RSR PC 042 Ask Us Questions


On this month’s podcast we took questions through Instagram. We talked quickly about RSD and our 14th Anniversary. Questions ranged from why we opened a store in Wallingford to what music got us through this past year. Lots of like-minded questions came in so we generally just answered one of each of those so as to not repeat ourselves.

We also talk about what we’re listening to and there’s some music inserted along the way in the answers to a couple questions. Check it out!

= Music on this episode =

Martin Gore “Howler” Third Chimpanzee (Mute)

Julien Baker “Faith Healer” Little Oblivions (Matador)
Chat Pile “Crawlspace” This Dungeon Earth / Remove Your Skin Please (Reptilian)
Sun Kil Moon “Cloudless Innocence” Lunch in the Park (Caldo Verde)
God’s Hate “War Man” God’s Hate (Closed Casket Activities)
Senyawa “Istana” Alkisah (Simultaneous global release by 40+ independent labels.)
Spectral Wound “Frigid and Spellbound” A Diabolic Thirst (Profound Lore)

Salem “Starfall” Fires in Heaven (Self-Released)
Jim Williams “Shudder of His Awakening” Possessor Soundtrack (Death Waltz)
Gang of Four “Damaged Goods” 77-81 Box Set (Matador)
Martin Gore “Mandrill” Third Chimpanzee (Mute)

Answer interludes:
“Rewind” Rewind 7″ (Bacteria Sour)
Yoko Ono “Why” Yoko Ono / Plastic Ono Band (Apple Records)

Zipper Demo (Youth Distribute)

The Redscroll Podcast is a monthly show (new episodes on the first of the month) that works as a companion to what we do at Redscroll Records in Wallingford, CT USA. We are a record store that has a heavy emphasis on the left of center / underground music of the world. Whether it be underappreciated or just has a niche audience, marginalized or just off the radar it’s all of interest to us. With the show we’ll generally have a localized focus. We’ll discuss what is in our personal rotation at the moment. We’ll talk to guests who have to do with all of the above. And we’ll talk about specific dealings with the store. If you have input you’re welcome to contact us through email ( Oh, and please do subscribe! New episodes on the first of every month! (Subscribe on Android)(Subscribe elsewhere just by searching for us please!)