7th of October 2016 Update

7th Of October 2016 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
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LPs & 12″s

Alpha & Omega Meets Ras Tinny “No Beginning No End”
AMSG “Hostis Universi Generis”
Antunes, Jorge “Musica Eletronica”
Aus-Rotten “The System Works For Them”
Balance and Composure “Light We Made” (+ Bonus 7″)
Bat “Wings Of Chains”
Bitori “Legend Of Funana”
Blake, James “The Colour In Anything”
Blind Owl Wilson “Blind Owl Wilson”
Blink 182 “Enema Of The State”
Blink 182 “Cheshire Cat”

Blink 182 “Take Off Your Pants And Jacket”
Blink 182 “Neighborhoods”
Blink 182 “Dude Ranch”
Bocal 5 “Musique Electronique”
Boom Bip “Sun Choke” (Original Soundtrack)
Brain Tentacles “Brain Tentacles”
Carnophage “Monument”
Crowhurst “II”
Crown Court “Capital Offence”
Cultes Des Ghoules “Spectres Over Transylvania”
Dance Gavin Dance “Mothership”
Danny & The Darleans “Bug Out”
Davis, Miles “Birth Of The Cool”
Delay, Vladislav “Tummaa”
Devil Wears Prada, The “Transit Blues” (+ D/L color vinyl)
Die Form “Zoo”
Diseno Corbusier “Stadia”
Ex-Cult “Negative Growth”
Flamin’ Groovies “Groovies Greatest Hits”
Funeral Chic “Hatred Swarm” (Ltd. 150 gram)
Gatecreeper “Sonoran Depravation”
Generacion Suicida “Sombras”
GOAT “Requiem”
Gomberg, Billy “Slight At That Contract
Green Day “Revolution Radio”
Haack, Bruce “The Electric Lucifer”
Head Of The Demon “Sathanas Trismegistos”
Hiss Golden Messenger “Heart Like A Levee”
Impaled Nazarene “Latex Cult”
Isan “Glass Bird Movement”
Jansch, Bert “Bert Jansch”
Jemh Circs “Jemh Circs”
Jones, Norah “Day Breaks”
Joyce Manor “Cody”
Jungle Nausea “Jungle Nausea”
Kaleidoscope “Kaleidoscope”
Kubin, Felix und das Mineralorchester II “Music For Film And Theatre”
Lady Wray “Queen Alone”
Lanegan, Mark “Whiskey For The Holy Ghost”
Lanegan, Mark “The Winding Sheet”
Laraaji “Om Namah Shivaya” (+D/L Orange Vinyl)
Magic In Threes “IV” (+ D/L)
MF Doom “Unexpected Guests”
Moondoggies, The “Don’t Be A Stranger”
Mouth Of The Architect “Path Of Eight”
NOFX “First Ditch Effort”
Oasis “Be Here Now”
People Under The Stairs “The Gettin’ Off Stage Step 2 EP” (Ltd. Color Vinyl)
People Under The Stairs “The Gettin’ Off Stage Step 1 EP” (Ltd. Color Vinyl)
Poison Girls “Where’s The Pleasure”
Primitive Weapons “The Future Of Death”
Profanatica “The Curling Flame Of Blasphemy”
Psychic TV “Alienist”
Puff “Living In The Partyzone”
Seasick Steve “Keepin’ The Horse Between Me And The Ground”
Shonen Knife “Pretty Little Baka Guy”
Shonen Knife “712”
Shonen Knife “Burning Farm”
Shonen Knife “Yama No Attchan”
Shovels & Rope “Little Seeds”
Sikth “Opacities”
Sleep “Holy Mountain”
Sonic Youth “Confusion Is Sex”
Sonic Youth “NYC Ghosts & Flowers
SPR! “Mental Health”
Surgikill “Sanguinary Revelations”
Symmetry “The Magician”
Taj Mahal Travellers “Live” (Blue Vinyl)
Tenniscoats “Music Exists Disc 2”
Thor & Friends “Thor And Friends”
Traversable Wormhole “Sublight Velocities”
Traxman ft. DJ Fred “Slash Time – The Album”
Vanity “Don’t Be Shy”
Various Artists “Drive” (OST – Ltd. 12″ Single)
Various Artists “Burkina Faso: Volume 1”
Various Artists “Burkina Faso: Volume 2”
Various Artists “Burkina Faso: Volume 3”
Various Artists “Midas : One-derful! Collection” (+ D/L)
Videodrome “Videodrome”
Wytches, The “All Your Happy Life”
Yoakam, Dwight “Swimmin’ Pools, Movie Stars”
Yves Tumor “Serpent Music”


Fall, The “Slates”
Monolord “Lord Of Suffering”


DOA “World War 3”
Jagged Visions “Beyond The Serpents Touch”
Miracle Drug “Demo 2015”
Oh Sees / Ty Segall “Oh Sees / Ty Segall”
Pansy Division “Blame The Bible”
Peacebreakers “Every Day Battle”
Sardonic Witchery “The Maniac Of Steel”
Steel Chains “Steel Chains”


GOAT “Requiem”
Agatus “The Eternalist”
Alcest “Kodama”
Balance and Composure “Light We Made”
Brain Tentacles “Brain Tentacles”
Demoncy “Faustian Dawn”
Dysrythmia “The Veil Of Control”
Gaslamp Killer, The “Instrumentalepathy”
Gatecreeper “Sonoran Deprivation”
Joyce Manor “Cody”
Nuclear Holocaust “Overkill Commando”
Orleans, Ela “Circles Of Upper And Lower Hell”
Rot “Nowhere”
Rotten UK “That Is Not Dead…..”
Shed The Skin “Harrowing Faith”
Wife “Standard Nature”


Brujeria “Pocho Aztlan”
GOAT “Requiem”


Can “Live At The Koln Sporthalle, 3 February 1972”
Death Cab For Cutie “The Photo Album”
Gonjasufi “Callus” (+ free patch)
J Dilla “Welcome 2 Detroit + The Shining”
Prince “Live At Capital Theatre Passaic NJ January 30, 1982”
Tame Impala “Live At Lowlands, September 9, 2015”
Various Artists “RAD (Music From The Motion Picture)”
Various Artists “Valley Girl (Music From The Motion Picture)”


Nuke Nuke (Hells Headbangers)









Here’s the debut full-length from a Detroit band specializing in classic high-soaring, high-energy speed/thrash metal reminiscent of bands like Iron Maiden and Nocturnal Breed. Led by Shitfucker’s growling and shrieking vocalist/bassist Richie Riot and also including members of Perversion, Reaper, Borrowed Time and Anguish, Nuke’s metal is both aggressive and melodic, with the production quality successfully capturing all of the fury.  “Metal Inferno” is definitely a standout track: it’s nearly three-and-a-half minutes of anthemic, catchy and satisfying punk-infused metal.

Moose Blood I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time (No Sleep)









Formed in Canterbury, Kent, England in 2012, Moose Blood play intensely melodic emo in the vein of bands like Brand New and Taking Back Sunday. On this debut album (they’ve also recently put out their follow-up called Blush), the heartfelt lyrics include themes of looking back on memories including past relationships, as well as wanting to simply reconnect and hang out. One highlight is “Bukowski”, about yearning to be someone’s special someone forever while also thinking “I’m the best book you’ll never read.”

[Reviewer: Mark]

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