Contest! Win stuff! Help Us Promote!

We’ve got our 8th Annual Blackout at Sunrise Sale coming up.  We want to spread the word to the ends of the earth.


You can help us and in doing so you’ll enter our contest to win a PRIZE PACK!


How do you enter?
Easy! There’s 4 ways!
1. Share the event on Facebook!
2. Re-Blog on Tumblr!
3. Re-Tweet on Twitter!
4. Re-Gram on Instagram!
Always make sure to tag us to make sure we see your entry.

We have 4 Prize Packs! We’ll pick winners at random from the entries. You can enter on all 4 social medias or just 1 (or 2 or 3).

Alvin Pic

Each prize pack contains:
Gift Certificate of $25
A Redscroll T-Shirt
The Secret Special Gift (the one we’re also giving away with >$100 purchases during the sale)
And a Redscroll Release Pack (all of our in print LP releases: Phemale, Call It Arson, Empty Flowers)

Theodor Pic

Winners will be announced on our YouTube Chanel on November 13th, 2014. We will also post that around our various medias.

Simon Pic

The sale is in store only however you can enter this whether you’re a local customer or an internet customer. Online entries are for the $25 gift certificate  only. Non-human entries are also valid: Pets, Fictional Characters, Couches, Space Pictures, Insect Legs, Flavors, Flavours, Tax Law, Flags, and so on