May 12 Record Fest Dealers!

We thought it might be nice to go over some of the dealers that you might encounter during our upcoming record festival!

WESU Record Fair

This won’t be in any particular order – not even alphabetical and if anything changes before the fair I might update it too so feel free to refer back to it.

As happens with organizing these types of things we do get drop outs and we may have some empty space for those who might still want to reserve a table. If that’s you you can reach out to us at or call the shop and ask for Rick or Josh at 203 265 7013.

Redscroll Records – That’s us! You probably know us and we hope you have some love for us. We’ll be bringing some recent used acquisitions and some nice stuff that you might otherwise find used in the store. We’re not planning on bringing any new stock to this one – our store will be open for that of course. 

DomCasual – Our friend Dino you might recognize from various record fairs on the east coast including WFMU this past weekend. He loves a good 12″ single and carries a lot of them.  He recently came across a solid haul of sealed dead stock too. Solid selection beyond as well – check out his Discogs shop here.

Records The Good Kind – They’ve got a shop up in Vernon and you might have heard Ian on our podcast here.  Great selection and if you want to talk about indie pop there’s none better. Check out their store online here.

Bad Kitty – Former store owner from the Midwest who transplanted to CT a couple years back and now a fine dealer with classic rock, blues, jazz and some off the beaten path gems. You might also recognize the fellow behind the table from various fairs (he generally has a display wall and record player for checking stuff out for quality or sound) and you can check out the online presence here (he’ll often post videos of recent highlights before events so keep an eye out!)

Ross Menze – He drums like a mad man. He plays guitar with aplomb and he programs passionate dance jams like the freak he strives to be. He’ll be selecting some records as a DJ at this event as well as selling his wares. Punk, hard rock, psych and whatever might have crossed his path is what he’s got on hand. Check out a couple bands he plays in: Mountain Movers, Headroom.

The Archive – A newer shop (feels like we were one just until recently – probably don’t get to say that at the 11 year mark) in CT, they reside in Bridgeport. Specializing in soundtracks on vinyl as well as other tangentially related bands/artists. Born out of Vinegar Syndrome, The Archive also carries movies on physical media veering towards the cult / horror / … Looking forward to see what they bring up with them. Check them out online here.

Vinyl Destination – Dave from VD was introduced to us through DomCasual above. Great guy with a great little shop up in Lowell, MA . Mill No. 5 is where the shop resides and it’s, in general, a great day trip on its own. We’re glad he can bring a bit of his shop down to us! Check Vinyl Destination online here.

Trash American Style – Malcolm Tent helms this enterprise. You might recognize the name because he is a legend. You might recognize it because T.A.S. was integral to the CT music community as a brick and mortar enterprise for multitudes of years. Having moved on from the shackles of a brick and mortar you might also recognize M.T. as a troubadour. He’ll be playing this event too fresh back from his European tour! Check him out here and his store out here online. Oh, and he was on the podcast too! Check that here.

Get Awesome Records – What’s your idea of awesome? If it’s metal, hardcore punk, noise and other unhinged forms of music then yes, Logan will set you up.  Check the Discogs shop for him here.  Happy to have him heading up from NY for this’n and hoping his table proceeds go towards opening up a shop in the Hudson Valley!

Willimantic Records – Joe recently had to move his shop and I’ve yet to make it to the new location and if you’re in the area you should and then report that back to me. He’s got a website here. Very much a community oriented shop in the best tradition with art showings and live acts frequently.

Shoestring Records And Books – This is our friend Chaim.  He does a show on WESU called The Test Patterns Show  (Tuesdays, 9-11PM on 88.1FM or click the link). Wild character with wild predilections. He’s got 2 tables reserved and for all I know he’s bringing off-kilter books and maybe some off-kilter music. Check his Instagram page / give him a follow to see what possibilities await.

Larry – It’s our friend Larry and he loves prog! Our friend Donovan started a blog with bootleg tapes that Larry gave us. We have hundreds and who knows what treasures lie in wait there. But yeah, if you enjoy Richard Pinhas or any band that rips on King Crimson or maybe just Genesis.  He’s got no online presence and he’s great.

George – He’s part of the Connecticut Record Club.  Good source for rock priced to move. You might have seen this nice dealer at various record fairs.

Spin That – Giovany runs this spot up in Springfield, MA. It’s been open a few years and they’ve got a web presence here.  Wide variety: rock, pop, soul, hip hop, etc.

Inner Groove Recordz – Check the Discogs shop here. Wide variety spanning genres.

The Telegraph – New London’s musical hub. Live acts make their way through this community-centric spot pretty often. Check what they have going on online here.

Jam Records – John has jazz, rock, psych rock and rare gems. An avid hunter of records combing the hills of Litchfield County. He doesn’t get to a lot of record shows these days so it’s a treat to have him out to ours.

Ben Michael – WESU General Manager. If you’ve been to the WESU record fair then you might have seen Big Bent scrambling around organizing and trying to sell from his own table when he’s got a moment. At this fest he won’t need to do all the scrambling so help him relax and look through his wares!

Gee’s Records – Gary owned a shop of this name in Bridgeport that closed a few years back, but he’s never stopped being in the record selling trenches. If you’ve got some questions about crate digging for samples or deep cuts Gary can lay some knowledge on ya.

Slipped Disc Records
Slipped Disc Records of NY will be at the show with a brand new collection of punk, new wave, 60’s/ 70’s rock and metal titles. There will be hundreds of new arrivals including King Crimson half speed masters, Ramones LP’s (signed by Johnny and Dee Dee), first presses and promos from Radio Birdman, Flamin’ Groovies, Richard Hell, X Ray Spex, Wire, Cramps, Stooges, Elf, Gun, The Move, plus much more. They will also be bringing over 1,000 sealed reissues including titles from Budgie, Suede, Slowdive, Mike Ness, Fu Manchu, Joy Division, The Smiths, and countless others.

Chris Minicucci – One of the 2 fellas named Chris that run Painkiller Records out of Boston, MA. He deals regularly at WFMU and random other fairs and has a killer punk & hardcore selection as well as proto-metal, hard rock, and other rare rock gems.

Jerry Tomko – Psych Rock, Prog Rock, Rock Rock. Former CT resident coming around from PA to deal to you!


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