Contest! Redscroll in the Wild!

Hey all! Want to win a $100 Gift Certificate?!

Here’s what you have to do:

  1.  Take a picture of a Redscroll Item in the wild (sticker, shirt, 45 adapter, patch, slipmat… anything I’m forgetting about at the moment). It can be in your home or on the street, on a car, on a door, on a person or pet or wherever you might find our merchandise.
  2.  Post the picture publicly on social media (Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter) and tag us (@redscroll on each of those mentioned) so we see it.
  3.  Wait for the winner to be announced!


This contest will run from now until March 1st when we will announce the winner mid-day.

We will pick a winner based on (1) how wild the picture is (skydiving into a volcano wearing a Redscroll shirt?), (2) how prominent is the Redscroll item in the wild (how many people would see this on a given day?) and (3) how wild is the photo in general (great shot!). 

We have some photos we grabbed off Instagram and from around the store here. I’m hoping we receive much wilder shots from y’all!