Redscroll Employee Music We Really Liked Lists 2016

Wondering what we here liked this past year? Wonder no more!
Here’s 10 things each of us liked a lot (10+ in a couple cases).  The order is strictly alphabetical. Links to listen and search our store online as well (unfortunately not all in stock – remedying as fast as we can in instances it is possible).


75 Dollar Bill “Wood/Metal/Plastic/Pattern/Rhythm/Rock” (Thin Wrist) [Search/BuyListen]
Counter Intuits “Monosyllabilly” (Pyramid Scheme Records) [Search/BuyListen]
The Double “Dawn Of The Double” (In The Red) [Search/BuyListen]
Foster Body “Moving Display” (Diabolical Records) [Search/BuyListen]
Guerilla Toss “Eraser Stargazer” (DFA) [Search/BuyListen]
Mystery Lights “Mystery Lights” (Wick Records) [Search/Buy Listen]
Rob Noyes “The Feudal Spirit” (Poon Village) [Sorry, this one is sold out everywhere.  – Listen]
Olympians “Olympians” (Daptone) [Search/Buy Listen]
Powell “Sport” (XL Recordings) [Search/BuyListen]
Writhing Squares “In The Void Above” (Siltbreeze) [Search/BuyListen]

Dark Thoughts “Dark Thoughts” (Stupid Bag/Drunken Sailor Records) [Search/Buy Listen]
Dyke Drama “Up Against the Bricks” (Drunken Sailor/Salinas Records) [Search/BuyListen]
Mitski “Puberty 2” (Dead Oceans) [Search/Buy Listen]
Tony Molina “Confront the Truth” 7″ (Slumberland Records) [Search/Buy Listen]
Mothercountry Motherfuckers “Confidential Human Source” (Empyre/Clean Plate Records) [Search/Buy Listen]
Frank Ocean “Blonde” (Boys Don’t Cry/XL Recordings) [Search/BuyListen]
Angel Olsen “My Woman” (Jagjaguwar) [Search/Buy Listen]
“Pieces in Space” (Don Giovanni) [Search/BuyListen]
Sheer Mag “III” 7″ (Static Shock Records / Wilsuns Recording Company) [Search/Buy Listen]
Sneaks “Gymnastics” (Merge Records) [Search/BuyListen]

All New Haven Honorable Mentions:
Stefan Christensen “American Pastoral Again” (Ever/Never) [Search/BuyListen]
Headroom “Headroom” (C/Site Recordings) [Search/BuyListen]
Worn Leather “Tape 3” (Self-Released) [Search/BuyListen]

Axis / Seraph the Light (Good Fight) [Search/BuyListen]
Demdike Stare “Wonderland” (Modern Love) [Search/Buy Listen]
Dinosaur Jr. “Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not” (Jagjaguwar) [Search/BuyListen]
Dissolve “Sasquatch” (Maitsuba) [Search/BuyListen]
DJ Earl “Open Your Eyes” (Teklife) [Search/BuyListen]
DJ Rashad “Afterlife” (Teklife) [Search/BuyListen]
Neurosis “Fires Within Fires” (Neurot Recordings) [Search/BuyListen]
Off With Their Heads “Won’t Be Missed” (Anxious And Angry) [Search/Buy Listen]
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement “Green Graves” (Hospital Productions) [Search/BuyListen]
Skepta “Konnichiwa” (Boy Better Know) [Search/BuyListen]

Abbath “Abbath” (Season Of Mist) [Search/Buy Listen]
Amon Amarth “Jomsviking” (Metal Blade Records) [Search/BuyListen]
Big Business “Command Your Weather” (Joyful Noise Recordings) [Search/BuyListen]
John Carpenter “Lost Themes II” (Sacred Bones Records) [Search/BuyListen]
Daughter “Not To Disappear” (4AD/Glassnote) [Search/BuyListen]
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein “Stranger Things (A Netflix Original Series)” (Soundtrack/Score) (Lakeshore/Invada Records) [Search/BuyListen]
Esben And The Witch “Older Terrors” (Season Of Mist) [Search/BuyListen]
Harley Flanagan “Cro-Mags” (171-A Records/MVD Audio) [Search/BuyListen]
Neurosis “Fires Within Fires” (Neurot Recordings) [Search/BuyListen]
Emma Ruth Rundle “Marked For Death” (Sargent House) [Search/BuyListen]

EPs worth mentioning:
Dirt Devil “Satin’s Kingdom” CS (Self-Released) [Search/BuyListen]
Dissolve “Sasquatch” 7” (Maitsuba) [Search/BuyListen]
Mindforce “2016 Demo” CS (Self-Released) [Search/BuyListen]
StabYouInTheHead “Throw Ups” CS (CT Hate Records/Threat Collection) [Search/Buy Listen]

Body Sculptures “A Body Turns To Eden” (Posh Isolation) [Search/Buy Listen]
Boy Harsher “Yr Body Is Nothing” (DKA Records) [Search/BuyListen]
Equiknoxx “Bird Sound Power” (DDS) [Search/Buy Listen]
In Aeternam Vale + Anneq “Je Ai Dissous” (Page R Version) [Search/BuyListen]
Sam Kidel “Disruptive Muzak” (The Death Of Rave) [Search/BuyListen]
Lolina (Inga Copeland) “Live In Paris” (Self-Released) [Search/BuyListen]
Mare Cognitum “Luminiferous Aether” (I,Voidhanger Records/Fallen Empire) [Search/BuyListen]
Abul Mogard “Works” (Ecstatic) [Search/Buy Listen]
Poorgrrrl “Pitiparti” (Parachute Records) [Search/BuyListen]
Solange “A Seat At The Table” (Columbia/Saint Records) [Search/BuyListen]