28th Of September 2018 Update

28th Of September 2018 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records








LPs & 12″s

A Day To Remember “What Separates Me From You” (Exclusive Colored Vinyl)
Allen, Tony “Black Voices Remixes” (By Folamour & Nit)
Alt-J “Reduxer” (Relaxer Reinterpreted + D/L)
Ambarchi, Oren / Konrad Sprenger / Phillip Sollmann “Panama / Suez”
Animal Collective “Feels” (Reissue)
Anti-Flag “American Reckoning”
Ava Luna “Moon 2” (Ltd. Ed. Moon Colored + D/L)
Bayside “Acoustic Volume 2”
Beltran, John “Ten Days Of Blue”
Bernstein, Andrew “An Exploded View Of Time”
Bikini Kill “The Singles” (+D/L)
Bixiga 70 “Quebra Cabeca” (180 Gram + D/L)
Borecky, Karla “The Still Life”
Borzoi “A Prayer For War”
Bowden, Chris “Time Capsule” (2LP + D/L)

C Average “III”
Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds “Distant Sky: Live In Copenhagen”
Chicano Batman “Joven Navegante”
Cohen, Tim “The Modern World”
Common Eider, King Eider “A Wound Of Body”
Coryayo “Ra”
C-Ras “Temples”
CS + Kreme “Cold Shoulder”
Curran, Alvin “Canti E Vedute Del Giardino Magnetico: Songs And Views From The Magnetic Garden”
Curses “Gold & Silber Feat Perel”
Curtin, Dan “The Silicon Dawn”
Danielson “Snap Outavit” (Yellow)
De Roubaix, Francois “Le Saut De L’Ange R.A.S” (Soundtrack)
Deviants, The “The Deviants”
DJ Woody “Flexin Hard 2: Flexicuts Volumes 3 & 4 On Wax” (White Vinyl)
Donald, Daryl “Solitude”
Dr. Alimantado “No More Heartache” (Single)
Dr. Alimantado “In The Mix Part 3”
Driver, Toby “They Are The Shield”
Dunbarrow “II”
El Jazzy Chavo “Today The Sun Falls In The East”
Ellmatic “Face The Blank Page”
Embassador Dulgoon “Hydrorion Remnants”
ESA “Mos Mos EP”
Foodman “Aru Otoko No Densetsu”
Frost “Matters”
Gaika “Basic Volume”
Gallo, Ron “Stardust Birthday Party” (Independent Retail Color Exclusive + Ask For Bonus Button At Front Counter!)
Gardiner, Caz & The Badasonics “Caz Gardiner & The Badasonics”
Greyboy “Elettro Fusione”
Grohl, Dave “Play>” (180 Gram Ltd. Ed. Die-Cut)
Guilty Simpson & Small Professor “Highway Robbery”
Haack, Bruce “Preservation Tapes”
Hater “Siesta” (LTd. Ed. 2LP Yellow + D/L)
Hecker, Tim “Konoyo”
Holydrug Couple, The “Hyper Super Mega” (Red Ltd. Ed. + D/L)
Hyperdontia “Nexus Of Teeth”
Idealist “Mind Field”
Intelligence, The “Live In San Francisco” (+ D/L)
Itabashi, Fumio “Watarase” (Solo)
Jansport J “Low”
Jedi Mind Tricks “Army Of The Pharaohs: The Torture Papers” (Red Vinyl)
Jesu “Ascension” (+D/L, New Mix/Mastering)
Jesus Lizard “Goat”
Jlin “Autobiography” (Music From Wayne McGregor’s Autobiography, Ltd. Ed. Red Vinyl)
Keila, Kamal “Muslims And Christians”
Kool Customer “B. Bravo & Roujai Are Kool Customer”
Lala Lala “The Lamb” (Ltd. Color)
Lawrence “Illusion”
Lewis, Kiara & Simon Fisher Turner “Care”
Lifelover “Sjukdom”
Louris, Gary “Vagabonds” (Run Out Groove Pressing /1298)
L’Rain “L’Rain”
Lunch, Lydia “13.13” (35th Anniversary Edition Colored Vinyl /499)
McCartney, Paul “Egypt Station” (Deluxe Ltd. Ed. – Standard Edition Is Back In As Well)
McTell, Blind Willie “1940: The Legendary Library Of Congress Session”
Menace Beach “Black Rainbow Sound” (Ltd. Ed. White Vinyl + D/L)
Mirrors For Psychic Warfare “I See What I Became”
Moka Only “Concert For One: Instrumentals”
Monae, Janelle “Dirty Computer” (45RPM)
Monk, Thelonious “M0nk” (Ltd. Clear Vinyl)
Moriyama, Takeo “East Plants” (J Jazz Masterclass Series)
Morricone, Ennio “Grazie Zia” (Soundtrack)
Morrison, Van “Moondance” (180 Gram)
Mudhoney “Digital Garbage” (Loser Edition)
Mulaney, John “Kid Gorgeous At Radio City”
My Chemical Romance “The Black Parade” (Picture Disc)
Myrrors, The “Fuzz Club Sessions”
Nachtbreaker “When You Find A Stranger In The Alps” (+D/L)
Nadler, Marissa “For My Crimes” (Dove & Crow Ltd. Vinyl + D/L)
Nas “Nasir”
Niblock, Phill / Joseph Celli “Niblock For Celli”
Night Birds “Roll Credits” (+D/L)
Nonce, The “The Sight Of Things”
Nonce, The “World Ultimate” (Yusef Afloat & Nouka Bass Type A.K.A. Sach)
Nu Guinea “Nuova Napoli”
Ol’ Burger Beats “Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind”
Ol’ Burger Beats “Mind Games Instrumentals”
Parquet Courts “Wide Awake! Remixes”
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs “King Of Cowards” (Black With Wrath Ltd. Vinyl)
Pixies “Come On Pilgrim… It’s Surfer Rosa” (3xLP 30th Anniversary Edition + Bonus 1986 Radio Concert)
Proffit, Justus & Jay Som “Nothing’s Changed” (180 Gram Pink Vinyl +D/L)
Rage Against The Machine “Renegades” (180 Gram)
Reich, Steve “Sextet * Double Sextet – Ekkozone, Mathias Reumert”
Ritual Necromancy “Disinterred Horror”
Roberson, Elder Jeffrey And The New Life Singers “Old Time Way”
Saada Bonaire “Saada Bonaire” (Clear)
Scorched “Ecliptic Butchery”
Seger, Bob & The Last Heard “Heavy Music: The Complete Cameo Recordings”
Shabazz Palaces “Shabazz Palaces” (Clear)
Shame “Songs Of Praise” (+D/L)
Shit & Shine “Very High EP”
Slash With Myles Kennedy “Living The Dream” (Ltd. Ed. Red)
Smif-N-Wessun “Dah Shinin'” (Reissue)
Spirit Fest “Spirit Fest”
Stereolab “Refried Ectoplasm (Switched On Volume 2)” (Remastered Ed. Clear Vinyl + D/L)
Stereolab “Aluminum Tunes (Switched On Volume 3)” (Remastered Ed. Ltd. Clear Vinyl + D/L)
Stereolab “Switched On” (Remastered Ed. Ltd. Clear Vinyl + D/L)
Thomas, Ralph “Eastern Standard Time”
Thou “Inconsolable”
Tuggour, Nana “Sikyi Medley”
Underground System “What Are You”
Unholy Two “The Pleasure To End All Pleasures”
Uriah Heep “Your Turn To Remember: The Definitive Anthology 1970-1990” (2LP 180 Gram)
Vainica Doble “Vainica Doble” (Coloured Vinyl, 1971 Album Reissue)
Van Dyke, Pat “Hello, Summer” (Blue)
Various “Rick And Morty” (Soundtrack, Loser Edition)
Various “Two Niles To Sing A Melody: The Violins & Synths Of Sudan”
Wada, Tashi With Yoshi Wada And Friends “Nue”
Witchcraft “Witchcraft” (Reissue)


All Time Low “Everything Is Fine On Your Birthday” (Pink Vinyl)
Brownout “Evolver / Things You Say” (Red)
Gray “Sweetness Of The New”
Moniquea “All The Time / His Lady”
Mr. Lif “Return Of The B-Boy”
Velle, Ruby & The Soulphonics “Broken Woman”


All Them Witches “ATW”
Alt-J “Reduxer”
Anaal Nathrakh “A New Kind Of Horror”
Bayside “Acoustic Vol. 2”
Bikini Kill “The Singles”
Cruise, Julee “The Voice Of Love”
Curry, Denzel “Ta13oo”
Doe “Grow Into It”
Dunbarrow “II”
Electric Citizen “Helltown”
Exploded View “Obey”
Farsot / Coldworld “Toteninsel”
G0ggs “Pre Strike Sweep”
Gaika “Basic Volume”
Gallo, Ron “Stardust Birthday Party”
Gibbs, Freddie “Freddie”
Hecker, Tim “Konoyo”
Hendrix, Jimi Experience “Axis: Bold As Love” (SACD)
Hyperdontia “Nexus Of Teeth”
Jlin “Autobiography” (Music From Wayne McGregor’s Autobiography)
Kidjo, Angelique “Remain In Light”
Kids See Ghosts “Kids See Ghosts” (Kanye West / Kid Cudi)
Lala Lala “The Lamb”
Metric “Art Of Doubt”
Mirrors For Psychic Warfare “I See What I Became”
Mountain Man “Magic Ship”
Mudhoney “Digital Garbage”
Nadler, Marissa “For My Crimes”
Night Birds “Roll Credits”
Revocation “The Outer Ones”
Scorched “Ecliptic Butchery”
Stereolab “Switched On Volumes 1-3” (Box Set)
Toe “Our Latest Number”
Various “Rick And Morty” (Soundtrack)
Various “Two Niles To Sing A Melody: The Violins & Synths Of Sudan”
Various “Shaolin Soul Episode 4”
Various “Music Of Southern & Northern Laos”
Wada, Tashi With Yoshi Wada And Friends “Nue”
Witchcraft “Witchcraft”


Doe “Grow Into It” (TSR197)
Mudhoney “Digital Garbage” (SP1225)
Toe “Our Latest Number” (TSR196)


The Glitch Mob See Without Eyes








(Glass Air Records)

The Glitch Mob – See Without Eyes
(Glass Air)

Four years after their latest album Love Death Immortality, this Los Angeles EDM trio sounds more mature and refined on this new album of catchy and massive-sounding tracks. They utilize their synth and beats to craft otherworldly, glitch-tinged soundscapes that convey a variety of emotions (and are used effectively for their virtual reality-based live shows.) One highlight for me is the gorgeously hued, somewhat subdued desert mood of opener “Enter Formless” enhanced by Rituals of Mine (one of several guest performers on the album.) “Go Light” is memorable as well with its catchy synth hook that conveys a celestial atmosphere.

[Reviewer: Mark]

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