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2 New Redscroll 12″s Out Today!

We’ve got 2 new records out today!

First off alphabetically we have a split record from CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP & Doom Beach!

Available to buy through our Big Cartel and also to listen to and buy from each of the respective bandcamp pages for the artists:

And second up in alphabetical order we have the Intercourse “Egyptian Democracy / Bum Wine” 12″ out now!

Available to buy through our Big Cartel and also to listen to and buy through their bandcamp page:

FaFa “Fafa (Demo 2023)” Cassette Tape Out Now!

Stoked to have this release out immediately! The bandcamp stream of this has been in heavy rotation for a while now and we even had the crew on the podcast recently: listen here!

You can buy the tape right now from us on our Big Cartel here:

Fafa Demo 2023 Tape
Fafa Demo 2023 Tape

Bandcamp link to stream/buy digital:

Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean “Obsession | Destruction” Album out today (LP/CD/CS)

Psyched that this is officially out and it also did very well in pre-order. We’ve kept back some records for in store and are no longer selling it online ourselves on vinyl (CD and Tape are still available online from us) so if you come by the shop you can pick this up while the copies we have last.


Vinyl 2xLP (gatefold sleeve, large poster of cover art and lyric insert) available on:
Orange Stained Glass Splatter (/200)
Touch of Light Translucent Mix (/200)
Black (/100)

CDs (/100)

Cassette Tape (/100, Silver-Grey Shell)

Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean is a doom metal band based out of Western Massachusetts. Obsession Destruction is the band’s first full-length coming on the heels of 5 sold out releases spotted over the last 5 years. Chained has found a fan-base winning over crowds with unprecedented volume and uncompromising live sound.

Obsession Destruction is an eight song double LP clocking in at over an hour in length, housed in a stunning gatefold LP with artwork created by the late Mariusz Lewandowski (Bell Witch, Obituary, Fuming Mouth.) This full length finds the band honing the songwriting and experimentation within their fundamental doom sound and elevating it to the highest caliber possible.

Chained has toured up and down the East Coast and throughout the Mid-West playing shows alongside: The Acacia Strain, Undeath, Thou, Hell, Black Tusk, Come to Grief, etc.

Recorded by Chris Teti at Silver Bullet Studios and mastered by Magnus Lingberg.

For fans of: Amenra, Inter Arma, Neurosis, Rwake, Warning

New LP from Antoni Maiovvi out today!

New release for the label side of Redscroll RecordsAntoni Maiovvi “The Dead of Winter” is officially out today – Friday, April 7th, 2023.


Antoni Maiovvi’s “The Dead Of Winter” is a semi-faux soundtrack album in the vein of the British composers more classically cinematic works. Sonically the album resembles a sort of Deathrock Danny Elfman locking horns with Howard Shore piloting Sunn O)))’s dopemobile… at night… in the fog. 

Available in the store as well as in our online shop and various retailers worldwide!

The Dead Of Winter” is a collection of unused themes made for a very real movie that for various tax break reasons were unable to be used. Not wanting to waste the work already completed, the cues were finished without picture and arranged here as their own narrative, with the idea to transport the listener to a snowy, isolated, old building filled with secrets and demons. 


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A producer born in Bristol (UK), previously located in Berlin and Den Haag, now located in New Haven, Connecticut, USA, under the alias Antoni Maiovvi began following the inspirations of Obscure Disco, Synth Disco and Italo-Disco, but work also is heavily in debt to Film Soundtracks. Founder of Giallo Disco along with Vercetti Technicolor.

When Antoni moved to the state he quickly introduced himself as someone interested in becoming part of the local music scene and in helping build out his particular niche within it. Quickly befriending us as well as much of the New Haven music movers and makers, Antoni has formed bands, started hosting a radio show,  started DJ nights at various NH haunts and generally made his presence known and appreciated.

Check out his bandcamp page to see all the musical output:

Neu Body is a night of techno dance music he is a part of and the name of his radio show on WNHU, 88.7 FM: