RSR PC 039 Favorites of 2020 Episode

Happy New Year!

On this episode we talk about our favorite releases of 2020. Josh and Rick talk amongst themselves including a list submitted by Caren.  This is our first episode back in action since beginning our move and we glory in the reverb of the new big space!

Below you’ll find our lists. The show follows the lists in the order presented (Caren has some extra content shown here not mentioned on the show). The opening song is Space Camp song that plays a little more later on.

Beyond what we loved from other labels this year we also released 3 records this year that we’re still stoked on; the Space Camp, Landing / Headroom and Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean records all came out great and if you haven’t yet please do check them out! Available in our Big Cartel and in our Discogs shops.

Without further ado, our lists:

Caren’s Favorites

Tara Clerkin Trio “Tara Clerkin Trio” [Laura Lies In]
Loopsel “The Spiral” [Förlag För Fri Musik / Mammas Mysteriska Jukebox]
Roméo Poirier “Hotel Nota” [Sferic]
Chronophage “Th’ Pig Kiss’d Album” [Cleta Patra Records / Cool Marriage Records / Soft Office]
Molero “Ficciones Del Trópico” [Holuzam]
CS + Kreme “Snoopy” [The Trilogy Tapes]
Jon Hassell “Seeing Through Sound (Pentimento Volume Two)” [Ndeya / Warp Records]
Lemon Quartet “Crestless” [Last Resort]
Beatrice Dillon “Workaround” [PAN]
Anna Högberg Attack “Lena” [Omlott / Self-Released]
Museum Of No Art “Museum Of No Art” [Séance Centre]
David Nance “Staunch Honey” [Trouble In Mind]
Shackleton / Zimpel “Primal Forms” [Cosmo Rhythmatic]
Pretty Sneaky “Pretty Sneaky” [Mana]
Cindy “Free Advice” [Paisley Shirt Records / Mt. St. Mtn. / Tough Love Records]
Kate NV “Room For The Moon” [Rvng Intl. / Plancha]

[The following part of Caren’s list is not covered on the podcast.]

SMALLS (7”, 12” single / EP, cassette tape):
Headroom “Equinox 20″ 7” [I Dischi Del Barone]
Shakey “Shakey” 12″ [Palto Flats]
Green-House “Six Songs For Invisible Gardens” 12″ [Leaving Records]
Stefan Christensen “Passage Thruways Bent” Cassette Tape [Carbon Records]
The Reds, Pinks & Purples “I Should Have Helped You” 7″ [I Dischi Del Barone]
Dan Green & David Shapiro “Between Oceans” Cassete Tape [C/Site Recordings]
Nailah Hunter “Spells” Cassette Tape [Leaving Records]
Skinned Teen “Skinned Teen” 7″ [Vague Absolutes]
Angel Bat Dawid “Transition East” 7″ [International Anthem Recording Company / Intergalactic Mantra Recording Co.]
Anteloper “Tour Beats Vol. 1″ 12” [International Anthem Recording Company]
Ribbon Stage “My Favorite Shrine” 7″ [K]
Park Hye Jin “How Can I” 12″ [Ninja Tune]

Various “Strum & Thrum: The American Jangle Underground 1983-1987” [Captured Tracks]
Dadamah “This Is Not A Dream” [Ba Da Bing! / Grapefruit Records]
Portray Heads “Portray Heads” [Minimal Wave / Bitter Lake Recordings]
Pylon “Box” [New West Records]
The Eighteenth Day Of May “The Eighteenth Day Of May” [Cardinal Fuzz / Feeding Tube Records]
Vertical Slit “Live At Brown’s” [Siltbreeze]
White Heaven “Out” [Black Editions]
Jon Hassell “Vernal Equinox” [Ndeya]
Gareth Williams & Mary Currie “Flaming Tunes” [Superior Viaduct]
Sharhabil Ahmed “The King Of Sudanese Jazz” [Habibi Funk Records]
That Dog “Totally Crushed Out” & “Retreat From The Sun” [Third Man Records]
Pale Cocoon “繭 = Mayu” [Incidental Music / Conatala]

Josh’s Favorites

Tycho “Simulcast” [Mom + Pop / Ninja Tune]
Phoebe Bridgers “Punisher” [Dead Oceans]
Mary Lattimore “Silver Ladders” [Ghostly International]
Trees Speak “Ohms” [Soul Jazz Records]
Run The Jewels “RTJ4” [BMG]
Uniform “Shame” [Sacred Bones Records]
Riki “Riki” [Dais]
William Basinski “Lamentations” [Temporary Residence Limited]
Clipping. “Visions Of Bodies Being Burned” [Sub Pop]
Mindforce “Swingin’ Swords, Choppin’ Lords” [Triple-B Records / Swell Creek Records]
Dissolve “Until The Drugs Wear Off” [Maitsuba / Trip Machine Laboratories]

Redscroll Records Releases of 2020:

Space Camp “Overjoyed in This World”
Landing / Headroom
Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean “The Vestige”

Rick’s Favorites

Riki “Riki” [Dais]
Tara Clerkin Trio “Tara Clerkin Trio” [Laura Lies In]

Moses Boyd “Dark Matter” [Exodus]
Nubya Garcia “Source” [Concord Jazz]
Patrick Shiroishi “Descension” [Thin-Wrist Recordings]

Ben Salisbury & The Insects and Geoff Barrow “DEVS” [Invada]

Lea Bertucci “Acoustic Shadows” [SA Recordings]
Sarah Davachi “Cantus, Descant” [Late Music]
Drew McDowall “Agalma” [Dais]
Evicshen “Hair Birth” [American Dreams Records]
Beatriz Ferreyra “Huellas Entreveradas” [Persistence Of Sound]
FUJI||||||||||TA ‎”Iki” [Hallow Ground]
Horse Lords “The Common Task” [Northern Spy]
Memnon Sa “World Serpent” [Crypt Of The Wizard / Holy Mountain Studios]
Metal Preyers “Metal Preyers” [Nyege Nyege Tapes]

3Phaz “Three Phase” [100 Copies]
Beatrice Dillon “Workaround” [PAN]
DJ Python “Mas Amable” [Indienso]
Msylma “Dhil-un Taht Shajarat Al-Zaqum” [Halcyon Veil] (Realizing this technically came out December 2019 – I’ll allow it.)
Natureboy Flako “Ambitus Of Beauty” [Materialized Moments / HHV]
Nihiloxica “Kololi” [Crammed Discs]
Phelimuncasi “Phelimuncasi: 2013-2019” [Nyege Nyege Tapes]

And here’s a link to a Spotify Playlist with a song by most of these artists (other albums when album mentioned not available).

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