RSR PC 015 Mountain Movers

This episode is with Dan and Rick of the Mountain Movers who have a new record out on Trouble in Mind.

Mountain Movers: Dan superimposed over Rick, Double Kryssi over Ross

We talk about the new record, Pink Skies. We talk about Dan’s art (which adorns many of the Mountain Movers albums). We talk about music in general and we delve off into different directions here and there.

Mountain Movers left to Right: Dan, Kryssi, Rick, Ross

Opening Music_
Mountain Movers “Snow Drift” Pink Skies (Trouble In Mind)

Josh Playlist_
Mythic Sunship “Elevation” Another Shape of Psychedelic Music (El Paraiso)
Tim Hecker “This Life” Konoyo (Kranky)
Current 93 “Bright Dead Star” The Light Is Leaving Us All (The Spheres)
Cave “San’ Yago” Allways (Drag City)
Mongrel’s Cross “Neurian Transformation” Psalter Of The Royal Dragon Court (Hells Headbangers)

Rick Playlist_
Niagara “Momento Braga” Apologia (Principe)
Jlin “Kundalini” Autobiography (Music From Wayne McGregor’s Autobiography) (Planet Mu)
Dengue Dengue Dengue “Pua (Ft. Penya)” Semillero (On The Corner)
Diastereomer “Mothersun” Ignition Advancer (Bitter Lake Recordings)
Reckonize Real & Guilty Simpson “Can’t Runaway” Carved From Stone (Real Deff Music Group)

Dan Greene mentions a bunch and underneath it is played_
David Nance Group “Amethyst” Peaced and Slightly Pulverized (Ba Da Bing)
Snowprah “Yank Riddim”

Rick Omonte then mentions a bunch and under is played_
Dur Dur of Somalia (Dur-Dur Band) “Yabaal” Volume 1 ★ Volume 2 (Analog Africa)
Santana “Soul Sacrifice” Woodstock 1969

Closing Music_
Mountain Movers “My Eyes Are Always Heavy” Pink Skies (Trouble In Mind)

Mountain Movers online:

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