Label Relaunch! Kidnapped LP coming July 19th!

We are excited to announce that after a bit of a hiatus with our label (our last release came out 2 years ago) we are refocusing some heavy attention to it and relaunching the label with a nice grip of releases. There are a half dozen planned releases for the coming half-year or so. We’ll announce those as they come closer. We have one to announce today and one planned for announcing next week!

First up: we are putting out a record from Connecticut’s wunderkind power violence trio, Kidnapped!


Three-piece fast hardcore with brief feed-backing breakdowns; their live sets are furious sprints into oblivion.

Kidnapped aren’t done, but what they’ve accomplished in 2 short years is release 5 cassettes’ worth of hard-as-nails, fast-as-hell, concise, blasting-face-rippers. We’ve collected all of those onto one album which very conveniently fits onto a single LP (good job, boys!) – 48 tracks which were split among the self-released tapes.

Release day for this LP will be July 19th!

Release show with Municipal Waste on July 26th, 2019 at the Space Ballroom in Hamden, CT.

Check ’em out on bandcamp here:

For Fans Of:
Infest, Crossed Out, Hatred Surge, Dead In The Dirt

File Under:
Power Violence, Hardcore, Grind

Format: LP (Ltd. /300)
$15.98  (no pre-order for this one – come by or buy online on July 19th. We’ll have a new Web-Store on that day too – more info on that forthcoming.)

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