black Devil Doll From Hell: Original Soundtrack” (+ Poster)

Current 93    “I Am The Last Of All The Field That Fell (A Channel)”
Ekoplekz    “Unfidelity”
Psalm Zero    “The Drain”
Various    “Warfaring Strangers: Darkscorch Canticles” (Numero 048 – The Dungeons & Dragons Themed One)


Crystal Stilts Nature Noir
(Sacred Bones)
On their third record, this Brooklyn five-piece is fittingly cloaked in their haze of droll, moody post-punk with their lumbering drums, reverb-tinged guitars and heavily echoed vocals. Though these songs sound laden with druggy psychedelia, they’re also enticingly kinetic (one friend of mine compared Crystal Stilts’ sound to Joy Division.) The cool psych-rock strut of “Future Folklore” makes it one of my favorites, rocking along with a piano-driven chorus and lyrics referencing a return to Paradise with original sin pardoned. The sweet-sounding “Memory Room” is a great example of rich strings permeating the atmosphere, complete with a mellow bassline chugging along with what sounds like very subtle cymbal-bursts.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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