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RSR PC 074 Staff Favorites of 2023

Whoops… mostly music!

Here it is – the end of the year favorites podcast including lists by each staff member here at Redscroll! The podcast has a clip from each album.  It’s a fun listen!  

[Lists are alphabetical – no particular order otherwise. Some of Josh’s and Rick’s lists got tacked on at the end with fun text to voice notes.]


First off,  these are things we loved enough to release and Josh and I (Rick) didn’t include in our own favorites list because it is basically a given.

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RSR PC 050 Redscroll Favorites of 2021

It’s the beginning of a new year so first off HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hoping the best for everyone in the coming year!

Rick and Josh host the podcast with no guests and plenty of music clips. We assembled a list for each of our full time staff here. Rick and Josh rip through their respective lists and then those submitted by Caren and David. All of those are listed below. Tune in for some light commentary and clips of them all to check out.

This past year brought us a ton of excellent music and that’s definitely reflected in these lists we’ve put together here. There is also a Spotify playlist linked below to give everything a deeper listen (aka check out the full songs and not just clips).

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RSR PC 039 Favorites of 2020 Episode

Happy New Year!

On this episode we talk about our favorite releases of 2020. Josh and Rick talk amongst themselves including a list submitted by Caren.  This is our first episode back in action since beginning our move and we glory in the reverb of the new big space!

Below you’ll find our lists. The show follows the lists in the order presented (Caren has some extra content shown here not mentioned on the show). The opening song is Space Camp song that plays a little more later on.

Beyond what we loved from other labels this year we also released 3 records this year that we’re still stoked on; the Space Camp, Landing / Headroom and Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean records all came out great and if you haven’t yet please do check them out! Available in our Big Cartel and in our Discogs shops.

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2017 Staff Favorites

Hey all!

Wondering what we all here at Redscroll loved listening to this past year?  Wonder no more! Below you’ll find lists from each of us. Some of us even had one particular top favorite that we highlighted. Beyond the top favorite each of our lists is in alphabetical order with links to search for it in our online shop (those that we have online are also available in store of course – the search might reveal that we are currently out of stock and you can rest assured that we are working to keep all of these in stock as much as we can).
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Redscroll Employee Music We Really Liked Lists 2016

Wondering what we here liked this past year? Wonder no more!
Here’s 10 things each of us liked a lot (10+ in a couple cases).  The order is strictly alphabetical. Links to listen and search our store online as well (unfortunately not all in stock – remedying as fast as we can in instances it is possible).


75 Dollar Bill “Wood/Metal/Plastic/Pattern/Rhythm/Rock” (Thin Wrist) [Search/BuyListen]
Counter Intuits “Monosyllabilly” (Pyramid Scheme Records) [Search/BuyListen]
The Double “Dawn Of The Double” (In The Red) [Search/BuyListen]
Foster Body “Moving Display” (Diabolical Records) [Search/BuyListen]
Guerilla Toss “Eraser Stargazer” (DFA) [Search/BuyListen]
Mystery Lights “Mystery Lights” (Wick Records) [Search/Buy Listen]
Rob Noyes “The Feudal Spirit” (Poon Village) [Sorry, this one is sold out everywhere.  – Listen]
Olympians “Olympians” (Daptone) [Search/Buy Listen]
Powell “Sport” (XL Recordings) [Search/BuyListen]
Writhing Squares “In The Void Above” (Siltbreeze) [Search/BuyListen]

Dark Thoughts “Dark Thoughts” (Stupid Bag/Drunken Sailor Records) [Search/Buy Listen]
Dyke Drama “Up Against the Bricks” (Drunken Sailor/Salinas Records) [Search/BuyListen]
Mitski “Puberty 2” (Dead Oceans) [Search/Buy Listen]
Tony Molina “Confront the Truth” 7″ (Slumberland Records) [Search/Buy Listen]
Mothercountry Motherfuckers “Confidential Human Source” (Empyre/Clean Plate Records) [Search/Buy Listen]
Frank Ocean “Blonde” (Boys Don’t Cry/XL Recordings) [Search/BuyListen]
Angel Olsen “My Woman” (Jagjaguwar) [Search/Buy Listen]
“Pieces in Space” (Don Giovanni) [Search/BuyListen]
Sheer Mag “III” 7″ (Static Shock Records / Wilsuns Recording Company) [Search/Buy Listen]
Sneaks “Gymnastics” (Merge Records) [Search/BuyListen]

All New Haven Honorable Mentions:
Stefan Christensen “American Pastoral Again” (Ever/Never) [Search/BuyListen]
Headroom “Headroom” (C/Site Recordings) [Search/BuyListen]
Worn Leather “Tape 3” (Self-Released) [Search/BuyListen]

Axis / Seraph the Light (Good Fight) [Search/BuyListen]
Demdike Stare “Wonderland” (Modern Love) [Search/Buy Listen]
Dinosaur Jr. “Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not” (Jagjaguwar) [Search/BuyListen]
Dissolve “Sasquatch” (Maitsuba) [Search/BuyListen]
DJ Earl “Open Your Eyes” (Teklife) [Search/BuyListen]
DJ Rashad “Afterlife” (Teklife) [Search/BuyListen]
Neurosis “Fires Within Fires” (Neurot Recordings) [Search/BuyListen]
Off With Their Heads “Won’t Be Missed” (Anxious And Angry) [Search/Buy Listen]
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement “Green Graves” (Hospital Productions) [Search/BuyListen]
Skepta “Konnichiwa” (Boy Better Know) [Search/BuyListen]

Abbath “Abbath” (Season Of Mist) [Search/Buy Listen]
Amon Amarth “Jomsviking” (Metal Blade Records) [Search/BuyListen]
Big Business “Command Your Weather” (Joyful Noise Recordings) [Search/BuyListen]
John Carpenter “Lost Themes II” (Sacred Bones Records) [Search/BuyListen]
Daughter “Not To Disappear” (4AD/Glassnote) [Search/BuyListen]
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein “Stranger Things (A Netflix Original Series)” (Soundtrack/Score) (Lakeshore/Invada Records) [Search/BuyListen]
Esben And The Witch “Older Terrors” (Season Of Mist) [Search/BuyListen]
Harley Flanagan “Cro-Mags” (171-A Records/MVD Audio) [Search/BuyListen]
Neurosis “Fires Within Fires” (Neurot Recordings) [Search/BuyListen]
Emma Ruth Rundle “Marked For Death” (Sargent House) [Search/BuyListen]

EPs worth mentioning:
Dirt Devil “Satin’s Kingdom” CS (Self-Released) [Search/BuyListen]
Dissolve “Sasquatch” 7” (Maitsuba) [Search/BuyListen]
Mindforce “2016 Demo” CS (Self-Released) [Search/BuyListen]
StabYouInTheHead “Throw Ups” CS (CT Hate Records/Threat Collection) [Search/Buy Listen]

Body Sculptures “A Body Turns To Eden” (Posh Isolation) [Search/Buy Listen]
Boy Harsher “Yr Body Is Nothing” (DKA Records) [Search/BuyListen]
Equiknoxx “Bird Sound Power” (DDS) [Search/Buy Listen]
In Aeternam Vale + Anneq “Je Ai Dissous” (Page R Version) [Search/BuyListen]
Sam Kidel “Disruptive Muzak” (The Death Of Rave) [Search/BuyListen]
Lolina (Inga Copeland) “Live In Paris” (Self-Released) [Search/BuyListen]
Mare Cognitum “Luminiferous Aether” (I,Voidhanger Records/Fallen Empire) [Search/BuyListen]
Abul Mogard “Works” (Ecstatic) [Search/Buy Listen]
Poorgrrrl “Pitiparti” (Parachute Records) [Search/BuyListen]
Solange “A Seat At The Table” (Columbia/Saint Records) [Search/BuyListen]