T-USED-DAY Update for October 30th, 2018 (Early Closing on Halloween)

T-USED-DAY Update for October 30th, 2018
at Redscroll Records

Enjoy the frights for the night and blast them horrific sounds! And, oh yeah, that means just until 5 tomorrow to take advantage of 15% Off on our Halloween section!

Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s
AC/DC “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” $5.00
American Nightmare “American Nightmare” (2018 Album, 180 Gram Black) $13.00
And Hell Followed With “Domain” (Blue) $15.00
Arkaik “Lucid Dawn” (White / Red) $11.00
Arkaik “Nemethia” (Blue / Gold) $16.00
As I Lay Dying “Frail Words Collapse” (Orange / Brown / Black) $33.00
Beatles, The “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” (Picture Disc, 1978) $15.00
Between The Buries And Me “Colors” $26.00
Black, Stanley & London Festival Orchestra And Chorus “Fiddler On The Roof” (Soundtrack, Promo) $5.00
Blacklisted “When People Grow, People Go” (Purple / Blue Mix Band Exclusive) $13.00
Born Of Osiris “The Eternal Reign” (Blue / Orange) $28.00
Braid “Frame & Canvas” (Clear) $15.00
Brooks, Mel / Carl Reiner “The 2,000 Year Old Man” $2.00
Cage “Radiohead” $8.00
Cage “Suicidal Failure” (US Single) $2.00
Cage “Mersh” $6.00
Cam’ron “357” (Promo) $2.00
Ceremony “Still Nothing Moves You” (Grey) $9.00
Chaps & The Nashville Guitars “Urban Cowboy” (Soundtrack, Sealed) $5.00
Charmers, Lloyd “Sweet Memories Vol. 4” (UK Pressing) $15.00
Chon “Homey” (White / Red) $45.00
Citizens Arrest “Colossus” (Red 1991 Repress) $11.00
Club Nouveau “Lean On Me (Remix)” $1.50
Cochran, Hank “Hits From The Heart” $8.00
Coke Bust “Confined” $8.00
Counterparts “Tragedy Will Find Us” (Black / Maroon / Grey) $10.00
Counterparts “You’re Not You Anymore” (Grey / Pink) $12.00
Crowdpleasers “Rockin’ The Mic” $30.00
Cure, The “The Head On The Door” (180 Gram) $15.00
Death Cab For Cutie “Something About Airplanes” (2007 Pressing) $13.00
Debbie Deb “When I Hear Music” $2.00
Debbie Deb “I’m Searchin'” $1.00
Dosh “The Lost Tape” $10.00
Erasure “The Innocents” $8.00
Faceless, The “Akeldama” (Green) $20.00
Fallujah “Dreamless” $27.00
Frampton, Peter “Frampton Comes Alive” (Picture Disc, #02196) $8.00
Frum, John “A Stirring In The Noos” (Black / White) $18.00
Gatecreeper “Sonoran Depravation” (Orange / Black) $22.00
Hartley, Keef Band “The Battle Of North West Six” $5.00
Hayes, Isaac “In The Beginning” $7.00
Hayne, Don & Sheryl Samuel “Life In The Circus” $8.00
Helix “No Rest For The Wicked” $4.00
Inanimate Existence “Underneath A Melting Sky” (Clear / Splatter) $28.00
Inanimate Existence “Calling From A Dream” (White / Purple) $16.00
Ingested “The Level Above Human” (Red /200) $15.00
Jay-Z “Who You Wit” (Promo, 1997) $1.00
Jay-Z “Feelin’ It” $4.00
Kiss “Lick It Up” $6.00
Knopfler, Mark “Local Hero” (Soundtrack) $5.00
Labrys “>> Turn Around” (1985 Private Press) $120.00
Lite “Installation” (Clear / Black Smoke) $25.00
Little Brother “Slow It Down / Say It Again” $3.00
Matthews, Guerry “Guerry Matthews” $6.00
Minus The Bear “Planet Of Ice” (Clear / Silver Splatter) $35.00
Mitchell Trio, The “Violets Of Dawn” (Mono Promo) $12.00
Pulling Teeth “Martyr Immortal” (Silver/Black “Batwing” /100) $13.00
Raven “Stay Hard” $4.00
Run DMC “Run’s House / Beats To The Rhyme” $4.00
Saxon “Crusader” $8.00
Scale The Summit “In A World Of Fear” (Clear / White) $17.00
Snoop Dogg “Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Bo$$” (2LP Promo) $3.00
Tears For Fears “Songs From The Big Chair” $8.00
Thy Art Is Murder “Dear Desolation” (White / Grey) $21.00
Tidal Arms “The Sun Exploding” (Red / Orange) $16.00
Van Halen “Women And Children First” $4.00
Various “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” (Soundtrack, Promo w/ Poster) $7.00
Various “Colors” (Soundtrack) $3.00
Various “Bread And Roses” (Joan Baez, Chick Corea, John Hammond, Graham Nash, Pete Seeger…) $4.00
Various “Roadie: Original Motion Picture Sound Track” (European Pressing, Check Condition) $3.00
Various “Rock’N’Roll High School” (Soundtrack) $9.00
Various “The Depression Sessions” (Coke Bottle / White) $23.00
Various “Smash Hits Of The 60’s” (UK Pressing) $5.00
Various “Concepts For The People Of Kampuchea” $1.50
Various “The Island Story 1962-1987” $3.50
Various “Rockabilly Hot” $2.00
Vildhjarta “Masstaden” (Green) $20.00
Williams, John “Superman The Movie: Original Sound Track” (Check Condition) $3.00
Williams, John & London Symphony Orchestra “Star Wars” (Soundtrack, No Poster) $10.00
Wizards, The “Purple Magic” (Purple, Sealed) $12.00
Yeasayer “Fragrant World” (White / Blue) $11.00

A-Ha “Take On Me” (Promo) $4.00
A-Ha “Hunting High And Low” (Promo) $3.00
A-Ha “I’ve Been Losing You” (Promo) $3.00
A-Ha “Stay On These Roads” (Promo) $4.00
A-Ha “Cry Wolf” (Promo) $2.00
Blacklisted “Live On BBC 1” (Gold) $4.00
Blacklisted “So, You Are A Magician?” (Cream) $3.00
Blank Stare “Blank Stare” (Clear) $2.00
Break Machine “Street Dance” (Promo) $2.00
Brodys Militia / Voetsek / Weekend Bloodshed “Weapons Of Thrash Destruction Tour” (5″) $3.00
Brown, James “Static” (Promo) $2.00
Cafferty, John “Voice Of America’s Sons” (Promo) $2.00
Cheap Trick “Mighty Wings” (Promo) $3.00
Cheap Trick “Never Had A Lot To Lose” (Promo) $2.00
Cheap Trick “Tonight Its You” $2.00
Chicago “You’re Not Alone” (Promo) $2.00
Chicago “We Can Last Forever” (Promo) $2.00
China Crisis “Working With Fire And Steel” (Promo) $2.00
Cinderella “Coming Home” $1.50
Clapton, Eric “See What Love Can Do” (Promo) $1.00
Clapton, Eric / Tina Turner “Tearing Us Apart” $1.00
Clear “Demo” (Blue) $3.00
Cliff, Jimmy “Club Paradise” $1.50
Cliff, Jimmy / Elvis Costello “Seven Day Weekend” (Promo) $1.25
Cock Robin “When Your Heart Is Weak” (Promo) $2.00
Cock Robin “Though You Were On My Side” (Promo) $1.00
Coke Bust “Degradation” $2.00
Cold Cave “Black Boots” (#153/200) $10.00
Cold Cave “God Made The World” (Picture Disc) $5.00
Colortone “Look Inside Ourselves” (Promo) $1.00
Combonation “Girls Like You” (Promo) $1.00
Cooder, Ry “All Shook Up” (Promo) $1.00
Costello, Elvis “The Only Flame In Town” (Promo) $3.00
Costello, Elvis “Lovable” (Promo) $1.50
Costello, Elvis “Veronica” (Promo) $2.00
Costello, Elvis “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” (Promo) $2.00
Crystal, Billy “You Look Marvelous” (Promo) $2.00
Culture Club “Gusto Blusto” (Promo) $1.50
Culture Club “it’s a Miracle” (Promo) $1.00
Dale “Riot In English” (Promo) $2.00
Dale “Simon Simon” (Promo) $1.00
Depeche Mode “Never Let Me Down Again” (Promo) $8.00
Depeche Mode “A Question Of Lust” (Promo) $13.00
Depeche Mode “Behind The Wheel” (Promo) $5.00
Depeche Mode “Everything Counts” (Promo) $5.00
Dire Straits “So Far Away” (Promo) $1.00
Dream Academy “The Love Parade” (Promo) $3.00
Dumbstruck “If It Ain’t Broke… Don’t Fix It” $1.00
Dylan, Bob “Takerman” (Promo) $3.00
Dylan, Bob “Tight Connection To My Heart” (Promo) $2.00
Earle, Steve “Guitar Town” (Promo) $2.00
Enya “Orinoco Flow” (Promo) $6.00
Europe “Cherokee” (Promo) $1.25
Europe “The Final Countdown” (Promo) $2.00
Fastway “After Midnight” (Promo) $2.00
Fleetwood Mac “As Long As You Follow” (Promo) $4.00
Fleetwood Mac “Big Love” (Promo) $2.00
Flirts, The “You & Me” (Promo) $2.00
Gibson, Don “Somebody’s Words” (Promo) $2.00
Give Up The Ghost “Year One” (Black / Blue) $9.00
Give Up The Ghost “Live In London” (White) $10.00
Godstomper “Godstomper” $3.00
Guns N’ Roses “Sweet Child O’ Mine” (Promo) $10.00
Guns N’ Roses “Paradise City” (Promo) $6.00
Guns N’ Roses “Patience” (Promo) $8.00
Guns N’ Roses “Welcome To The Jungle” $4.00
Hammond, Beres “If Only I Knew” $1.50
Harvest “Worn Through The Layer Of Separation” $6.00
Heiress “Naysayer” (Cream) $1.00
Henley, Don “The Boys Of Summer” $1.00
Incendiary / Suburban Scum “Incendiary / Suburban Scum” (Gold) $8.00
Joel, Billy “Back In Th USSR” (Promo) $2.00
Joel, Billy “The Longest Time” $1.00
Joel, Billy “This Is The Time” (Promo) $2.00
Knopfler, Mark / Willy Deville “Storybook Love” (Promo) $4.00
Lemon Pipers “Rice Is Nice” $0.75
Madonna “Material Girl” (Promo) $3.00
Madonna “Papa Don’t Preach” (Promo) $1.00
Madonna “Borderline” (Promo) $3.00
McCann, Jim “Grace” $2.00
Medley, Bill “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” (Promo) $2.50
Memories, The “Stairway To Heaven” $2.00
Mercury, Freddie “Love Kills” (Promo) $4.00
Mi-Sex “Castaway” (Promo) $2.00
Oingo Boingo “Weird Science” (Promo) $4.00
Oingo Boingo “Just Another Day” (Promo) $4.00
Osbourne, Ozzy “Shot In The Dark” (Promo) $4.00
Page, Jimmy “Wasting My Time” (Promo) $2.00
Prefab Sprout “Cars And Girls” (Promo) $1.00
Presley, Elvis “Wooden Heart” (UK Pressing) $1.50
Prince “Pop Life” (Promo) $4.00
Prince “Let’s Go Crazy” (Promo) $5.00
Prince “America” (Promo) $4.00
Prince “I Wish U Heaven” (Promo) $3.00
Prince “Take Me With U” (Promo) $3.00
Prince “Mountains” (Promo) $4.00
Pulling Teeth “Demo 2005″ (Clear, Flexi) $2.00
Quiet Riot Mama Weer All Crazee Now” (Promo) $1.00
Saddest Landscape, The “Live At New Alliance” (White) $2.50
Saddest Landscape, The “Souls Worth Saving” (Red) $2.00
Saddest Landscape, The “Redefining Loneliness” (Blue) $3.00
Shangri-Las “Remember (Walkin’ In The Sand)” $1.50
Sick Of Talk “Sick Of Talk” $2.00
Siouxsie & The Banshees “Peek-A-Boo” (Promo) $4.00
Spazz / Brutal Truth “Spazz / Brutal Truth” $3.00
Sworn In “Sworn In” (Black / Red) $3.00
Talking Heads “And She Was” (Promo) $2.00
Towns, Eddie “Best Friends” $1.00
Underworld “Show Some Emotion” (Promo) $2.00
Van Halen “Hot For Teacher” (Promo) $4.00
Various “Brandon Hardcore Music For The Kids” $2.00
Williams, Robin “A Night At The Met” (Promo) $2.00
Wolfe Tones “Streets Of New York” $1.00
X “Wild Thing” (Promo) $4.00
XTC “The Mayor Of Simpleton” (Promo) $6.00

Cassette Tapes
Blacklisted “When People Grow, People Go” $4.00
Ceremony “6 Cover Songs” $3.00
Loner Chic “Year Of The Goth” $3.00
Mean Man’s Dream “Demo” $1.00
Sobriety High “Deal With This” $3.00
Stab You In The Head. “Throw Ups” $5.00