T-USED-DAY Update for March 4th, 2014

T-USED-DAY Update for March 4th, 2014
at Redscroll Records

T-USED-DAY 3-4-14
Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in.  These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s
AC/DC    “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”    LP        $4.00
Andrew Jackson Jihad / Ghost Mice    “Andrew Jackson Jihad / Ghost Mice” (Green)    LP        $25.00
Baker, Chet    “I Grandi Del Jazz” (Import)    LP        $5.00
Bates, Tyler    “300: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”    LP        $12.00
Berry, Chuck    “16 Greatest Hits”    LP        $6.00
Bright Eyes    “A Christmas Album” (White)    LP        $12.00
Brooks, Joe    “You Light Up My Life: Original Soundtrack”    LP        $3.00
Burn Your Bridges    “Burn Your Bridges”    LP        $5.00
Captain Beyond    “Captain Beyond”    LP        $15.00
Charles, Ray    “The Ray Charles Story Vol. 3”    LP        $5.00
Charles, Ray And Betty Carter    “Ray Charles And Betty Carter”    LP        $6.00
Clash, The    “Cut The Crap”    LP        $5.00
Comadre    “Burn Your Bones” (+CD +DVD – DVD not in great condition)    LP        $22.00
Comeback Kid    “Broadcasting…” (Copper/Black)    LP        $28.00
Cooper, Alice    “Lace And Whiskey”    LP        $4.00
Coppola, Carmine / Mike Berniker    “Abel Gance’s ‘Napoleon’ Original Music For The Soundtrack”    LP        $5.00
Cosby, Bill    “My Father Confused Me… What Must I Do? What Must I Do?”    LP        $3.00
Detroit Spinners, The    “The Best Of The Detroit Spinners”    LP        $5.00
Dylan, Bob    “Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid”    LP        $9.00
Ergs!, The    “Upstairs / Downstairs”    LP        $7.00
Goldsmith, Jerry    “Capricorn One: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”    LP        $7.00
Goldsmith, Jerry    “The Boys From Brazil: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”    LP        $3.00
Grant, Amy    “Heart In Motion”    LP        $6.00
Horner, James    “Field Of Dreams: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”    LP        $6.00
INXS    “INXS” (Slight Warp – Play Tested Fine)    LP        $6.00
Japanther    “Leather Wings”    LP        $15.00
Jarre, Maurice    “The Train: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”    LP        $6.00
Jiva    “Jiva” (Sealed, Hole Punched Copy)    LP        $10.00
John, Elton    “Greatest Hits Volume III 1979-1987”    LP        $5.00
Knopfler, Mark    “The Princess Bride” (Soundtrack)    LP        $7.00
Kostal, Irwin    “Fantasia: New Digital Motion Picture Soundtrack”    LP        $5.00
Ladd, Cheryl    “Cheryl Ladd”    LP        $5.00
London Symphony Orchestra    “Tommy”    LP        $3.00
Longet, Claudine    “Let’s Spend The Night Together”    LP        $7.00
Lynn, Loretta    “Coal Miner’s Daughter”    LP        $5.00
Mancini, Henry    “Trail Of The Pink Panther”    LP        $2.00
Marley, Bob & The Wailers    “Uprising”    LP        $7.00
Memphis Bleek    “Everything’s A Go”    12″        $1.00
Memphis Bleek    “Yes”    12″        $1.00
Midler, Bette    “Beaches: Original Soundtrack Recording”    LP        $2.00
Morricone, Ennio    “Sidney Sheldon’s ‘Bloodline’ Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”    LP        $11.00
Morrissey    “Reader Meet Author”    LP        $12.00
Muse    “The 2nd Law”    LP        $20.00
Ohio Players    “Superpak” (2LP)    LP        $6.00
Pallas    “The Sentinel”    LP        $7.00
Postal Service    “Give Up”    LP        $15.00
Pretty Things    “Savage Eye”    LP        $11.00
Renzetti, Joe & Tony Luisi    “Electric Tommy”    LP        $5.00
Rozsa, Miklos    “The V.I.P.s: The Original Score From The Motion Picture”    LP        $4.00
Rozsa, Miklos    “The Thief Of Bagdad”    LP        $2.00
Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs    “Li’l Red Riding Hood”      LP        $8.00
Saves The Day    “Sound The Alarm” (Red/White /70)    LP        $40.00
Scorpions    “Love At First Sting”    LP        $4.00
Seals & Crofts    “One On One: The Story Of A Winner”    LP        $2.00
Shire, David    “2010: Original Music From The Motion Picture” (Sealed)    LP        $8.00
Simon & Garfunkel    “The Graduate”    LP        $2.00
Sonic Youth + I.C.P. + The Ex    “In the Fishtank 9”    LP        $10.00
Status Quo    “Rocking All Over The Years” (Import)    LP        $5.00
Stepkids, The    “The Stepkids”    LP        $8.00
Supremes, The    “The Supremes Sing Country Western & Pop.”    LP        $6.00
Tangerine Dream    “Phaedra”    LP        $10.00
Tear It Up    “Nothing To Nothing”    LP        $10.00
UFO    “Mechanix”    LP        $3.00
Vangelis    “Chariots Of Fire: Music From The Original Soundtrack”    LP        $2.00
Various    “Street Mix” (Hip-Hop Dance Hits)    LP        $4.00
Various    “Return To Macon County: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (Sealed)    LP        $7.00
Various    “KNAC Pure Rock 105.5 Presents Son Of Pure Rock”    LP        $5.00
Various    “Gremlins: 7-Cut Mini Album Music From The Original Motion Picture Sound Track”    LP        $7.00
Various    “Absolute Beginners – The Musical: Songs From The Original Motion Picture”    LP        $3.00
Various    “Over The Edge – It Really Happened: Original Sound Track”    LP        $5.00
Various    “Five Easy Pieces: Original Soundtrack Recording”    LP        $5.00
Various    “The Devil’s 8: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”    LP        $8.00
Various    “Two Fun Filled Evenings From Duffy’s Tavern” (Radio Broadcast)    LP        $2.00
Various    “St. Elmo’s Fire: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”    LP        $2.00
Various    “Top Gun: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”    LP        $3.00
Various    “Grease: The Original Soundtrack From The Motion Picture”    LP        $4.00
Various    “Stand By Me: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”    LP        $6.00
Various    “White Nights: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”    LP        $2.00
Various    “Diana! Original TV Soundtrack”    LP        $2.00
Wailer, Bunny    “Blackheart Man”    LP        $6.00
Who, The    “Tommy: Original Soundtrack Recording”    LP        $3.00
Williams, John    “Jaws 2: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”    LP        $6.00
Williams, John    “Valley Of The Dolls: Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack”    LP        $4.00
Withers, Gordon    “Dark Side Of The Moon On Cello”    LP        $13.00

Bobby    “Clear The Corner” (2xFlexi TPOS #107 – Danbury CT’s Own)    7″        $7.00
Kinda Fat    “Kinda Fat” (Generic Sleeve Single)    7″        $2.00
Matahari    “Never The Same” (Green)    7″        $1.00
Vapids, The    “We Can’t Do It”    7″        $5.00
Waste Management    “Power Abuse”    7″        $4.00