27th Of May 2016 Update

27th Of May 2016 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

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LPs & 12″s

Ackamoor, Idris & The Pyramids “We Be All Africans” (180 Gram + CD)
Adams, Tom “Voyages By Starlight EP”
Africans With Mainframes “K.M.T.” (Hieroglyphic Being & Noleian Reusse, /1000 + D/L)
Allaire, Robert “Too Late: Original Score” (Color & Standard Editions)
Andy The Doorbum / Justin Aswell “Intent”
Angaiak, John “I’m Lost In The City” (Native North America Archive Series)
Angel Du$t “Rock The Fuck On Forever” (Red)
Antwon “Double Ecstasy” (Ltd. Ed. Translucent Red + D/L)
Ash Koosha “I AKA I” (+ D/L)
Astronautalis “Cut The Body Loose”
August, David “J.B.Y. / Ouvert”
Big Brave “Au De La” (Grey)
Big Thief “Masterpiece” (+ D/L)
Body, The & Full Of Hell “One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache”
Boysen, Ben Lukas “Spells”
Butler, Russel E. L. “The First Step”
Catfish & The Bottlemen “The Ride” (180 Gram + D/L)
Cipriani, Stelvio “Papay: Love Goddess Of The Cannibals” (Soundtrack, Color Vinyl)
Cloud Becomes Your Hand “Rest In Fleas”
Cometa “Cometa”
Czukay, Holger “Movie!”
Dam-Funk “DJ-Kicks” (180 Gram Red Vinyl + CD)
Davis, Miles & Robert Glasper “Everything’s Beautiful”
Davis, Seven Junior “Dancing On The Sun” (+ D/L)
Diarrhea Planet “Turn To Gold” (+ D/L)
Dip In The Pool “On Retinae”
Elfman, Danny “Goosebumps: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Elon Katz “The Human Pet”
Empty Houses “Daydream”
Evans The Death “Vanilla” (180 Gram + D/L)
Fevre, Bernard “Suspense” (Library Music, Filed In Soundtracks)
Fevre, Bernard “The Strange World Of Bernard Fevre” (Library Music In Soundtracks)
Finis Africae “Amazonia”
Flume “Skin”
Gang Of Four “Solid Gold” (30 Yerar Anniversary Issue)
Gatecreeper “Gatecreeper”
Ghostface Killah “More Fish (The Theodore Unit)” (Respect The Classics Edition)
Globelamp “The Orange Glow” (+ D/L, Colored Vinyl)
Gold Panda “Good Luck And Do Your Best” (+ D/L)
Graef, Max & Glenn Astro “The Yard Work Simulator” (+ D/L)
Group, The “The Feed-Back” (+ CD)
Helado Negro “Double Youth” (+ D/L)
Helm & Decimus “We Will Meet At Other Human Parties”
Herrmann, Bernard “Twisted Nerve: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (Black And Yellow Cover Variations – Super Deluxe Edition)
Hesitation Wounds “Awake For Everything” (Ltd. Ed. Color + D/L)
Hotelier, The “Goodness”
Iron Lung “Life. Iron Lung. Death.”
Joy Division “Misplaced: Rare And Unreleased Rehearsals 1977-1980”
Kerrier District “Kerrier District” (Remastered Reissue)
Kontrol, Kristin “X-Communicate” (Loser Ed. + D/L)
Lacuna Coil “Delirium” (180 Gram + CD)
Lamar, Kendrick “Untitled Unmastered.”
Lanza, Jessy “Oh No”
Levitas, Asher “Lit Harness”
Lissvik, Dan “Midnight”
Loon, Morley “Northland, My Land” (Native North America Archive Series)
M.A.K.U. Soundsystem “Mezcla” (180 Gram + D/L)
Mamovic, Damir “Sevdah Takht: Dvojka” (180 Gram + D/L)
Marley, Bob “Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry Masters”
Methyl Ethel “Oh Inhuman Spectacle”
Monkman, Francis “The Long Good Friday: Original Soundtrack Recording”
Monster Magnet “Superjudge” (2LP)
Monster Magnet “Powertrip” (2LP)
Muscle & Marrow “Love”
Myrrors, The “Entranced Earth” (+ D/L)
Nails “Abandon All Life”
Nails “Unsilent Death”
New Order “Grieving In The Shadows” (Unofficial, Live 1980)
Okkultokrati “Night Jerks”
Okkultokrati “Snakereigns”
Ortolani, Riz “Non Si Sevizia Un Paperino (Don’t Torture A Duckling)” (Soundtrack)
Orton, Beth “Kidsticks” (+ D/L)
Pantha Du Prince “The Triad” (2LP Gatefold)
Pentagram Home Video “Who’s Out There?” (180 Gram)
Piccioni, Piero “Bora Bora” (Soundtrack)
Pop Group, The “The Boys Whose Head Exploded” (Picture Disc + D/L)
Prince “Controversy” (Unofficial Single With Banned Cover)
Puddu, Alex “The Golden Age Of Danish Pornography” (Soundtrack)
Quasi “R&B Transmogrification” (Ltd. Ed. Color + D/L)
Quasi “Field Studies” (Ltd. Ed. Color + D/L)
Radiohead “The Bends” (No On XL At Lower Price)
Radiohead “Amnesiac” (2×10″ Now On XL At Lower Price)
Radiohead “Kid A” (2×10″ Now On XL At Lower Price)
Ray, Gemma “The Exodus Suite” (+ 7″ + D/L)
Real Friends “The Home Inside My Head” (Milky/Black Vinyl)
Reid, Terry “The Other Side Of The River”
Rough Kids “Rough Kids”
Shabazz Palaces “LIve At Third Man Records 01-17-2015”
Silvestri, Alan “Back To The Future Part II” (Complete Original Score)
Silvestri, Alan “Back To The Future Part I” (Complete Original Score)
Soler, Pedro + Gaspar Claus “Al Viento”
This Heat “This Heat” (Standard Reissue)
Those Pretty Wrongs “These Pretty Wrongs”
Thrice “To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere” (+ D/L)
Torn Hawk “Union & Return”
Tyrannosaurus Rex “A Crown Of Dark Swansdown” (Live 1970)
Ultimate Painting “Live At Third Man Records 09-24-2015”
Umiliani, Piero “La Ragazza Fuoristrada” (Soundtrack)
Umiliani, Piero “Angeli Bianchi… …Angel Neri” (Soundtrack + CD)
Umiliani, Piero “Psichedelica” (Library Music, Filed In Soundtracks + CD)
Various “Studio One Dub Fire Special”
Various “Boombox 1: Early Independent Hip Hop, Electro And Disco Rap 1979-82”
Various “The Warriors” (Soundtrack, Remastered Film Score & Soundtrack)
Various “CitiTrax Tracks Volume 2”
Wailers, The “The Wailing Wailers” (Studio 1 1st Edition Cover Reissue)
Weekend Nachos “Apology”
Wolfpack “A New Dawn Fades”
Wolfpack “All Day Hell”
Wolfpack “Lycanthro Punk”
Workdub “Workdub EP”
Yumi Zouma “Yoncalla” (+ D/L)


Cordell, Frank “Demon” (Soundtrack)
Death And Vanilla “From Above / Lux”
Goat “I Sing In Silence / The Snake Of Addis Ababa”
Herrmann, Bernard “Twisted Nerve” (Soundtrack)
Hunter, James Six “(Baby) Hold On / Carina”
Paperhead, The “Africa (Live)”
Toms, The “Fake Christmas” (/500)
Various “The Monster Squad (Frankenstein Version)”
Witch Of The Waste “Made Of Teeth”


Ackamoor, Idris & The Pyramids “We Be All Africans”
Africans With Mainframes “Africans With Mainframes: Hieroglyphic Being & Noleian Reusse” (Ltd. /1000)
Behexen “The Poisonous Path”
Big Brave “Au De La”
Black Breath “Slaves Beyond Death”
Car Seat Headrest “Teens Of Style”
Catfish & The Bottlemen “The Ride”
Diarrhea Planet “Turn To Gold”
Gold Panda “Good Luck And Do Your Best”
Hotelier, The “Goodness”
Kozelek, Mark “Sings Favorites”
Lacuna Coil “Delirium” (Deluxe Edition)
Levitas, Asher “Lit Harness”
Lone “Levitate”
Muscle & Marrow “Love”
Okkultokrati “Snakereigns/Night Jerks”
Pantha Du Prince “The Triad”
Sepalcure “Folding Time”
Sole & DJ Pain 1 “Nihilismo”
Syberia “Resiliency”
Various “Day Of The Dead” (5xCD, The National & Friends Cover The Grateful Dead)
Vektor “Terminal Redux”


Cipriani, Stelvio “Papaya, Love Goddess Of The Cannibals” (Soundtrack)
Flatliner “Black Medicine” (HD025)
Fox / Soper Duo “Magenta Line” (NNA091)
Green, Colleen “Infinity Cat Cassette Series” (ICR112)
Life Drag “Life Drag” (LUNGS-078)
Nerftoss “Crushed” (NNA090)
Phillips & Jensen “Patra” (HD031)
Rogers, Derek “A Physical Ascension” (HD029)
Samantha Glass “Preperation For A Spot In The World” (HD032)
Skullcaster “Revaluation” (HD024)
Smokey Emery “Soundtrack For Invisibility Vol. III” (HD023)
Tomorrow’s Tulips “Indy Rock Royalty Comb” (BRGR910)
Troller “Graphic” (HD035)



Guantanamo Baywatch Darling… It’s Too Late
(Suicide Squeeze)
This Portland, Oregon trio’s sound is heavily rooted in classic surf rock mixed with garage punk. There are fun songs such as opener “Jungle Bride” (with lyrics about falling in love with a chimpanzee) as well as instrumentals including “Raunch Stomp” and “Mr. Rebel” (an Eddie & The Showmen cover) to perfectly capture authentic surf twang. The centerpiece ballad “Too Late” features soulful vocals from Curtis Harding (who has a record and single on Burger Records.)
[Reviewer: Mark]

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