2nd of June 2017 Update

2nd of June 2017 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
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LPs & 12″s

Agents Of Time “Day One EP”
All Time Low “Last Young Renegade” (+ D/L)
Alt-J “Relaxer” (+ D/L)
Asphixiation “What Is This Thing Called ‘Disco’?” (+ D/L)
Auerbach, Dan “Waiting On A Song” (Indie Exclusive Blue / Yellow Vinyl + D/L)
Auerbach, Dan “Waiting On A Song”
Bassett, Marcia & Samara Lubelski “Live, NYC”
Beach Fossils “Somersault” (+ D/L)
Beach Fossils “Somersault” (Ltd. Red Vinyl + D/L)
Best Available Technology “Exposure Therapy”
Black Ryder, The “Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride”
Blondie “The Old Waldorf, San Francisco September 1977”
Buffalo Tom “Let Me Come Over” (25th Anniversary Edition)

Campbell, Cornell “Ropin'”
Chastity Belt “I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone” (Ltd. Color Vinyl + D/L)
Coltrane, John & Wilbur Harden “Tanganyika Strut”
Conrad, Tony “Ten Years Alive On The Infinite Plain”
D’Alberto, Luca “Endless” (+ D/L)
Danzig “Skeletons” (Purple & Black / 1200)
Danzig, Glenn “Black Aria”
Dreamcar “Dreamcar”
Dubfire “Hybrid: A Decade Of Dubfire [2006-2016]”
Dylan, Bob & Tom Petty “Live On The Radio ’86”
Eighteen Visions “XVIII” (Ltd. Color Vinyl + D/L)
Erez, Noga “Off The Radar” (+ D/L)
Fields, Lee & the Expressions “Special Night Instrumentals”
Follakzoid “II” (Sacred Bones 10th Anniversary Edition, “Outer Space” Color / 400)
Garcia, Jerry “Old & In The Way”
Gibbs, Freddie “You Only Live 2Wice”
Gold Dime “Nerves”
Gothic Tropic “Fast Or Feast”
Grotto “At Last..”
Hackman, Marika “I’m Not Your Man” (Ltd. Loser Edition Color Vinyl + D/L)
Helium “The Dirt Of Luck”
Helium “Ends With And” (Yellow / Blue Vinyl)
Helium “The Magic City & No Guitars”
Holiday, Billie “The Blues Are Brewin'”
Institute “Subordination” (Ltd. Clear Vinyl)
INXS “Live At The Cleveland Agora June 1984”
Lowe, RG “Slow Time” (+ D/L)
Lynch, David & Alan R. Splet “Eraserhead” (Sacred Bones 10th Anniversary Edition, Silver/1000 + 7″, Art Prints, & D/L)
Lynyrd Skynyrd “Super Jam With Dickie Betts & Charlie Daniels”
Magas “Explanatory Denial”
Men, The “Open Your Heart” (Sacred Bones 10th Anniversary Edition, Purple Vinyl /500)
Moon Duo “Killing Time” (Sacred Bones 10th Anniversary Expanded Edition /1000)
Moon, Ko Shin “Ko Shin Moon” (+ D/L)
Mukqs “11,666,666,666,666,666,666”
Mutoid Man “War Moans”
Nau, Michael “Some Twist” (Ltd. Pink Vinyl + D/L)
Night Demon “Darkness Remains”
Nirvana “Hollywood Rock Festival, rio 1993”
Pearl Jam “5 Alive”
Pearl Jam “Monkey Business”
Perera Elsewhere “All Of This”
Psychic Ills “Hazed Dream” (Sacred Bones 10th Anniversary Edition, “Desert Sunset” Color / 300)
Queen “Queen” (Clear, Unofficial)
Rush “Kiel Auditorium, St Louis, Missouri February 1980”
School Damage “School Damage” (+ D/L)
Skatalites, The “Independence Ska And The Far East Sound”
Sleep Party People “Lingering” (Clear Vinyl + D/L)
Sneaker Pimps “Splinter” (180gm Reissue + D/L)
Sodom “Masquerade In Blood” (Remastered w/ Bonus Track)
Springsteen, Bruce “WGOE Radio, Alpha Studios, Richmond, VA May 1973”
Stapleton, Chris “From A Room: Volume I” (+ D/L)
Steely Dan “Ellis Auditorium, Memphis April 1974”
Tops “Sugar At The Gate” (Sunshine Yell-o Vinyl, + D/L & Poster)
Trevor Sensor “Andy Warhol’s Dream” (Ltd. Silver Vinyl + D/L)
UGK “Too Hard To Swallow” (Clear Vinyl)
Ulrika Spacek “Modern English Decoration” (LTD Yellow Vinyl + D/L)
Ulrika Spacek “Modern English Decoration” (+ D/L)
Vaughn, Stevie Ray “Spectrum, Philadelphia May 1988”
Vile, Kurt “Square Shells EP” (Ltd. Color Vinyl Edition)
Vile, Kurt “So Outta Reach EP” (Ltd. Color Vinyl Edition)
Waits, Tom “Bone Machine”
Waters, Roger “Is This The Life We Really Want?”
Whitney “You’ve Got A Woman” (+ D/L)
Wilson, Gary & Tredici Bacci “Another Lonely Night In Brooklyn”
Winehouse, Amy “At The BBC”
Winehouse, Amy “Ska Sessions”
Zappa, Frank & The Mothers “Mudshark Live”
ZZ Top “Hi-Fi Mama… Live 1980”


Jaar, Nicolas “Love You Gotta Lose Again EP” (White Vinyl)


All Time Low “Last Young Renegade”
Alt-J “Relaxer”
Beach Fossils “Somersault”
Carnivore “Carnivore”
Dauwd “Theory Of Colours”
Eighteen Visions “XVIII”
Ikonika “Distractions”
Institute “Subordination”
Mutoid Man “War Moans”
Skatalites, The “Independence Ska And The Far East Sound”
Tops “Sugar At The Gate”
Ulrika Spacek “Modern English Decoration”
Vallenfyre “Fear Those Who Fear Him”


Beach Fossils “Somersault”
Chastity Belt “I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone”
Dehd “Fire Of Love”
Various Artists “Hardly Art, Hardly Released ” (Hardly Art Rarities Compilation)


Tacocat Lost Time








(Hardly Art)

On their latest album, this poppy Seattle-based punk band (described by Rolling Stone as a fusion of Bikini Kill and the Beach Boys) gives a fun, energetic approach to addressing contemporary topics such as being told to “calm down” (“Men Explain Things to Me”), bashing trolls (“The Internet”) and being content with their home despite the risk of a natural disaster (“I Love Seattle”). One highlight is the second single “Talk”, taken from the relatable millennial perspective of simply wanting to communicate verbally rather than just texting all the time.

[Reviewer: Mark]

Pine Hill Haints The Magik Sounds of the Pine Hill Haints








(K Records)

Hailing from Auburn, Alabama, The Pine Hill Haints are a band playing a unique blend of various music genres they consider to be “dead” in the modern world, hence their self-described “Alabama ghost music” style. The resulting style blends honky tonk, bluegrass, folk and country: they use vocals, guitar and snare drum, but also many instruments rarely played these days (washboard, washtub bass, singing saw, accordion, etc.) One of my favorites is one of the darker-sounding tracks – “Dead Ringer” – which builds in its ominous intensity.

[Reviewer: Mark]

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