6th Of September 2019 Update

6th Of September 2019 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s

Acid King “Busse Woods”
Agitation Free “River Of Return”
Amalie, Kendra “Intuition” (Orange Vinyl)
Angie “The Underling”
Arocena, Dayme “Sonocardiogram”
Babbitt, Ben “Paris Window” (Soundtrack)
Bad Breeding “Exiled”
Bat For Lashes “Lost Girls” (Sunrise Ltd. Ed. + D/L)
Bernstein, Charles “The Entity” (Soundtrack)
Buzzov-en “To A Frown”
Courtney, Barns “404”
Crobot “Motherbrain” (Pink/Purple Marble)
Cyberplasm “The Psychic Hologram”
Death Cab For Cutie “The Blue EP” (Blue & Black Vinyl Available)
Dum Dum Boys, The “Let There Be Noise” (+D/L)
El Rego Et Ses Commandos “El Rego Et Ses Commandos” (Ltd. Ed. Clear VInyl)
Exek “Some Beautiful Species Left”
Flume “Hi, This Is Flume”
Frankie Cosmos “Close It Quietly” (Loser Edition)
Inepsy “Lost Tracks”
Joy Division “This Is The Room: Live Electric Ballroom London October 26, 1979”
Juu & G. Jee “New Luk Thung”
Kandodo 3 “K3” (White Vinyl)
Kindness “Something Like A War” (Ltd. Ed. Pink Vinyl)
Lay, Shannon “August” (Loser Edition)
L’epee “Diabolique” (Emmanuelle Seigner, Anton Newcombe + Lionel & Marie of Liminanas)
Lite “Multiple” (180 Gram + D/L)
Los Hot Quesos, The “Hot Queso!”
Lunch Lady “Angel”
Martinez, Melanie “K-12” (Pink Vinyl Pop-Up Special Ed.)
Mason, James “Rhythm Of Life”
Mausoleum “Back From The Funeral”
Meat Spreader “A Swarm Of Green Flies Over The Rusty Pot”
Messthetics, The “Anthropocosmic Nest” (+D/L)
Mylingar “Doda Sjalar”
Off With Their Heads “Be Good”
Phaksiri, Surin “Classic Productions By Surin Phaksiri: Luk Thung Gems From The 1960s-80s”
Raekwon “Only Built For Cuban Linx…” (Feat. Tony Starks) (Import Reissue)
Ramones “Road To Ruin” (180 Gram Remastered Edition)
Roach, Steve “Bloom Ascension”
Schnitzler, Conrad “Conditions Of The Gas Giant”
Sect “Blood Of The Beasts”
Silvestri, Alan “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” (Soundtrack)
Sleepover Club “W(PH)OOPSIE!”
Soga “Demo 2018”
Soilent Green “Pussy Soul”
Sow Threat “Hate And Love”
Tinariwen “Amadjar”
Various “Teen Spirit” (Soundtrack)
Various “Self Discovery For Social Survival” (Soundtrack)
Various “Strain, Crack & Break: Music From The Nurse With Wound List Volume 1 (France)”
Various “Alefa Madagascar! Salegy, Soukous & Soul From The Red Island 1974-1984”
Vatican Shadow “Pakistan Military Academy”
Velodrome “Au Velodrome 141”
Witch Vomit “Buried Deep In A Bottomless Grave”
Witchcraft “Witchcraft” (30 Years Of Rise Above Records Edition)
Young, Mikey “You Feelin’ Me?”


Coffins / Cardiac Arrest “Cardiac Arrest / Coffins”
Ghost Wolves “Crooked Cop / Fist”
Guided By Voices “Heavy Like The World”
Hater “Four Tries Down / It’s A Mess”
Sultan, Mark “I’m A Filthy Rat”
Trepaneringsritualen / Nordvargr “Konung Kront I Blod / Salve Teragmon”


Acid King “Busse Woods”
Baroness “First”
Bat For Lashes “Lost Girls”
Cryptic Sermon “The Ruins Of Fading Light”
Death Cab For Cutie “The Blue EP”
Juu & G. Lee “New Luk Thung”
Mylingar “Doda Sjalar”
Nightfell “A Sanity Deranged”
Phaksiri, Surin “Classic Productions”
Stereolab “Emperor Tomato Ketchup” (Expanded Edition)
Tinariwen “Amadjar”
Visions “Temples”
Witch Vomit “Buried Deep In A Bottomless Grave”
Young, Mikey “You Feelin’ Me?”


75 Dollar Bill “I Was Real” (TW Q-CS)
Acid King “Busse Woods”
Bjork “Debut” (TPLP31CS)
Frankie Cosmos “Close It Quietly” (SP1320)
Sunwatchers “Hauslive 1: Sunwatchers” (HAUSMO93)



Light Mirror
On this experimental project, Portland, Oregon-based musician and producer Kyle Bates performs a melancholy but captivating blend of shoegaze, drone, ambient and indie folk for a memorable lo-fi experience. After releasing Drowse’s sophomore album Cold Air last year, Bates took up residency in Skagaströnd: a barren town of fewer than five-hundred people in northern Iceland. His self-imposed isolation allowed him to explore feelings of solitude, to the point that he neglected personal relationships: for this album, he reflected on how using art to deal with his mental struggles carries misery of its own. Named after the very disorder he suffers from, “Bipolar 1” is a sensual blend of acoustic guitars and thick, breathy vocals with moving lyrics about his experience with the condition (“definition is a mirror / so I’ve been running half my life / alone with voices in the night…”)
[Reviewer: Mark]

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