25th of October 2019 Update

25th of October 2019 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
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LPs & 12″s

100 Gecs “1000 Gecs”
Allaman, Eric “Elvira’s Haunted Hills” (Soundtrack)
Amboey, Gyedu Blay & Zantoda Mark III “Control”
Amy O “Shell” (Golden Honey)
Ares Kingdom “By The Light Of Their Destruction”
Azalea, Iggy “In My Defense”
Baird, Ka “Respires”
Black Dahlia Murder “Deflorate” (Teal)
Black Marble “Bigger Than Life”
Black Marble “Bigger Than Life” (Red)
Booze & Glory “Hurricane”
Business, The “The Truth The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth”
Business, The “Hardcore Hooligan”
Carras, Nicholas “She Demons” (Soundtrack, Color Vinyl)
Carras, Nicholas “Missile To The Moon” (Soundtrack, Color Vinyl)
Cigarettes After Sex “Cry” (Clear)
Coltrane, John “Lush Life” (Blue)
Comes, The “No Side”
Cronin, Mikal “Mikal Cronin” (Green / Red Haze)
Cronin, Mikal “Seeker” (Green / Black Swirl)
Das Drip “Das Drip”
Deathprod “Occulting Disk”
Dowsing “Sky Coffin”
Editors “Black Gold”
Goatpenis “htaeD no tabbaS”
Grave Upheaval “Demo”
Hijokaidan “King Of Noise”
Iguana Death Cult “Nude Casino”
Jackson 5 “Get It Together” (Red)
Konradsen “Saints & Sebastian Stories”
Larry Gus “Subservient”
Los Wembler’s De Iquitos “Vision Del Ayahuaca”
Lou Rebecca “Restless”
Marques, Leonardo “Early Bird”
Mid-Air Thief “Crumbling” (Lime Green In Clear Vinyl)
Missions “Subcreature”
Negative Approach “Tied Down” (Translucent Green)
Ofege “Higher Plane Breeze”
Oroza, Bobby “The Love Instrumentals” (Red)
Potter, Grace “Daylight”
Prince Fatty “In The Viper’s Shadow”
Romare “Gone / Danger”
Ryder, Mitch & The Detroit Wheels “Take A Ride… With Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels” (Color Vinyl)
Saves The Day “Through Being Cool” (Pink)
Standells, The “Dirty Water” (Color Vinyl)
Sullivan, Jim “If The Evening Were Dawn” (Clear / Gold)
Sullivan, Jim “If The Evening Were Dawn”
Sullivan, Jim “Jim Sullivan” (Blue / Black)
Sullivan, Jim “Jim Sullivan”
Superchunk “Acoustic Foolish”
Swans “Leaving Meaning”
Teebs “Anicca”
Thompson, Chris P. “Everything Imaginable Comes True”
Thompson, Chris P. “Lot Hero”
Ubik “Next Phase”
Various “Return To The Mother’s Garden”
Various “Rubadub Revolution”
Various “Rock N Roll High School” (Fire Colored)
Vetiver “Up On High” (Robin’s Egg)
Water From Your Eyes “Somebody Else’s Song”
Williams, Willie “Armagideon Time”
Yeule “Serotonin II” (Clear)
Young, Christopher “Pet Sematary (2019)” (Soundtrack)
Young, Neil W/ Crazy Horse “Colorado”
Zeuss “3 From Hell” (Soundtrack, Color Vinyl)


AFI “All Hallows EP” (20th Anniversary Picture Disc)
Molina, Juana “Forfun”


Electric Chair “Performative Justice”
Freedom Affair “Rise Up”
Larry Gus “Kerkis”
Smith, Carlton Jumel “I’d Better / Cold Diamond & Mink”


Alcest “Spiritual Instinct”
Amy O “Shell”
Black Marble “Bigger Than Life”
Boyscott “Goose Bumps”
Cigarettes After Sex “Cry”
Deathprod “Occulting Disk”
Frahm, Nils “All Encores”
No One Knows What The Dead Think “No One Knows What The Dead Think”
Perverted Ceremony / Witchraft “Nighermancie / Black Candle Invoker”
Sheer Mag “A Distant Call”
Swans “Leaving Meaning”
Teebs “Anicca”
Tempers “Private Life”
Various “Trick Or Treat Music To Scare Your Neighbors”
Yeule “Serotonin II”


Cemetery Lights “The Underworld”
Various Artists “Gone Home Soundtrack”



Battles Juice B Crypts


Formed in New York City as a four-piece in 2002, experimental rock band Battles is now simply the duo of guitarist/keyboardist Ian Williams and drummer/percussionist John Stanier, who still create an energetic, colorful and abstract-but-accessible sound. After one album with original vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist Tyondai Braxton (2007’s Mirrored), they used guest vocalists on 2011’s Gloss Drop, went instrumental on 2015’s La Di Da Di, and are back to guest vocals on this fourth full-length. “A Loop So Nice…” has sunny, twinkling electronic tones that segue into the companion track “They Played It Twice”, combining the soulful voice of Connecticut-born funk musician Xenia Rubinos with blooming synth and kinetic drum-lines. The instrumental “Fort Greene Park” is memorable as well, creating an upbeat, multi-colored mood like a video game overworld theme.

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