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LPs & 12″s
Acre / Filter Dread “Interference”
Adult Mom “Momentary Lapse Of Happily”
Air “Moon Safari” (180 Gram)
AnD “AnD RMX 02”
Anti-G “Kush In Da Sound”
Bad Brains “Rock For Light”
Basinski, William “The Deluge” (Ltd. 180 Gram)
Beautiful Ones, The “Jaded Love” (Ltd. Ed. Color + D/L)
Beltran, John “Espais”
Black Milk “Tronic” (Deluxe Reissue)
Blondes “Persuasion EP” (+ D/L)
Blu & Exile “Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them Instrumentals”
Blundetto “World Of” (+ D/L + Stickers)
Body Boys “No Face”
Bookworms “Touchless Automatic”
Brian Jonestown Massacre “(Bringing It All Back Home – Again)”
Broderick, Heather Woods “Glider” (+ D/L)
Brown, James “Tell Me What You’re Gonna Do”
Brown, Zac Band “Jekyll + Hyde”
Built In Sun “Built In Sun” (Joe Plummer / Pall Jenkins)
Burns, Willie “Single Life”
Cale, Zachary “Duskland” (+ D/L)
Certain Creatures “Sparkle / Bosch”
Cherry, Napoleon “When You Had The Chance” (Single)
Cirino, Chuck “Not Of This Earth: Music From The Orginal Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Collins, Phil / Various “My Heart’s In My Hand, And My Hand Is Pierced, And My Hand’s In The Bag, And The Bag Is Shut, And My Heart Is Caught”
Conforce “Presentism”
Cortini, Alessandro “Risveglio”
Cramps, The “Ohio Demo’s 1979”
Cramps, The “Hot Club Philadelphia Nov. ’77”
Cramps, The “Frank Further And The Hot Dogs Live At CBGB’s Friday, Jan. 13, 1978”
Cramps, The “Tales From The Cramps Vol. 1 ‘Up From The Garage'”
Cramps, The “1976 Demo Session”
Cramps, The “Voodoo Rhythm”
Crisci, Domenico “The Old Candelabra”
Dark Sky “Voyages”
Dead Moon “Nervous Sooner Changes”
DeMarco, Mac “Another One”
DJ Roc “Practice What U Preach”
Dynamo Dreesen, SVN & A Made Up Sound “Acido 020”
El Mahdy Jr. “Ghost Tapes”
Elfman, Danny “Nightbreed: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Elzhi “The Preface”
Exos “My Home Is Sonic”
Foxx, John & Steve D’Agostino “Evidence Of Time Travel”
Foxx, John And The Maths “Interplay + The Shape Of Things” (2LP + Ltd. Ed. Print)
Fusco, Giovanni “Deser To Rosso (Di Michelangelo Antonioni)” (Soundtrack)
Gam “Eiszeit”
Gaussian Curve “Clouds”
Goldberg “Misty Flats”
Hauschka “Abandoned City” (Ltd. Ed. + D/L)
Health “Death Magic”
Heathered Pearls “Body Complex” (Colored Vinyl + D/L)
Hebden, Kieran / Steve Reid “Strings Of Life / Tongues”
Hooded Menace “Labyrinth Of Carrion Breeze”
Hurley, Michael & Pals “Armchair Boogie”
Immortal Technique “Revolutionary Vol. 1” (Ltd. Ed. Color, 1st Time On Vinyl)
Inigo Kennedy “Requiem Remixed”
Ipman “Regicide / Ghostrunner”
Jahiliyya Fields “Chance Life”
Jansch, Bert “Live At The 12 Bar”
Jay-Z “Magna Carta… Holy Grail” (2LP + Hidden Flexi)
Jefferson, Alan “Galactic Nightmare”
Johnson, Syl “Complete Twinight 45s” (Numero)
King Dude “Songs Of Flesh & Blood – In The Key Of Light”
KKB “KKB” (Bruce Kulick Of KISS & Grand Funk Railroad)
Kone “Yellowstone”
Kutmasta Kurt “Beat Tape – 1992” (/250)
Lewis, Klara “ETT”
Little Howlin’ Wolf “Cool Truth”
Lowman, Leon “Liquid Diamonds”
Lucifer “Lucifer I”
Marco Polo “Port Authority”
Masin, Gigi “Talk To The Sea”
MC Blabber “Unreleased Demo’s 1993-94 (Produced By Kutmasta Kurt)” (/250)
Miss Pussycat “Anthropomorphizer: Puppet Show Soundtracks”
Monophonics “Sound Of Sinning” (+ D/L)
Morricone, Ennio “Il Diavolo Nel Cervello”
Morricone, Ennio “Gli Intoccabili: Colonna Sonora Originale” (Soundtrack)
Mr. Porter “The Great Depression: Original Instrumentals 2006-2008”
Mudford, Daniel / Pete Woodhead “Shaun Of The Dead: Original Score”
Mura Masa “Someday Somewhere”
MV & EE “Alpine Frequency”
Nice, Paul “Drum Library Vol. 12”
Night Beds “Ivywild” (2LP White Vinyl + D/L)
No Weather Talks “Undoing Defeat”
Olarniran, Tunde “Transgressor” (Colored Vinyl + D/L)
O’Malley, Stephen “Gruides”
Onra “Deep In The Night”
Ossia “Red X”
Owens, Isaiah “You Without Sin Cast The First Stone”
Palatka “The End Of Irony.”
Pan “Pan” (Shadoks Music 177)
Pedrini, Clay “New Dream”
Piccioni, Piero “Minnesota Clay” (Soundtrack)
Pigeondust “Moon, Widsom & Slackness” (Japan Import)
Poledouris, Basil “Robocop: Original Music By Basil Poledouris” (Soundtrack)
Polyversal Souls, The “Invisible Joy” (+ D/L)
Ponty Mython “Mila, It’s Not Over! EP” (Feat. Sebastian Vorhaus)
Prefuse 73 “Every Color Of Darkness” (+ D/L)
Pridjevi “Pridjevi” (+ D/L)
Pulpo “(Untitled)” (CCCP016)
Pvre Matrix “Burning Sulfur”
Queers, The “Beyond The Valley Revisited: Live At Loud & Clear Studios”
Ricci, Vito “I Was Crossing A Bridge”
Rodhad “Haumea”
Rogers, Juju “From The Life Of A Good-For-Nothing”
Russell, Blue “I Wanna Fly Away”
Sarp Yilmaz “Since You’ve Been Gone Away”
Sei A “Gasp / 4ME2 / Never Wander”
Sepi Kuu “Rannan Usvassa”
Severed Heads “Big Saints Reward EP”
Shoji, Osamu “Wicked City: Original Score”
Six Six Seconds “Tearing Down Heaven” (10″)
Slasher Dave “Chubbies: Original Soundtrack Recording” (Ltd. Color + Poster + D/L)
Slim Twig “Thank You For Stickin’ With Twig”
Soumaoro, Idrissa “Ampsa”
Sun Ra “Strange Celestial Road” (180 Gram)
Sylvan Esso “HSKT” (+ D/L)
Tazartes, Ghedalia “La Bar Mitzvah Du Chien / Don’t Cry For Me, Mamma”
Terje, Todd “It’s It’s Remix Time Time”
The The “Hyena: A Soundtrack By The The”
They Might Be Giants “Glean” (+ D/L)
Tomaro, Robert “Slime City” (Soundtrack)
Turner, Ike & Tina “Don’t Play Me Cheap” (Reissue)
Ubre Blanca “Terminal Island”
Ultimate Painting “Green Lanes” (Color Edition + D/L)
Umiliani, Piero “Intrigo A Los Angeles: Colonna Sonora Originale” (Intrige In Los Angeles: Soundtrack)
Units “Digital Stimulation (Redux)” (Colored 180 Gram Remastered + Bonus Tracks + D/L + Poster)
Vaguess “Bodhi Collection”
Vallera, Michael “Distance”
Various “BASHXX1”
Various “I’m In A Strange Town: Blues And Gospel 1927-1967”
Various “Primitive Paradise: Early Exotica 1920-1947”
Various “Lucio Fulci’s Horror & Thriller: Original Soundtrack Music From His Films” (2LP 180 Gram)
Various “The Diary Of A Teenage Girl Soundtrack”
Voices Of East Harlem “Right On Be Free” (Reissue)
Walleater “I/II”
Waters, Roger “Amused To Death” (2LP Picture Discs)
Wen “Senary Cycles” (2×12″)
Wish Key “Orient Express / Last Summer”
XXXY “Regrets / 12049 / Over Peover”
Your Old Droog “Kinison” (White)

Ampere / Raein “Ampere / Raein” (8″)
Druid Lord “Baron Blood”
Fidlar “40 Oz. On Repeat”
Foreseen “Structural Oppression”
Gendron, Myriam / Dorothy Parker “Bric-a-brac / The Small Hours”
No “Big Surprise / The Crash”
Power “Heavy Muscle”
Slasher Dave “Lunatic”
Stand United “Koko Ni Tatsu Riyu”


Cortini, Alessandro “Risveglio”
DeMarco, Mac “Another One”
DJ Roc “Practice What U Preach”
Ilsa “The Felon’s Claw”
King Dude “Songs Of Flesh & Blood – In The Key Of Light”

Tapes (Not in A-Z Order!)
Holm, Michael “Mark Of The Devil: Original Motion Picture Soundtracks ‘Mark Of The Devil’ & ‘Mark Of The Devil II'” (OWS09CS)
Foul Mouth “Soul Louis” (PIK002)
Stretch And Bobbito “Radio That Changed Lives” (SBR001)
DeMarco, Mac “Another One” (CT-228)


Melt-Banana Return of 13 Hedgehogs (MxBx Singles 2000-2009)






Ten years after the release of Melt-Banana’s first compilation of tracks from “hedgehogs” (the name given to singles and splits) comes a new one featuring some more hyperactive noise rock from – as the title suggests – the new millennium this time. It’s another slab of zaniness that demonstrates more mature and tight songwriting: there’s definitely a method to their delightful madness. Some of my favorite original tracks include the sleek and bouncy head-bobber “Sweeper” (from a ten-inch split with Chung) and the innovative spaceship-synth adventure “Pain in Ash” (from a seven-inch split with Young Widows). There are also some great covers throughout, including “Love Song” by The Damned, “Uncontrollable Urge” by Devo and even some epic ska-noise-punk by way of Toots and The Maytals’ “Monkey Man.”
[Reviewer: Mark]
Loren ConnorsBlues: The “Dark Paintings” Of Mark Rothko [Reissue]






(Family Vineyard)
Originally released in an approximately two-hundred-copy pressing in 1990, this record features seven instrumental blues pieces abstractly executed by the New Haven, CT-born Connors (he originally released this under the name Guitar Roberts.) Though he doesn’t say a word, he expertly creates a mournful and hazy mood through his delicate, scattered electric guitar plucking. The resulting sounds makes it feel like the score for a lonely, tranquilized observation of a desert landscape, not unlike the Rothko art that inspired it (the reissue’s cover is an untitled painting that Rothko said was “about death” – indeed, it debuted around the same time he took his own life.)
[Reviewer: Mark]