RSR PC 009 Ryan White

Current Ryan White Picture on Old StabYouInTheHead Poster

On this month’s episode we talk with Ryan White. Call It Arson and Stab You In The Head (And Eat Your Face Off) are both bands he was in and have releases on the Redscroll Records label (full disclosure). We talk about those bands and his current bands Zero Hour & Cast in Blood. And we talk about his solo work and upcoming project with Pete Morcey, Murmur. We talk about Star Wars and Black Market Kitchen and Charles Bronson and Spazz and soundtracks and so on.

Music on the episode starts and ends with some live audio from Call It Arson playing the Mitch Dubey Benefit at Toad’s Place. A solo track and a track from Murmur are featured as well.

Ryan also wants to give some shouts to bands he didn’t get to mention in the episode for one reason or another so check these folks out: Typecaste, Hatred Remains, Atonement, Revenge Season, Vatican, No Idea, Dumlords and Glory.  Says Ryan, “I actually love them.”

Correction to one thing Ryan mentions as well. He mentions that he’s playing a show with Mongoloids when he actually meant World Demise (which has a member of Mongoloids).

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