Holiday Sale Announcement! Black Friday – Sunday

Hey All,
It’s that time of year again! Time to get ready for the annual Holiday Sale that we run from Black Friday through Sunday. If you’ve come before you know what to expect. If you’re coming for special Black Friday releases please line up in the back where we’ll have the tent. If you’re just coming for the sale either door is fine for Black Friday. More logistics below, but first lets get into some fun – like this flyer!

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Quick rundown of the days and their details:

November 24th / Black Friday
Special Hours 8AM-8PM
– DJ Sets Starting At 12PM (Stay tuned for specifics on who & when for each)
– Special RSD Branded Black Friday releases (We’ll post the list of what we have ready for y’all on the Wednesday night [8PM] before Thanksgiving.)
– Record Tent! It’ll be where you can get the Black Friday releases and we’ll post more about what we’ll have in there closer to the sale.
– Drinks & Snacks! (Just some things to keep you sugared up! Probably have some non-sugary things as well actually.)

November 25th / Saturday
Special Hours 10AM-8PM

November 26th / Sunday
Special Hours 10AM-6PM

All 3 Days: 

New Stock Sale = 15% Off All New Merchandise (Music, Books, Equipment…)

Used Stock Sale = 50% Off Anything Marked $10 or Less, 25% Off Anything Marked Over $10

PLUS! We’ve been working on a SURPRISE GIFT to hand out to folks! (Little disclaimer on this – not everyone will have the ability to use this surprise so we do have a couple back up gifts for the rest of y’all – while supplies last of course. )

Should you need it here’s a handy parking diagram for the area:

This map shows where you should be able to park with ease. There is a free lot across the street from our front door (entrance besides Western Fashion Y Mas and also on the far side from off Center Street) and also across the train tracks from our back door (near Brothers Restaurant). There will be spots marked off for our tent (where the line will form – at the back door). Spots will also be specifically marked as designated for our neighbors (got to keep in good graces with them) – please heed these and be good!

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