31st OF JULY 2015 UPDATE

31st of July 2015 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
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LPs & 12″s

Black Witchery / Revenge “Holocaust Death March To Humanity’s Doom”
Boan “Mentiras”
Creeping Pink “Mirror Woods”
Deaf Wish “Pain” (Loser Edition) (8-7-15 Release Date)
Frak “Alice In Acidland”
Gibson, Daughn “Carnation” (Loser Edition)
House Of 909 “The Children We Were”
La Luz “Weirdo Shrine” (+ 3-D Glasses + D/L Ltd. Ed. Color)(8-7-15 Release Date)
Night Court “Law & Order”
Peacers “Peacers” (Ty Segall Is On This)
Pure Bathing Culture “Pure Bathing Culture”
Reanimator “Damaged Beds”
Rylander, Henrik “Object Subject To Change”
Seaweed “Actions And Indications” (Reissue Of 1999 LP + D/L)
Titus Andronicus “The Most Lamentable Tragedy” (3LP Multi-Fold Cover + Poster + D/L)
U “Doobedoo Dub-E-Dope / The Hubbadubba Beat”
Various Artists “Faux Real 2”
Venetian Snares “Your Face”
Volahn “Aq’Ab’Al” (Blue/Silver)
Worriers “Imaginary Life”


Foreseen “Structural Oppression”
Mugstar “US Tour 2015”
Shipwrecked “Arctic Nights”
Wand “Machine Man”


King Dude “Songs Of Flesh & Blood – In The Key Of Light”
Titus Andronicus “The Most Lametable Tragedy” (2CD Digipak)


Inquisition “Magnificent Glorification Of Lucifer”
Inquisition “Ominous Doctrines Of The Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm”
Malhkebre “Revelation”
Peacers “Peacers” (DC630CS)


Chips & Beer Magazine (Issue #9, Summer 2015)


Crown Colony Fraternal










This up-and-coming Norwalk, CT band has an energetic, gritty alt-rock sound inspired by Led Zeppelin and Foo Fighters (it reminds me of Soundgarden as well.) For the ultimate “raw” sound, Crown Colony chose to record this debut EP entirely live in the studio without any added enhancements or special effects. As easy highlight track is the first single “Whir,” themed around a harmful relationship with a punch-packing chorus that asks “do I really wanna love you?” The Fraternal EP is available now on CD, and Crown Colony hopes to release a vinyl album in the future (as well as tour the Northeast.)

Los Straitjackets Deke Dickerson Sings The Great Instrumental Hits!!!!!!

(Yep Roc)








Just as the title suggests, here’s a record where country/rockabilly musician Deke Dickerson somehow achieving the oxymoron of singing to classic instrumental songs covered by Nashville’s Mexican-wrestling-mask-wearing surf rock band Los Straitjackets. This was made possible by tracking down lost original lyrics, making up new ones or even other means. “Apache,” for example, started off as an instrumental rock song by The Shadows in 1960, then got covered by the Incredible Bongo Band in 1973, which then got sampled by The Sugarhill Gang in 1981: thus, the cover on this record incorporates not only new lyrics but some of The Sugarhill Gang’s (especially the essential “jump on it!” part.)

[Reviewer: Mark]


Hey! Did you know that Sunday is International Friendship Day? Our calendar told us. Did you know that we have been buying collections of used records like mad lately? We still are. We are running low on room and we have back stock of a bunch of our label releases that we’d like to give away to our friends/customers to make room. So, come in THIS WEEKEND, Saturday and Sunday, and every purchase gets a bonus Redscroll label release!