4th Of May 2018 Update

4th Of May 2018 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
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LPs & 12″s

Alternative TV “Dark Places”
Aquabats, The “The Fury Of The Aquabats” (Neon Green)
Bixby, Dave “Ode To Quetzalcoatl”
Black Rainbows “Pandemonium”
Blanck Mass “Odd Scene / Shit Luck” (/1000)
Bleeding Through “Portrait Of The Goddess” (Clear)
Bridges, Leon “Good Thing” (180 Gram + D/L)
Buttertones “Midnight In A Moonless Dream”
Campbell, Ambrose Adekoya “London Is The Place For Me 3”
Caspian “The Four Trees”
Cluster “II”

Coleman, Ornette “At The Town Hall, December 1962”
Corrosion Of Conformity “No Cross No Crown” (Clear / Purple / Orange Splatter /1000)
Craig, Carl “Versus Remixes”
Cut Worms “Hollow Ground” (Ltd. Ed. Red +D/L)
Dalt, Lucrecia “Anticlines” (+D/L)
Death “Symbolic” (Reissue)
Detroit Swindle “Flavourism”
DJ Koze “Knock Knock” (Ltd. Deluxe Box Set)
DJ Koze “Knock Knock” (LP+7″)
DJ Koze “Pick Up”
Dr. Dog “Critical Equation” (+D/L)
Draper, Paul “Live At Scala”
Dub Taylor “Caves & Cages”
Dwarfs Of East Agouza “Rats Don’t Eat Synthesizers”
Electronic Modular Orchestra “Electronic Modular Orchestra”
Friedberger, Eleanor “Rebound” (+D/L)
Gay, Ben LaMar “Downtown Castles Can Never Block The Sun”
Hatami, Porya & Arovane “Kaziwa” (+D/L)
Hopkins, Jon “Singularity” (2LP + D/L)
Horse Feathers “Appreciation” (+D/L)
Iceage “Beyondless”
Ihsahn “A M R”
Johnson, Ragnar “Crying Bamboos: Ceremonial Flute Music From New Guinea Madang”
Johnson, Robert “Me And The Devil”
Johnson, Robert “Love In Vain”
Jurado, Damien “The Horizon Just Laughed”
Krimewatch “Krimewatch”
Lacy, Steve / Yuji Takahashi / Takehisa Kosugi “Distant Voices”
Landing “Bells In New Towns”
Long, Will “Yellow / Ivory Rust”
Long, Will “Mint / Clay”
Long, Will “Purple / Blue”
Lynch, David “The Big Dream” (Clear Vinyl /500)
Maenad Veyl “The Accentance Ov Not Knowing”
Matt And Kim “Almost Everyday” (Ltd. Ed. Red Vinyl + Poster)
McDowell, Fred “Mississippi Delta Blues” (Yellow Indie Exclusive)
Mikkel Metal “Just Enough Light”
Mitchell, Nicole “Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds”
Nas “I Am…” (Certified Classic Reissue)
Nexsa “Words And Numbers”
Nicolai, Bruno “Indio Black”
Pablo, Augstus “Live At The Greek Theater, Berkeley, 1984” (RSD)
Palm Unit “Chant Inca – A Tribute To Jef Gilson”
Phair, Liz “Exile In Guyville” (2LP)
RHI “Reverie” (Purple Vinyl + D/L /500)
Risker, Jessica “I See You Among The Stars” (+D/L)
Ritualz “Doom”
Shorelights “Ancient Lights”
Simonetti, Mike “I Love You Mom”
Singer, Hal & Jef Gilson “Soul Of Africa”
Sugar Candy Mountain “Do Right” (Purple Vinyl + D/L)
Sundays & Cybele “Gypsy House” (+D/L)
Taj Mahal Travellers “1 – August 1974”
Talia, Joe “Tint”
Thompson, Linval “Dub Landing Vol. 1” (Remastered + Bonus Disc)
Thompson, Linval “Dub Landing Vol. 2” (Remastered + Bonus Disc)
Tigue “Strange Paradise”
Token Entry “Jaybird” (Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl)
Umiliani, Piero “Requiem Per Un Agente Segreto”
Various “Dutch Wave: A History Of Minimal Synth & Wave In The Netherlands”
Various “Too Slow To Disco – Brasil”
Venetian Snares / Daniel Lanois “Venetian Snares / Daniel Lanois”
Vive La Void “Vive La Void” (Limited “Death Money” Vinyl +D/L)
Wrecking Crew “Balance Of Terror” (Ltd. Color Vinyl)
Xor Gate “Conic Sections”
Yonatan Gat “Universalists” (Cream Colored / Bone +D/L)


Belly “Dove”
Black Rainbows “Pandaemonium”
Bridges, Leon “Good Thing”
Dalt, Lucrecia “Anticlines”
Detroit Rising “A Cosmic Jazz Funk Adventure”
Dilla, J “Ruff Draft”
Dimmu Borgir “Eonian”
DJ Koze “Knock Knock”
Gay, Ben LaMar “Downtown Castles Can Never Block The Sun”
Hopkins, Jon “Singularity”
Horse Feathers “Appreciation” (+D/L)
Iceage “Beyondless”
Ihsahn “AMR”
Judas Priest “Firepower” (Deluxe Hardbook Edition)
Lik “Carnage”
Matt & Kim “Almost Everyday”
Phair, Liz “Girly-Sound To Guyville” (3CD)
Phair, Liz “Exile In Guyville”
Spacemen 3 “Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To”
Thompson, Linval “Dub Landing” (Remastered + Bonus Disc)
Turner, Frank “Be More Kind”
Ulver “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi EP”
Various “Too Slow To Disco Brasil”
Venetian Snares / Daniel Lanois “Venetian Snares X Daniel Lanois”
Vive La Void “Vive La Void” (Synth Driven New Project From Sanae Yamada of Moon Duo)
Young, Dennis “Sy N Th Es I S”


Baker, Julien “Turn Out The Lights” (OLE-1367)
Dedekind Cut “Tahoe”

Dimmu Borgir “Eonian” (NB 4404-4)
Parlor Walls “EXO”


Peter Broderick Partners (Erased Tapes)








Born in Maine and raised in Oregon, multi-instrumentalist Peter Broderick was also a touring member of Danish indie group Efterklang for five years. For this latest record (based entirely on piano and, to a lesser extent, voice), he drew inspiration from avant-garde icon John Cage and his efforts to somehow detach the performer from the music. Specifically, Broderick covers Cage’s ten-minute 1948 composition “In A Landscape”: a hypnotic, lovely rhythmic piece written for dancer Louise Lippold. Much of the album follows the same thoughtful and subdued modern classical style (such as the haunting wordless vocal-laced “Carried”) before closing with a lovely cover of Brigid Mae Power’s affection-yearning “Sometimes”, complete with full vocals.

[Reviewer: Mark]

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