22nd Of November 2019 Update

22nd Of November 2019 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s

A Shell In The Pit “Wandersong” (Turquoise)(Soundtrack)
Acid Arab “Jdid”
Acid Mothers Temple “Minstrel In The Galaxy”
Ambolley, Gyedu-Blay “11th Street, Sekondi”
Anamanaguchi “USA”
Bad Bunny “X100pre”
Bell, Sasha “Love Is Alright”
Between The Buried And Me “The Great Misdirect”
Black Sabbath “Dehumanizer”
Blood Incantation “Hidden History Of The Human Race”
Blueboy “If Wishes Were Horses”
Brown, Danny “Uknowhatimsayin?”
Call Super And Parris “Canufeelthesunonyrback”
Cannabis Corpse “Nug So Vile” (Picture Disc /500)
Chain, Paul “Alkahest”
Clark, Gene “No Other” (4AD Reissue)
Cohen, Leonard “Thanks For The Dance”
Cold Life “Everyday Life”
Craven Faults “Intakes”
Cruz, Nicola “Prender El Alma”
Cruz, Nicola “Reworks”
Daedelus “End Of Empire” (Box Set 3LP)
Davis, Gareth / Scanner “Footfalls”
Dead Meadow “Feathers” (2LP Reissue)
Deathtrip, The “Demon Solar Totem”
Deerhoof “Halfbird” (Pink/Yellow Split Color + D/L)
Deerhoof “Holdypaws” (Clear / Black & White Splatter)
Dozzy, Donato “One Instrument Sessions”
Droids Blood “Be Free”
Ekomane, Jessica “Multivocal”
Erickson, Roky “Clear Night For Love”
Floorplan “Supernatural”
Foetus “Deaf” (Red)
Frusciante, John “Curtains”
Gamble, Lee “Exhaust”
Gari, Carl & Abdullah Miniawy “Whities 023 (The Act Of Falling From the 8th Floor)”
Garson, Mort “Plantasia” (Green Starburst Edition)
Giordano, Jacky “Organ Plus”
Hammond, Doug “Spaces”
Hammond, Doug “Folks”
Hammond, Doug “Ellipse” (With Karen Joseph)
Heavy, The “Hurt & The Merciless”
Hikes “Mahal Kita” (Clear)
Jewel, Johnny & Various Artists “Don’t Come Back From The Moon” (Soundtrack)
Klein “Lifetime”
Konan, Antoinette “Antoinette Konan”
Les Masques “Brasilian Sound”
Lord Mantis “Universal Death Church”
Lustwerk, Galcher “Information” (Blue Smoke)
Masonna “Shinsen Na Clitoris”
Mayhem “Daemon” (Yellow)
Mekons “Fear And Whiskey”
Mekons “The Edge Of The World”
Miles, Spencer / Zakmina “Untitled”
Mndsgn “No Maps”
Neuland “Neuland”
Obsequiae “The Palms Of Sorrowed Kings”
Ojima, Yoshio “Une Collection Des Chainons I Music For Spiral”
Ojima, Yoshio “Une Collection Des Chainons II Music For Spiral”
Omni “Networker” (Loser Edition)
Orior “Still Strange”
Paul, Junius “Ism”
Pernice Brothers “Spread The Feeling”
Pioulard, Benoit “Sylva”
Pop Group, The “Y”
Quantic “Atlantic Modulations”
Queens Of The Stone Age “Songs For The Deaf”
R. Elizabeth “Ever And All We Voyage On”
Raincoats, The “The Raincoats” (40th Ann. Ltd. Ed. /1000)
Reid, Steve “Rhythmatism”
Revenge “Behold. Total. Rejection.”
Rrose “Hymn To Moisture”
Russell, Arthur “Iowa Dream”
Sempiternal Dusk “Cenotaph Of Defectuous Creation”
Shit And Shine “Doing Drugs, Selling Drugs” (Green)
Skin Crime “Traveler On The Road”
Slogun “The Pleasures Of Death”
Somos “Prison On A Hill” (Ltd. Ed. Color)
Stott, Andy “It Shoud Be Us”
Strafe F.R. “Shadow Position”
Take Offense “Keep An Eye Out” (Blood Red / Neon Yellow Pinwheel /300)
Tawiah “Starts Again”
Thomas, Pat / Dominic Lash / Tony Orrell “Bley School”
Thug Life “Thug Life: Volume 1”
Tignor, Christopher “A Light Below” (+D/L)
Upset “Upset”
Various “Mothers’ Garden: The Funky Sounds Of Female Africa 1975-1984”
Various “Tens Across The Board” (Ten Years Of Dark Entries)
Various “A Short Illness From Which I Never Recovered”
Varsity “The Basement Takes (2015-2016)” (Solid Red)
WaqWaq Kingdom “Essaka Hoisa” (180 Gram Pink Marble)
World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, The “Assorted Works”
Xorcist “Bad Mojo” (Orange)


Cherry Glazerr “Daddi (Reggie Watts Remix) / Self Explained (Tune-Yards Remix)” (White)
Jones, Durand & The Indications “Don’t You Know / True Love”
Menahan Street Band “There’s A New Day Coming”
Sarcasm “Malarial Bog”
Smith, Carlton Jumel “Ain’t That Love”
SRSQ “Temporal Love” (Clear & Red Variants)
Street Sects “Gentrification IV: Suspended From Gallery Rails”
Swift, Taylor “Our Song”
Waterhouse, Nick “I Feel An Urge Coming On”


Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell “Very Uncertain Times”
Ashley, Robert “Improvement (Don Leaves Linda)
Beck “Hyperspace”
Blood Incantation “Hidden History Of The Human Race”
Brown, Danny “Uknowhatimsayin?”
Cohen, Leonard “Thanks For The Dance”
Coldplay “Every Day Life”
Crisix “#1 American Thrash”
Dead Meadow “Feathers” (2CD Reissue)
Deas, Cam “Mechanosphere”
Deathprod “Occulting Disk”
Giant Swan “Giant Swan”
Grateful Dead “Ready Or Not”
Grave Pleasures “Doomsday Roadburn”
Konan, Antoinette “Antoinette Konan”
Lord Mantis “Universal Death Church”
Lustmord “First Reformed” (Soundtrack)
Pioulard, Benoit “Sylva”
Rainbow Grave “No You”
Saves The Day “Through Being Cool”
Somos “Prison On A Hill”
Spacemen 3 “Recurring”
Strigoi “Abandon All Faith”
Take Offense “Keep An Eye Out”


Boyscott “Goose Bumps”
Ekoplekz “In Search Of The Third Mantra”


Pile Green And Gray

(Exploding In Sound)









Started in Boston as a solo act for frontman Rick Maguire in 2007, the now-four-piece Pile have earned a strong underground following for their raw and expressive blend of indie, post-punk and noise rock. On this seventh album, they explore themes including work, loneliness and mental stability: opener “Firewood”, with lyrics reflecting on getting older (“everything is much easier now”) segues between uneasy-sounding slowness and passionate, crashing catharsis. One of the quieter songs is “Hair”, with lyrics about how humans affect each other (“…it seems like we’re all tugging on something / and one big old tangled mess”) that leads to a lovely string-laced ending. Pile will be playing at Hamden’s Space Ballroom on Saturday, December 7th with Calyx, Crag Mask, and The Fiction Kids.

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