RSR PC 041 Amnesiac, Mahoney & Danny

Amnesiac’s Mahoney and Danny are our guests this month on the podcast. We talk about how much Danny worships the ground Maynard walks on and that’s pretty much it (this is sarcastic and you’ll get it when you listen).  We talk about how Amnesiac came about as a band and what it’s like to be a band right now in the time of Covid 19. We, as usual, start it off by talking about the music we’re listening to!

Danny and Mahoney stand infront of a poster of Gucci Mane chowin' down.
Danny (Left) and Mahoney (Right)

We talk about Gene Simmons and Kiss and also Scorpions.  Honestly, way too much talk about Puscifer, but it’s an entertaining episode so stop reading this and just listen.

Music on this episode

Amnesiac “Insatiable Lust for the Destruction of Love” Our Death Will Be Grand

Dkharmakhaoz “The Way With The Serpent Entwined” Proclamation ov the Black Suns (Iron Bonehead)
Pop Negatif Wastad “Helo Rhywbeth Newyd” Pop Negatif Wastad (Musique Plastique)
Legowelt “Prophet Vector Synth Dazzling in the Sun” Unconditional Contours (-OUS)

John Carpenter “Weeping Ghost” Lost Themes III: Alive After Death (Sacred Bones)
Elori Saxl “Blue” The Blue of Distance (Western Vinyl)
Colossus “Miles Away” Colossus (Triple B Records)
Scorpions “Sails of Charon” Musikladen TV (16.01.1978) 

The God Machine “The Train Song” One Last Laugh In A Place Of Dying (Fiction Records, 1994)

Dollhouse “Summer Love…” Demo (Toxic State Records)

Ostraca “Waiting for the Crash” Ostraca (Skeletal Lightning)

Amnesiac “Our Death Will Be Grand” Our Death Will Be Grand

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