19th Of May 2014 Update

19th Of May 2014 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

A lot of late Friday arrivals made it so I didn’t finish this update up until 3 days late. Enjoy the bounty!

LPs & 12″s
Antony And The Johnsons    “I Am A Bird Now”
Atmosphere    “Southsiders” (2LP Gatefold + D/L + Extras)
Auntie Flo    “Hey Don’t Make Trouble (It’s The Woman Of Your Boss)”
Autumns    “Terrible Tuesday” (180 Gram)
Benjamin Damage    “Up / Acid Bath”
Big Boys    “No Matter How Long The Line Is At The Cafeteria, Theres Always A Seat!” (Reissue)
Brokaw, Chris    “VDSQ – Solo Acoustic Volume Three”
Built To Spill    “Ultimate Alternative Wavers” (RSD 2014)
Cantu, D’Marc    “Long Weekend”
Chosen Ones    “They Called Your Number”
Claro Intelecto    “Peace Of Mind”
Clientele, The    “Suburban Light” (+ D/L + CD)
Cluster    “Apropos”
Coldplay    “Ghost Stories” (Gatefold + D/L)
Comet Control    “Comet Control” (+ D/L)
Cousins    “The Halls Of Wickwire” (+ D/L)
Creation Rebel / New Age Steppers    “Threat To Creation” (Ltd. Ed. /1,000)
Cremation Lily    “Fires Frame The Silhouette”
Daggers    “It’s Not Jazz It’s Blues”
Daphni & Owen Pallett    “Julia / Tiberius”
David K    “Out Of Range” (2LP)
Deadboy    “Return”
Dehnert, Mike    “Lichtbedingt”
Dillinger    “Hard Times”
DMX Krew    “A New Life”
Drvg Cvltvure    “American Psychosis [Part One]”
Dust    “Feel It”
Eastlink    “Eastlink” (+ D/L)
Elbee Bad    “The Freaky Dance! Don’t It Make U Feel Good?”
Ex-Cult    “Midnight Passenger” (+ D/L)
Fishbone    “Fishbone” (RSD 2014)
Floating Points    “Peoples Potential Shark Chase”
Fuck You Pay Me    “Fuck You Pay Me”
Guided By Voices    “Cool Planet” (+ D/L)
Harding, Curtis    “Soul Power”
Heard, Larry    “Alien” (Remastered, 1st Time On Vinyl)
Hedlud, Rasmus    “Framjande Av Ljud” (2LP)
Hedlud, Rasmus    “Audio Kurator”
Hedlud, Rasmus / Tuomo    “Eighty Endless Loops” (2LP)
High-Functioning Flesh    “A Unity Of Miseries / A Misery Of Unities”
I Am The Avalanche    “Wolverines”
Innershades    “Nina Remixes”
Innershades    “Toxic Trax”
J:Kenzo    “Ricochet (VIP)”
Jawbox    “Novelty” (+ D/L)
Jones, Ralph    “The Slumber Party Massacre: Original Score” (180 Gram Coloured Vinyl + Poster)
Kink    “Under Destruction”
Kivioja, Vesa-Matti    “Lopun Ajat”
Lack    “Expect Night Work”
Laraaaji    “Celestial Music 1978-2011”
LCC    “D/Evolution”
Levi, Mica    “Under The Skin: A Film By Jonathan Glazer” (Score/Soundtrack)
Lykke Li    “I Never Learn” (+ D/L)
Martin, Walter    “We’re All Young Together” (+ D/L)
Mean Creek    “Youth Companion”
Menzingers, The    “Rented World” (+ CD)
Merchandise / Destruction Unit / Milk Music    “Merchandise / Destruction Unit / Milk Music: USA ’13”
Musumeci    “Untitled” (Clear)
Neighbors    “Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?”
Octo Octa    “Where Did You Go? / Through The Haze”
Pittsburgh Track Authority    “Enter The Machine Age” (2LP)
Plaid    “Reachy Prints”
Planning For Burial    “Desideratum”
Posse    “Soft Opening”
Pujol    “Kludge” (Colored Vinyl + D/L)
Quasi Dub Development, The    “Little-Twister Vs Stiff-Neck” (+ D/L)
Quirke    “Acid Beth EP”
Range, The    “Panasonic”
Razors In The Night    “Never Give In”
Rundle, Emma Ruth    “Some Heavy Ocean”
Saint Vitus    “C.O.D.” (Reissue Transparent Red Vinyl /550)
San Proper    “Yestoday”
Smoke Fairies    “Smoke Fairies” (+ D/L)
Squarepusher X Z-Machines    “Music For Robots”
Swans    “To Be Kind” (3LP + D/L)
Sylvan Esso    “Sylvan Esso”
Symbol    “Online Architecture” (+ D/L)
Take Offense    “Under The Same Shadow”
Talker    “Cut The Weight”
Tarkovsky, Andrei    “The Mirror, Original Soundtrack / Stalker, Original Soundtrack” (Gatefold)
They Might Be Giants    “John Henry” (2LP Gatefold)
They Might Be Giants    “Apollo 18”
Trans Am    “Volume X”
Traxman    “Da Mind Of Traxman”
Tricoli, Valerio    “Miseri Lares”
Various    “Punk 45: Sick On You! One Way Spit! After The Love & Before The Revolution Vol. 3: Proto-Punk 1969-76”
Various    “Strange Breaks & Mr. Thing III: More Rock, Funk, Soul, Jazz & Soundtrack Breaks For Modern Living” (2LP)
Various    “1970’s Algerian Folk And Pop” (Gatefold)
Various    “Haiti Direct EP”
Various    “O Brother, Where Art Thou? Music From A Film By Joel Coen & Ethan Coen”
Various    “Earwax Volume One” (Michael J. Collins, Odd Nosdam, Morbidly-O-Beats Feat. Ceschi…)
Visconti, Morgan    “Ride” (+ D/L)
Watery Love    “Decorative Feeding” (+ D/L)
When Nothing Remains    “Thy Dark Serenity” (Gatefold)
When Nothing Remains    “As All Torn Asunder” (Gatefold)
Zero Boys    “Monkey” (+ D/L)

Lundin Oil    “Black Gold Grey Debt”
Napalm Death    “Leaders Not Followers” (Red Vinyl RSD 2014)

Coldplay    “Midnight” (Single Sided Etched)
Electric Citizen    “Light Years Beyond / Ghost Of Me”
Flesh Wounds    “Bitter Boy”
Future Fables    “Jupiter’s Pull”
Future Islands    “Tomorrow / The Fountain”
Future Islands    “Feathers & Hallways”
Great Reversal    “Natural Burial”
Meatbodies    “Wahoo / Steps”
Pagan Rituals    “Pagan Rituals”
Pocketknife    “Calluses / Freak”
Poison Idea    “Getting The Fear” (RSD 2014)
Psychic TV Three    “Greyhounds Of The Future” (/500)
Tallest Man On Earth, The    “1904 / Cycles”
Terror     “Live In Seattle”
Various    “Strange Breaks & Mr. Thing III” (Limited Edition Sampler)
Watery Love    “Sick People”
Young And In The Way / Moral Void    “Young And In The Way / Moral Void”

Agalloch    “The Serpent & The Sphere”
Bong    “Stoner Rock”
Bongripper    “Satan Worshipping Doom”
Brian Jonestown Massacre, The    “Revelation”
Charge    “Who’s In Control?!”
Christiansen    “Stylish Nihilists”
Curl Up And Die    “But The Past Ain’t Through With Us”
Fauna    “Avifauna”
Guided By Voices    “Cool Planet”
Maximum Penalty    “Life & Times”
Swans    “To Be Kind” (2CD + Live DVD; Initial Copies Signed By Michael Gira)
Terror     “Rhythm Amongst The Chaos”
Trapanese, Joseph / Aria Prayogi / Fajar Yuskemal    “The Raid 2: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Traxman    “Da Mind Of Traxman”
Various    “Past Present: Breaking Out The Classics”
Various    “Strange Breaks & Mr. Thing III: More Rock, Funk, Soul, Jazz & Soundtrack Breaks For Modern Living”
Voices From The Lake    “Voices From The Lake”
World Collapse    “Deutschland, Deutschland! Into The Night”

Chelsea Girl    “Chelsea Girl”
IIIII (Five Eyes)    “Finest Ego / Mother Love”
Iron Maiden    “No Prayer For The Dying”

Maximum Rock’N’Roll #373
Wire #364


SubRosa More Constant Than The Gods
SubRosa More Constant Than The Gods
(Profound Lore)
Formed in Salt Lake City in 2005, doom metal quintet SubRosa (featuring three vocals, two violins, guitar, bass and drums) conveys a grandeur that’s executed as thoughtfully as it is intense. Their third album again uses all of its parts to their advantage: in addition to doom standards such as lumbering drums and blackened guitar, the male and female vocals (predominantly the latter) and well-sculpted, otherworldly strings and noise propel the sound to epic heights.  The fourteen-minute opener “The Usher,” for example, begins with three minutes of intimate strings, background-settled noise and converging male/female vocals, before the immense guitar (and later, violins) kicks in to emphasize the darkly longing lyrics (“you’re in the eyes of those whose luck has run out / a tender end to a life of descent.”) The heavily downtrodden “Fat of the Ram” is particularly poignant as well, giving an account of life in a desolate wasteland where dreams are overlooked while the “righteous” anoint themselves and “only kill by common consent.”
[Reviewer: Mark]

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