RSR PC 044 Record Store Day 2021 Talk

On this episode of the podcast we answer the questions submitted via Instagram and talk about Record Store Day 2021 in general (RSD Drops 1 & 2, June 12th and July 17th).

We talk about what we’re listening to, about what we’re looking forward to from RSD, about what we’ve liked from the past and what we’d hope to have released in the future (RSD or otherwise) and of course a bit more. This is a nice quick listen with lots of music and some information on how we’re running the June 12th drop date for RSD 2021.  More information about how we’re running things at this link. 

Opening Track:
Tongue Depressor (Excerpt) Live at SF Center for New Music (Henry Birdsey YouTube Channel)

Josh Tracks:
Mdou Moctar “Tala Tannam” Afrique Victime (Matador)
Crumb “BNR” Ice Melt (Crumb Records)
Richard Barbieri “Serpentine” Under A Spell (Kscope)
Burial “Space Cadet” Shock Power Of Love E.P. (Keysound Recordings)
Kidnapped “Buried” Nowhere Is Sterile (Self-Released)

Rick Tracks:
My Blood Valentine “She Found Now” MBV (Domino)
Lea Bertucci “On Opposite Sides of Sleep” A Visible Length Of Light (Cibachrome Editions)
Molly Nilsson “Europa” Europa (Dark Skies Association / Night School)

Other Tracks:
Milla Jovovich “Gentleman Who Fell” The Divine Comedy (SBK Records / Real Gone Music)
Thai Elephant Orchestra “Rain” Water Music (Mulatta)
Juicy J “Bussin” The Hustle Continues (eOne Entertainment)
KMD “Peachfuzz” Mr. Hood (Elektra / Traffic Entertainment Group)
Sisters of Mercy “Alice” Complete BBC Radio One Sessions (MVE)
Tangerine Dream (Excerpt from Set 1) Live at Reims Cathedral 1974 (LMLR)
Integrity “Cradle To The Grave” Cradle To The Grave (Organized Crime Records)
Warren Zevon “The French Inhaler” Preludes (New West Records)

Closing Track:
Tappi Tikarrass “Tjet” Miranda (Gramm)

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