RSR PC 017 Mikey Daddona – Ratskin Records

This episode brings us to the origins of Redscroll as a label and in general with Mikey Daddona who currently resides in Oakland, CA and runs Ratskin Records – a haven for experimental artists ranging from leftfield pop & soul to harsh noise. Ross Menze also accompanied Mikey on this trip and though he was not the focus of the conversation we didn’t ignore him; Ross plays in Headroom, Mountain Movers, his self-named project and over the years myriad other musical outfits.

Mikey on left and Ross on right

We talk about the early days of Redscroll, Ratskin Records and its roster in general, the Ghost Ship tragedy, San Francisco and Oakland’s changing artistic climate, and various branches from each of these things.

Opening Track:
Styrofoam Sanchez “Coral Pathogen” Empire Underwater (Ratskin Records)

Dead Can Dance “Act II – The Mountain” Dionysus (Pias)
Dire Wolves “(Untitled Side 2)” Jams and the Giant Peace (Stunned Records – Note: Didn’t have digital files for actual release talked about which is the split with Headroom)
Realize “Desert Mech” Demolition (To Live A Lie)
City Hunter “Living Nightmare” Deep Blood (Youth Attack)
Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt “She Punched A Hole In The Moon For Me” Brace Up! (Palilalia Records)

Sarah Davachi “Evensong” Gave In Rest (Ba Da Bing!)
Kali Malone “Empty The Belief” Cast Of Mind (Hallow Ground)
Lucy Railton “Pinnevik” Paradise 94 (Modern Love)
For Against “Nightmare Life” Aperture (Saint Marie)Mikey (music bed):
700 Bliss “Ring The Alarm” Spa 700 (Don Giovanni)
Moor Mother “By The Light” Fetish Bones (Don Giovanni)
Yves Tumor “Noid” Safe In The Hands Of Love (Warp Records)
Hiro Kone “Truth That Silence Alone” Pure Expenditure (Dais)
Wizard Apprentice “A Debt” I Am Invisible (Ratskin Records)

Ross (music bed):
Sky Ferreira “Night Time, My Time” Night Time, My Time (Capitol Records)
Kadjah Bonet “Mother Maybe” Childqueen (Fat Possum)
Mr. Fingers “Full Moon” Cerebral Hemispheres (Alleviated Records)
Huri Supan “Bir Şans Daha Ver” Turkish Ladies. Female Singers from Turkey 1974 – 1988 (Epic Istanbul)
Green Day “Christie Road” Kerplunk (Lookout! Records)

Within interview (music beds):
Neurosis “Locust Star (Live)”
Disappearing “The Body, Disposable”

Spellling “They Start The Dance”

Exit music:
Tyler Holmes “Shell Game” S P O R T: Deluxe (Ratskin Records)

Redscroll Discogs (to see those early releases talked about here)
Ratskin Records
Ratskin on Bandcamp
Ross Menze 


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