25th Of July 2014 Update

25th Of July 2014 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

New Bin 7-25-14

LPs & 12″s
Andy, Horace    “Exclusively”
Animal Collective    “Feels” (Gatefold + D/L)
Anno Stam    “Aqua / Lemon Peel / Violet EP”
Applebim / Komon    “Motion Blur / Key Vision / Astir / Echos Retreat”
BBC Radiophonic Workshop    “The Radiophonic Workshop” (180 Gram)
Blanche Blanche Blanche    “Breaking Mirrors”
Boratto, Gui    “Take My Breath Away” (2LP + CD)
Cortini, Alessandro    “Sonno” (2LP)
Darondo    “Let My People Go”
Dead Space, The    “Faker” (+ D/L)
Dylan, Bob    “New Morning” (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab)
Felizol And The Boy    “Like Cannibal Father Like Cannibal Son”
Floor    “Homegoings And Transitions / Shadowline” (Single Sided)
French Style Furs    “Is Exotic Bait” (+ D/L)
Futuro Antico    “Futuro Antico” (The First Tape; Reissue)
Gene The Southern Child (Music By Parallel Thought)    “Southern Meridian” (Ltd. Ed. /300 Blood Splattered Vinyl)
Gengras, M. Geddes    “Ishi” (+ D/L)
Head Boggle    “Serge Modular In Hi-Fi”
Hollywood Autopsy    “Hollywood Autopsy” (Reissue Of 1983 Private Press Recording)
J Rawls    “The Legacy”
Jackson, Michael    “The Remix Suite” (2LP Gatefold)
Jonwayne    “Cassette On Vinyl” (Tracks From Cassette, Cassette 2 And Cassette 3 Remasterd 180 Gram)
La Roux    “Trouble In Paradise” (Gatefold)
Layer, Klaus    “For The People Like Us” (Ltd. Ed. Colored Version)
Little Dragon    “Nabuma Rubberband” (+ D/L)
Luluc    “Passerby” (Loser Edition)
Maulawi (Maulawi Nururdin)    “Orotunds” (180 Gram Gatefold 2LP)
Nightdrivers    “The Easy Life EP”
Praise    “Lights Went Out”
Ranaldo, Lee    “Between The Times And The Tides – Demos”
Rhythm & Sound    “See Mi Yah”
SBTRKT    “Transitions I” [Release Date Tuesday 7-29]
SBTRKT    “Transitions II” [Release Date Tuesday 7-29]
SBTRKT    “Transitions III” [Release Date Tuesday 7-29]
Shabazz Palaces    “Lese Majesty” (2xLP Etched 4th Side Loser Edition + 7″ While They Last + D/L)[Release Date Tuesday 7-29]
Sheer Terror    “Standing Up For Falling Down”
Slint    “Spiderland” (180 Gram LP + DVD + Book + D/L)
Slowclub    “Complete Surrender” (+ D/L With Bonus Tracks)
Snuff Crew    “Love Hurts EP”
Soft As Snow    “Glass Body”
Telecult Powers    “Black Meditations”
Velvet Underground, The    “The Legendary Guitar Amp Tapes – Guitar Amp B.T.P. March 15 1969” (Volume 1)
Verocai, Arthur    “Timeless: March 15, 2009 – Harriet And Charles Luckman Fine Arts Complex”
Zemi17    “Impressions”

Story So Far, The    “Songs Of The Story So Far” (Ltd. Color + D/L)

Gowl    “Blurrr”
Rose Windows    “There Is A Light / Fix Me Another One”

Cortini, Alessandro    “Sonno”
FaltyDL    “In The Wild”
La Roux    “Trouble In Paradise”
Shabazz Palaces    “Lese Majesty” [Release Date Tuesday 7-29]
Slapshot    “Slapshot”

Dog Lady Island    “Malone”
Fragments    “Adrift”
Watchword    “Blanket Reveries”
Watchword    “Phrenic Landscapes Dissolving”
Watchword    “Interims”
Watchword    “Rose And Cross”
Watchword & Andrew Kirschner    “Tour 2014” (Numbered/75)
White Reeves    “Ouro Borus”


Houndstooth Ride Out the Dark
Houndstooth Ride Out the Dark 300
(No Quarter)
This Portland, Oregon band’s mellow sound falls somewhere between shoegaze and a blend of folk/country/indie rock. Houndstooth’s debut record features clean-sounding arrangements that don’t necessarily drift into My Bloody Valentine-level dizziness, but instead feel like a calm, nocturnal journey with a sound comparable to Mazzy Star, Cowboy Junkies or Night Beds. “Canary Island” is an easy standout, full of life and building with its jangly guitar and light organ with lead singer/guitarist Kate Bernstein yearning to explore said island. I really liked the tireless “Strangers” as well: a kinetic, luminous jaunt through emotion-lit wilderness, complete with guitars that really pick up in melodic intensity.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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