May 12th Record Festival Bands & DJs

Hey all ! We’ve got an event coming up fast in just a few Saturdays! If you’ve been to the store or follow us on social media or if you’ve seen flyers out in the wild you might already know.  We’re holding a record festival with our friends over at Counterweight Brewery in Hamden!

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The record festival starts at 10AM. It is free entry. There is no early admission. We have dealers coming in from all over the north east.

Counterweight is coordinating to bring in a food truck so there will be sustenance as well.

Entertainment will begin at noon! We have some of the finest selectors in the area and a few of the finest musical acts.

First, the DJs:
+ Donovan of Husher and Arabian Blade.
+ Ross Menze – local musician often seen behind the kit for Mountain Movers and Headroom and producer of dance music himself.
+ Lord Lewis, The Velvet Knight of The Rumpus Room on WESU, Middletown 88.1FM & Firehouse 12 residency, Heatery.
+ DJ Marc Mecca of Vinylistics (Facebook)Vinylistics 203 (YouTube).

And the bands!
Spit Take

All Riot

Malcolm Tent

Set times will be announced the day of the event through the facebook event found here.