RSD Drop 2 is July 17th / Thanks for a successful RSD Drop 1!

Thanks to all who made it out and participated in our Record Store Day Drop 1 yesterday. We planned the time slots month in advance and for those that came through it proved to be a great way to do things this time around. We’re thankful for you all and for the day and so we look forward to RSD Drop 2 on July 17th!


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For July 17th, there will be no sign ups and no time slots! You just have to show up for our 8AM open time. We are asking that you respectfully (of us and our neighbors and yourselves, really) don’t show up before 6AM. No camping. In fact, we feel so strongly about this that if you’re camping we’ll send you to the back of the line. 😮 This is an industrial area and there are tractor trailers that sometimes visit this lot in the middle of the night and it really just is for safety reasons above all else! We want you to live long healthy lives full of great music and we can only provide that latter one and depend on you all to take care of the first couple parts! 🥰

To check out the titles for RSD Drop 2 you can visit their site here: