30th Of September 2016 Update

30th Of September 2016 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
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LPs & 12″s

Alessandroni, Alessandro “Alessandro Alessandroni”
Anicon “Exegeses” (+ D/L)
Ansome “Stowaway Remixes”
Asphyx “Incoming Death” (180 Gram + Poster)
Automatisme “Momentform Accumulations” (180 Gram + Poster + D/L)
Barnett, Courtney “Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit.” (Pink Vinyl)
Battle Trance “Blade Of Love” (+ D/L)
Bellows “Fist & Palm” (Bone)
Blixaboy “Humanoid X”
Blonde Redhead “Masculin Feminin” (Numero 205 Box Set)
Bluntman Deejay “Esoteric (Real)”
Bon Iver “22, A Million” (+ D/L With Bonus “22/10″ 12”)
Bon Iver “22, A Million” (+ D/L)
Brand New “Daisy”
Business, The “1980-81 Complete Studio Collection”
Camberwell Now, The “Meridian” (Ltd. Ed. Color)
Camberwell Now, The “The Ghost Trade” (Reissue + D/L)
Caustic Resin “The Medicine Is All Gone”
Certain Creatures “Pleasure Principle”
Chelsea “Chelsea” (Debut Reissue)
Cosmin TRG “Serpenti (Remixed By Lucy) / Oblic (Minor Science’s Non-Newtonian Fluid Mix)”
Der Zyklus “Cherenkov-Radiation”
Devine, Kevin “Brother’s Blood”
Devine, Kevin “Put Your Ghost To Rest”
Dezurik Sisters “Yodel And Sing Their Greatest Hits”
Dillon “Live At Haus Der Berliner Festspiele” (+ CD)
Expire “With Regret”
Eztv “High In Place”
Fidenco, Nico “La Ragazzina: Colonna Sonora Originale”
Fielding, Jerry “The Nightcomers: Original Film Music” (/500 First Pressing)
Fis “From Patterns To Details”
Funk Factory “Funk Factory”
Garbage & The Flowers “Eyes Rind As If Beggars”
Ghost “Popestar”
Gwyer, Karen “Don’t Be Afraid”
Hail The Sun “Culture Scars” (Ltd. Sand Colored Vinyl)
Hammock “Raising Your Voice… Trying To Stop And Echo” (Remastered)
Harris, Betty “The Lost Queen Of New Orleans Soul” (Soul Jazz Records 2LP + D/L)
Hazel, Eddie “Game, Dames, And Guitar Thangs” (Reissue)
Heard, Larry “Black Oceans”
High Spirits “Motivator”
Host “All Night Every Night / State Of Your Soul”
Husayn, Shafiq Presents The Loop “On Our Way Home”
Hval, Jenny “Blood Bitch”
Infinity Crush “Warmth Equation” (Color Vinyl + D/L)
Itasca “Open To Chance”
Jet “Get Born” (180 Gram Vinyl – Rocktober)
Kessler, Bryan “10,000 Suns”
Kicker “Rendered Obsolete”
Kool Keith “Feature Magnetic” (+ D/L)
Krallice “Hyperion” (+ D/L)
Lattimore, Mary & Maxwell August Croy “Terelan Canyon”
Low “The Exit Papers”
Mac, Tee “Night Illusion” (/1,000 + D/L)
Meridian Arc “Aphantasia”
Milemarker “Frigid Forms Sell” (+ D/L)
Morricone Youth “The Adventures Of Prince Achmed – Original Live Score” (+ D/L)
Morricone, Ennio “Contemporanea Mente” (Filed In Soundtracks)
Mr. Mitch “On The Blob / Milo”
Murcof + Wagner “Statea” (+ D/L)
Naked “Zone” (Agnes Gryczkowska & Alexander Johnston)
Naked Raygun “Throb Throb” (Reissue)
Naked Raygun “Raygun… Naked Raygun” (Ltd. Ed. Black & White /50)
Oathbreaker “Rheia” (Deathwish Indie Store Exclusive Colored Vinyl)
Off World “1”
Opeth “Sorceress” (2LP Pink Vinyl)
Orchestra Cometa “Daydream”
Parker, Elizabeth & BBC Radiophonic Workshop “The Living Planet: A Portrait Of Earth – Music From The BBC TV Series” (Arctic Pearl Vinyl)
Peaer “Peaer”
Perseus Traxx “Take Your Chance”
Peter And The Test Tube Babies “Supermodels” (Reissue)
Pional “When Love Hurts”
Pixies “Head Carrier” (180 Gram + D/L)(Pink Vinyl)
Planetary Assault Systems “Arc Angel” (3LP + D/L)
Portishead “Dummy” (20th Anniversary Reissue 180 Gram + D/L))
Presley, Tim “The Wink”
Prurient “Pleasure Ground”
Purson “Desire’s Magic Theatre”
Quayle, Mac “Mr. Robot: Original Soundtrack//Volume 1” (Solid White)
Quayle, Mac “Mr. Robot: Original Soundtrack//Volume 2” (Solid White)
Ramones “Rocket To Russia” (180 Gram Reissue)
Resina “Resina”
Rihanna “Anti” (Tri-Fold Embossed Cover)
Rotting Christ “Kata Ton Aaimona Eaytoy” (White Vinyl 2LP /500)
Rrose / Orphx “Summer Solstice Edition”
Rundle, Emma Ruth “Marked For Death”
Ruskin, James “Conspiracy E.P.” (Blue Vinyl)
Scott, Patrice “People Of Earth (POEM005)”
Serra, Eric “Leon, The Professional: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Sharp, Jason “A Boat Upon Its Blood” (180 Gram + Poster + D/L)
Silver Apples “Clinging To A Dream”
Simple Plan “Taking One For The Team” (+ D/L)
Smith, Elliott “Elliott Smith”
Smith, Elliott “Roman Candle”
Spektor, Regina “Remember Us To Life” (2LP With 3 Bonus Tracks)
Sport “Slow”
Steaming Coils “Breaded” (180 Gram Colored Vinyl Ltd. Ed.)
Suicidal Tendencies “World Gone Mad” (2LP Blue Vinyl + D/L)
Survive “Survive (RR7349)” (Black Vinyl)
Tangerine Dream “Booster” (3LP Blue, Red & White Vinyl Ltd. Ed.)
Testament “Souls Of Black” (Music On Vinyl 180 Gram)
Testament “The Formation Of Damnation” (Black Vinyl)
Thomas, Pat “Coming Home: Original Ghanaian Highlife & Afrobeat Classics 1967-1981” (180 Gram + CD)
Ultimate Painting “Dusk” (Ltd. Purple Vinyl + D/L)
Umfang “Riffs”
Umiliani, Piero “Percussioni Ed Effetti Speciali” (+ CD)
Various “I Love Acid 010”
Various “The Essential Doi Inthanon: Classic Isan Pops From The70s-80s”
Various “Akriliko” (Soundtrack)
Velvet Underground, The “The Legendary Guitar Amp Tapes Vol. 2”
Videodrones “Mondo Ferox”
Von Deyen, Adelbert “Sternzeit”
Warehouse “Super Low” (+ D/L Color Vinyl)
Warzone “Don’t Forget The Struggle Don’t Forget The Streets”
Waterhouse, Nick “Never Twice”
Wicca Phase Springs Eternal “Secret Boy”
Wytches, The “Annabel Dream Reader”
Youandewan “Luna Via”
Zenker, Marco “Phony Pictures”


Burch, Molly “Downhearted / I Adore You”
No Age “Separation”
Story, Dexter “Wejene Aola” (Ft. Kamasi Washington)
Wake Of Humanity “At Capacity”


Bell, W. Kamau “Semi-Prominent Negro”
Blonde Redhead “Masculin Feminin” (Numero 205 Box Set)
Bon Iver “22, A Million”
Brown, Danny “Atrocity Exhibition”
Charred Walls Of The Damned “Creatures Watching Over The Dead”
Entombed “The Best Of Entombed”
Every Time I Die “Low Teens”
Fis “From Patterns To Details”
Hval, Jenny “Blood Bitch”
Inquisition “Bloodshed Across The Empyreon Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith”
Jackson, Wade “Whiskey Alpha Delta Echo”
Lustmord “Dark Matter”
Machinedrum “Human Energy”
Morbid Angel “The Best Of Morbid Angel”
Murcof + Wagner “Statea”
Oathbreaker “Rheia”
Opeth “Sorceress” (Ltd. Ed. Digipak 2CD With 5 Bonus Tracks)
Pixies “Head Carrier”
Planetary Assault Systems “Arc Angel” (2CD + D/L)
Spektor, Regina “Remember Us To Life” ( Deluxe)
True Widow “Avvolgere”
Vukari “Divination”


Bon Iver “22, A Million” (JAG300)
Death Cab For Cutie “The Photo Album” (BARK21CS)(Cassette Store Day Release – Available October 8th)
Expire “With Regret” (Bridge Nine Records)
Gonjasufi “Callus” (WARPMC278 + Patch)(Cassette Store Day Release – Available October 8th)
Infinity Crush “Warmth Equation” (JOY VOID #009)
Jay Dee (J Dilla) “Welcome 2 Detroit + The Shining” (BBE388)(Cassette Store Day Release – Available October 8th)
Neaux “Fell Off The Deep End” (+ D/L, Iron Pier)


Flanagan, Harley “Hard Core: Life Of My Own” (Book)


Thee Oh Sees A Weird Exits (Castle Face)








This extremely prolific San Franciscan garage-punk band has released one or two albums every year since 2003, and their latest effort still manages to be a loud burst of rocking energy. The production quality is better than some of their lo-fi work, but it manages to strike a good middle ground to make all the parts stand out without sounding too distorted or too refined. “Ticklish Warrior”, for example, is a blast with a wall of noise rock, and the howling guitar-filled “Plastic Plant” sounds like a good theme for a modern video game level.

Orgone Beyond The Sun (Colemine / Shanachie)








Orgone’s music quickly brings up the feeling club or disco in the 60s or 70s, thanks to their use of smooth vocals, funky bass, horns and organ to create a sound encompassing funk, soul and Afrobeat. It also sounds fresh and contemporary enough to avoid sounding dated, like a re-imagining of how modern audiences can get into its groovy new structures. One of the highlights is opener “Don’t Push Your Luck”, starting as a slow-burner that swells to a passionate, vocal-layered chorus.

[Reviewer: Mark]

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